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Hi Everyone! One of my clients pointed out I haven’t posted anything this week, so I’m taking this opportunity to ask my readers for topics you’d like me to address. Leave a comment to let me know which of these would interest you most and I’ll get to work on them this weekend. (If you have other ideas I haven’t included, feel free to suggest them.)

1. Is the February LSAT Too Late For Fall 2008?

2. How to Stay Upbeat When All I’ve Gotten So Far Are Rejections.

3. Considerations in pursuing a joint JD Degree.

4. Attending Law School Part Time.

5. What Can I Do To Boost My Waitlist Chances?

Leave me a comment to let me know what topics you’d like me to address this weekend and I’ll be happy to do so…. Have a great weekend.

12 Responses

    -Some schools tend to say the GPA/LSAT medians are lower for p/t. If numbers are low, is it a good strategy to apply p/t with hopes of going f/t?

    -How much of a difference does an additional degree have?
    -How much of a role does expressing an interest in a joint-degree program have on a law application?

    -Seems to be a buzz word for many law schools. Some students mentioned that their school could use more diversity and the school websites show that they’re pushing for some. HOw much of a role does it play in admissions?

  2. GPA addendum: good idea or just whining/BSing.

    Honestly who puts down “18 and in party phase” which, realistically, is the reason for many lackluster GPAs.

    I’ve heard very conflicting opinions here from “of course put in a reason” to “unless you were battling cancer, it’s not impressive and actually leaves a bad taste in many adcomms’ mouths”

  3. I’m not sure if you will recognize my username, but I am one of your clients who applied for the Fall ’08 entering class. I have gotten a couple of emails saying that my file has gone to committee, but still no word. My mailbox checking and primer reading has really gone beyond “jitters,” and is nearing hysteria in its intensity level. News about how to stay upbeat dispite rejections (or no word at all), or about how to make them remember your app. after you’ve been waitlisted would be reassuring.

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