What to Ask at an LSAC Law School Forum

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I received a great comment on a previous post about LSAC Law School Forums that led me to provide some information about questions you should consider asking law school representatives at forums.

Here’s a link about financial aid related questions to ask.

Here’s a great list of questions to ask. The key is NOT to ask each law school all of these questions. The key is to pick a few that are most important to you and ask them to several law schools so you get some basis for comparison.

Here are 3 tips for law school forums:

1. Please remember not to take up too much of any one person’s time.

2. If you do have a meaningful conversation with a law school’s representative, get that person’s business card and send a thank you e-mail or note.

3. Remember it’s in the best interests of the school to encourage you to apply, so don’t take anything they say too seriously or as being extremely encouraging of your application – no false hope just because someone hands you a fee waiver for the application.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Neither of the links to questions work. The UNevada one goes to the main page of their career services and the financial aid one goes to a broken link. Just thought someone should know. Thanks!

  2. Dear Ann,

    What is your advice in terms of how to make the best use of an lsac forum? In terms of meeting the representatives from the schools that you are interested in. Is there anything that would be beneficial in making a good impression, or helping to get into the school if you are on the border of getting in/not getting in? Thanks

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Make contacts and follow up with them throughout the process. Of course be businesslike and be careful not to monopolize anyone’s time. If there are other people waiting, move on within a few minutes and make sure others get their time. Watch for clues that the person is done talking with you……Ask how you can arrange a campus visit if you haven’t already.

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