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The LawSchoolExpert Blog Talk Radio show has been getting an amazing response from all of my blog readers. I’m so pleased that these discussions have been helpful!

So far, we’ve done shows on:

Tips for Non-Traditional Law School Applicants,  What I Wish I’d Known Before Applying to Law School, Success in Law School and Beyond with author Kevin Houchin, Esq., Last Minute Tips for LSAT Takers, and a two-part Interview about “The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert” by a prospective law school applicant.

As a gesture of appreciation for your support of the LawSchoolExpert Blog Talk Radio Show, I want your feedback about what topics we should explore in the next couple of months. Please leave your votes and suggestions in the comments section of this post and then sit back and watch for announcements of upcoming shows. Here are 4 potential topics to choose from (but I’ll also entertain other suggestions!):

1. The difference between various LSAT prep courses (including Kaplan, Princeton Review, Blueprint, Powerscore, Testmasters, Knewton and Atlas).

2. How to hire and choose an LSAT tutor and how to know if you need a private LSAT tutor (including one from the Big Prep Companies, Manhattan LSAT Tutor, Inspirica, and Advantage Test Prep).

3. How to work with a prelaw advisor on your campus in a productive and helpful way.

4. Deciding whether to re-take the LSAT.

I have great people I can interview on any of these topics, so let me know your thoughts and I’ll get your favorites scheduled.

6 Responses

  1. I definately think the most helpful one for potential law students would be discussing the differences between the LSAT courses. There is so much “noise” out there when it comes to choosing that to create a discussion about why someone chooses a particular LSAT course, would be helpful.

    Also, deciding whether to re-take the LSAT would be a great topic I am sure for many students. That is a very difficult decision to make.

    Hope that helps.

    Stefanie Devery, Esq.

  2. Have you considered doing one on getting into law school if your bachelor’s was obtained exclusively online.

  3. Here are a few suggestions.

    I’d really like to see a post regarding how helpful a Master’s degree can be in increasing one’s competitiveness in the application process. Do they look closely and consider graduate GPA? Quality of institution? Or do admissions focus largely on one’s undergrad work?

    Retaking the LSAT would be a great one. Including, perhaps, a portion on whether one should postpone applying after a retake, or simply postponing the LSAT in efforts to gain a higher score. E.g. should one wait 3 months simply to gain 3-5 points?

    I definitely agree w/Stefanie. Something on LSAT courses vs. LSAT tutoring would be quite valuable. Personally, I’ve gotten a wide variety of responses.

    1. Hi Jonbon,
      I have a lot of info in “The Law School Admission Game” about how a graduate degree factors in to the process that I think you would find really helpful.
      Thanks for your input…. I think those would be great topics too…. Keep an eye on the blog to see what’s announced yet, and I’m still entertaining suggestions.

  4. I would be interested in hear how current 1Ls may have narrowed down the law schools to which they applied. Every time I receive something in the mail or research schools online I find something I like and since I won’t be able to visit many of the schools any suggestions on this topic would be interesting.

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