While Waiting for the October LSAT Scores

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Yes, you’re counting the minutes and seconds until the scores are released by email on the 24th. (OMG, if you didn’t know that and thought there was no reason to be nervous until the 27th then boy did I just change your plans that weekend!).

In the meantime, be productive!
Here are some tips:
Things to do while waiting for your LSAT score and After the LSAT.

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  1. Dear Ms. Levine,

    Thank you for your blog. It has guided me and kept me sane during this insane law-school application process. I have a question.

    I thought they said the official report date is the 27th. How do you know it is the 24th?


  2. The past few years have shown that LSAC sends out emails Friday before the release date. But not until late afternoon.

  3. Actually the June scores were up on July 3 (thursday) but that was said to take place because the 4th of july was on friday. . . so is there a chance they will be out thursday aka tomorrow?

  4. Dear Ms. Levine,

    it’s friday!!! 5:32 EST and the scores are not up yet. I’m totally freaking out. I think my head’s going to explode. Help me.


  5. Please? Seriously? Why won’t they post the scores? The law school forums are going ballistic and I think my heart is bleeding…


  6. Oh Boy, am I sorry I ever posted that! I feel pretty badly that everyone is in so much agony. I think I would tell you to be glad you’ve moved from nervous to angry – go have a wonderful time this weekend – and you’ll have the scores soon enough.
    Please try to keep this in perspective… it’s not like you’re waiting for Bar Results ; )

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