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Thursday was a great day for me. I started off with a TV interview. Then, I met up with 4 of my former clients. I try to do this whenever I travel. I really enjoy helping people get into law school, and seeing how they are doing and what they’ve learned while in law school is incredibly gratifying. Of the 4 law students, two are 2Ls and 2 are 3Ls.

How Do You Feel About The Job Market?

The first question I asked each of them is, “How do you feel about the job market?” The overall consensus is that people are concerned, however I was thrilled to learn that both 3Ls already have jobs lined up after graduation – one has a judicial clerkship and the other a job in a mid-size litigation firm. Of the 2Ls, one has an internship lined up at the D.A.’s office and another is currently traveling around interviewing for positions with major players in the entertainment industry. This was much more encouraging than the anonymous ranting and raving I’ve been reading on the blogger-sphere.

Three people got their jobs in traditional ways: the formal application process for the clerkship, working as a summer associate at the firm, submitting an application. The fourth person is someone I’ve mentioned previously on the Law School Expert blog – I call him the King of Networking. A big wig from an entertainment company spoke at his law school. Jesse attended the event and introduced himself to the speaker. He then followed up with the speaker, and this weekend will be interviewing with several different departments at the speaker’s company! That, my friends, is networking.

Jesse’s Choice of Law School

I also want to share something else about Jesse (which, by the way, I am doing with his explicit permission). Jesse’s goal is to work as a lawyer in the entertainment industry. He knew this going into law school. He never waivered. When it came time to choose a law school, I remember him agonizing over whether to attend the law school with the great entertainment program in the perfect location or the law school without even a single course on entertainment law with the better overall reputation (and cheaper tuition).

I felt he would’ve done beautifully at either school. There wasn’t a bad choice to make. I remember telling him, however, that since he’s the King of Networking, he probably wouldn’t need to rely on his school’s entertainment law offerings to build his career. I also mentioned he might stand out more at a school not known for this area of law, whereas entertainment law hopefuls are a dime a dozen at this other school. So, Jesse is now a 2L and I wanted to know – is he happy with his decision?

He is THRILLED. He says he doesn’t feel like he’s competing with anyone else at his school for jobs. Prospective employers remember that he’s the kid from  UC Davis.  He’s distinctive. This wouldn’t work for non-networking fiends, of course. You need to know what you’re willing to do to reach your goals and keep in mind how much help and coaching you’re going to need. Jesse, of course, has 2,500 Facebook friends…..

Making Real Friends With Clients

I really get to know my clients – we work together intensely throughout the admission process. I learn their stories, motivations, and aspirations. Each of the 4 law students I visited with on Thursday is in the process of reaching his or her goals. They are happy with their decisions to attend law school, even though they wish they didn’t get quite so caught up in law school politics (remarkably similar to high school politics but with more sex).

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  1. Hi Ann,

    Just to let you know, you misspelled the email address to contact you about being the first 15 to attend your “Crafting a Stellar Law School Resume” webinar for free.

    You wrote “lawchoolexpert at gmail.com” when it should be “lawSchoolexper at gmail.com”

    But I’m still looking forward to your webinar!


  2. Good catch, Marc. I fixed it!

    Anyone who used the address with the typo should definitely re-email me. There are still 13 spots available as of 11:42 a.m. PST.

    The webinar is at 5 PST/8 EST and should go for about an hour.

  3. Someone told me that law school is a lot high school (ie. you have lockers) but with the added element of alcohol. I thought it was funny 🙂

  4. Hi Ann, I am looking towards a career in academia after pursuing my law degree; preferably at a research university. Is it possible to get hired to become a law professor fresh out of law school? Is a JD the only degree needed to teach law or would one need a PhD as well?

    1. Yoonk, most law professors have a JD or a JD/LLM combination. IT’s going to be very important to choose a law school where people do go into academia and that you participate in law review and perhaps have judicial clerkships under your belt.

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