When to Cancel an LSAT Score

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Did you feel just a bit ill yesterday during the LSAT? Were the desks so small you were in a bad mood the whole time? Did the proctor start the test two hours late? If you’re applying for Fall 2011 admission, and the June LSAT works for your schedule, cancelling and retaking the LSAT in June is probably a great idea. Here’s a collection of some of my previous posts on cancelling an LSAT score:

Deciding Whether to Cancel Your LSAT Score

Considerations in Cancelling Your LSAT Score

For details about how to cancel your LSAT score, click this link.

If you have decided to retake the LSAT but you are not not sure whether to cancel your score on the February LSAT, be informed about which law schools average multiple LSAT scores for their index formula and which law schools count the highest of multiple LSAT scores.

Also, here’s a post that talks about taking the LSAT multiple times.

Be sure to read the comments of each post too because I give advice to readers that might apply to your specific situation.

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