When to Cancel Your LSAT

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On Monday’s USNews.com Get In Law School blog post, I’m going to give lots of advice for what to do now that the October LSAT is behind you, how to cancel your score, whether to cancel, whether to retake the LSAT in December, and what to do while you’re waiting for your October LSAT score.  Until then, here are some links to more information to help you decide whether to cancel your LSAT score:

1. If any of these things apply to you, and you should NOT have taken the LSAT today, cancel your score.

2. More about when to cancel an LSAT score.

In the meantime, now that you’re done with the LSAT, enjoy the rest of the weekend. Start worrying about your law school application materials again on Monday. You deserve a break.

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for publishing all of this material about law school – it is very helpful. I am registered to take the December LSAT and I am quite calm about it. I took a prep course over the summer and it did not do me much good – my diagnostic score was 148 and the highest I have scored on any practice test was 151. I am currently taking three courses to finish my BS, I have a family, a full time job and a part time job. I just do not have time to freak out about the LSAT. All I want is to get into a part-time law school program. I have no doubt that I can be successful in law school and as a lawyer – after all I have worked as a paralegal for 13 years, and my GPA is 3.8. Lately I have been feeling confident that I will get an acceptance somewhere, even with a low LSAT score. Do you think that I might be fooling myself?

    1. Hi Jill,
      The answer to the question depends upon where you are willing to attend law school…. Right now just concentrate on the LSAT and see how it goes. You may find that (as a backup plan) you need to try again next year and take some time off work and get the support of your family to really concentrate on the LSAT.
      Good luck.

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