What Should Be on Your Resume?

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The resume is the part of the law school application most overlooked by law school applicants. Yet, it presents a huge opportunity to show how you have spent your time, hours worked, financial responsibility, experience levels, areas of specialization, honors, educational highlights, etc.

Here’s some tips for how to organize your resume:

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  1. Hi Ann. Thank you for all of the helpful content on your blog and in your books. Is it okay to have my major GPA on my resume? It is higher than my LSAC GPA. Or, should my resume GPA match my LSAC GPA? I don’t want to possibly be viewed as misrepresenting myself.

  2. Hi Ann,
    I have a question for you about including high school achievements. In your book you strongly discourage including them, but offer a few exceptions. I am wondering how you would address my situation. I debated from 7-12th grade and received top state awards for best speaker and best team. I continued debate into my first year of college and received additional awards, but decided I wanted to use my time to start a pre-law society on campus. Is it worth including that one year of college debate? And then maybe putting my previous state awards in the bullet points? Or is it better to focus on the activities that I spent the majority of my college career doing?
    I appreciate your insight!

  3. Hi Ann! I’m currently reading your fourth edition of “The Law School Admission Game” and it’s extremely insightful. I keep coming back to the section about including your grades on your resume by last two years if trying to show an upward trend. How might one present this? Thank you!

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