What you need to do DURING Law School to have a JOB when you get out

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Please listen in to my Blog Talk Radio Show tomorrow (it’s FREE like always!). I’m going to be talking with Spencer Aronfeld, author of “Make It Your Own Law Firm,” a guide for law students on what they need to do to be self-sufficient as lawyers (and self-employed!) when they get out. Don’t miss it. Spencer is very enthusiastic and entertaining (no pressure, Spencer) so it’s bound to be an energetic and informative show. Here’s my review of his book.

Here’s the info: Tomorrow (Thursday) at Noon EST/9 a.m. PST. You can chat questions live during the show. You’ll also be able to listen later on your computer through Blog Talk Radio or by downloading the show from my iTunes page (Go to Podcasts, then Ann Levine Blog Talk Radio Feed – all 17 of my previous shows are there and absolutely FREE!).

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  1. Ann, thanks for the heads up.

    I was really wondering about this, since job prospects look pretty grim, and suddenly, graduation isn’t all that glorious anymore.

    I always thought I could maybe find a job as a lawyer in some private company, but those seem to be low on job spots as well.

    I’ve actually felt like giving up midway through law school, but it really wasn’t worth just throwing away all those years of hard work, so I found people to inspire me instead.

    I’ve read a bit about Leland G. DeGrasse, Elizabeth K Lee , Helen E. Freedman just to name a few, and I’m glad there’s still people out there that work in this field out of pure passion for the job.

  2. Amazing interview today. I have been thinking about going to law school. Looking forward to reading your new book when it comes out too.

    I bought Aronfeld’s book for my brother who is a lawyer. It was nice to hear his story.

    Thank you for today’s insights.

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