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Posts must address the following idea “Things you should not include in your Law School Application”
Examples:  Your spring break pictures from Mexico, your funny email address “” or your online dating profile.

Winners will be chosen at random from all posts submitted before April 1st, 2011.

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  1. Things NEVER to include in your Law School application include but are certainly not limited to: A picture of your Maine Coon cat Fluffy performing acrobatics; A cologne sample with a note attached reading, “This is what I can promise you the next 3 years if you accept me”; food (no really, none – of any kind); any photos of the tattoo your friends convinced you to get on your Vegas weekend retreat; your 2010 tax returns; a note from the waitress with a lipstick kiss that reads “see you after hours; and I wouldn’t include any court summons papers with a note attached saying, “If this school accepts me, do you think you could help me out with this?”

    I look forward to beginning my applications!

  2. Don’t make excuses for any flaws in your application. Address them, be honest about them, but don’t highlight them.

  3. I totally agree with you Ryan Miner – no one, out of sheer stupidity should include notes or tattoos on their application. On another note, are you registering to win a free LSAT prep Course?

  4. Things to not include: how you cheated on your finals, how you never did your reading and partied way too much in college, and how much you hate helping people and just want to be an attorney to make a lot of money.

  5. Things NEVER to include in your Law School application: Essays that have nothing to do with your application.

  6. You should never include in your application your plan to take over the government, or how you never wanted to be a lawyer in the first place.

  7. you should never include colloquial coarse language, especially when talking about “how f***ing cool” it would be a lawyer to “bag” more chicks.

  8. Things you should not include in your Law School Application…a personal statement about wanting to become a lawyer to be like Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother.

  9. NEVER INCLUDE a copy of your electronic bills in your law school application and then ask for a scholarship becoz of that ! ^^

  10. You should never include in your application: In you essays mention Making BIG money is THE only reason for you to apply to law schools!!!!

  11. If you are a pre-medicine major, you should never say law school is your back-up career option to med school in your application essays, in case you are rejected by all med schools.

  12. Things NEVER to include in your Law School application: Submit an admission essay claiming that you are applying to the ABC Law School just because your grandfather is an alumnus of that law school.

  13. you should never let your law school application personal statement flooded with your high school glory moments and achievements.

  14. Don’t send irrelevant but funny materials include your own videotapes, CD albums, or homemade apple pie to demonstrate your creativity or capability.

  15. You should neither make heavy complaints nor heavily discuss relatively sensitive topics (e.g. politics) as core content of your application ESSAYS!

  16. If you decide to write a particular or topic-specific supplemental essay, never write something that don’t answer the questions or have nothing to do with the specific topic

  17. NEVER start your personal statement or law school admission essay with “I was born in…,” or “Once upon a time…,” etc.

  18. You should never say that you want to go to law school because you have no idea what you want to do with your life, but that you believe that having a law degree will give you the flexibility to pursue lots of different things in life. And you should never say any of this even though it is COMPLETELY true for 99% of all law school applicants and even though it is COMPLETELY true for 99% of all lawyers and 99% of all law professors and 99% of people involved in the legal profession.

  19. Never state in your law school application how much money you would like to make, the hot trophy wife you would like to find from making said money, or how you would like to manipulate the system of law.

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