Write a Compelling Diversity Statement

In this half hour webinar, you'll get straightforward advice and direction for your law school diversity statement directly from Ann Levine. Get the ins-and-outs of how to craft a diversity statement that will make an impact and impress decision makers. Put your best foot forward and achieve your law school goals!


What You'll Learn:

In this half hour, you’ll learn all you need to know to write an impactful diversity statement, including:
  • Whether you should write a diversity statement
  • What counts as “diversity”
  • How to hit the right note through your tone and narrative
  • How to combine intersectionality/multiple diversity aspects
  • How this can help your law school application

Many law schools give you the opportunity to share how you will lend a diverse perspective to the incoming class through something called a “diversity statement.” This is pretty open-ended, and often people come to me with questions about whether their parents being immigrants, or their religious background, or race qualify them as diverse.

I help people approach the diversity statement in a way that bolsters – rather than overlaps with – the personal statement. Purchase this course to learn more.

“As a foreign-educated applicant, I was more than apprehensive when I made up my mind to apply for law school. However, Ann’s expertise has proved to be extremely worthy for someone of my background… Continue reading →”

— Michael L.

Learn how to craft your best possible diversity statement.