Can you get into Law School with Low LSAT scores?

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If your LSAT score is in the 140s or lower, you need to spend some time looking at the 25th percentile LSAT scores for the schools you were hoping to attend. If that number is more than five points higher than your LSAT score, please be realistic: your chances of admission are slim to none (especially if your GPA is also below the 25th percentile for that school).

If you have an LSAT score in the mid-140s or lower, you have three choices:

  1. Retake the LSAT and improve your score (by doing something differently than you did the first or second time, which for nontraditional applicants can include reducing hours spent working, and for international applicants it can include spending more time on English reading fluency and speed and comprehension). Don’t expect the same behavior to bring about different results.  If the way you prepared for the LSAT didn’t help you last time, it’s unlikely to help you this time unless you just didn’t put in the time to use the materials/program effectively. If you do plan to retake the LSAT, only do so if you’re willing to invest the time and money necessary to really improve the outcome. Think long and hard about whether you could improve your score by increased preparation time or changing your preparation methods, and whether you’re willing to do what it will take. If so, then try again. If not, reconsider your goals.
  2. Be more flexible in your list of law schools by including schools that do take people with your numbers. If a school never takes anyone with your numbers, then they won’t take you – no matter how amazing your personal statement, diverse perspective statement and letters of recommendation may be.
  3. Re-think your plans to attend law school. After all, if you have a 2.3 GPA and a 138 LSAT, you  – unfortunately – are very unlikely to be able to make it through law school and then pass the bar exam when you get out. So making this decision now, before you’ve invested three years and $300,000, could be the smartest thing you could do. This is especially true for those of you harboring a “dream” of becoming a lawyer but who do not have a lot of practical experience in a legal environment and therefore may not be clear about the profession and its demands.

I get a lot of comments on this blog from people who are in your situation. I first published this post in 2007, and it’s been my most popular blog post ever since. I welcome you to read the comments and my responses, but they can be summarized in these points:

  • If you have a high 140s LSAT, a GPA at 3.5 or above, and no major arrests, discipline issues, etc., then if you apply to the right schools and submit the best possible application materials, you will probably be successful. If you have a mid 140s LSAT, a high GPA, and a history of accommodations that you were not awarded for the LSAT, you may also be successful with a persuasive application. In today’s landscape, accommodations are given pretty freely for those who apply so this is unlikely.
  • If your grades are in the 2.0 range and your LSAT score is in the 140s, I don’t care if you have 20 years of experience as a paralegal, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix, you are probably wasting your time applying to law school. Some mitigating factors might include military service or coming from a significantly underprivileged background.
  • If you have a 130s LSAT, you’re not going to law school.  It’s not fun for me to say this, and I know it hurts to hear it. And, yes, I will answer this question exactly the same way no matter how many times or in how many variations it is posted as a comment on my blog or the Law School Expert Facebook page. People get really mad at me for saying this, like I’m saying it to be mean. People leave comments about how mad they are that I wouldn’t help them because of their 136 LSAT. So then I message them and ask them to prove me wrong – where did they get in? My favorite response was the person who recently told me that she “almost” got into a certain law school. I’m just not sure how a person “almost” gets into law school. I hate dashing people’s dreams, but I like making sure people don’t ruin their lives or pound themselves into debt for no reason. If you can try to retake the LSAT with better preparation, that’s my first suggestion. Only after repeated attempts would I suggest giving up the dream entirely.

What about Conditional Acceptance Programs?

There are schools that will offer you the privilege of paying to take a summer course or two with the incentive that participants who earn a certain grade will be admitted to the fall entering class. These programs are sometimes referred to as “AAMPLE” programs. Sometimes conditional programs are online, and sometimes they are on campus. If your LSAT score isn’t an accurate predictor of future academic success, this may be your best and only option. But there is no guarantee of acceptance, and before you commit to any programs ask about the number of people admitted during previous sessions and whether those people went on to graduate/be in good standing once enrolled as law students. For a list of law schools with conditional acceptance programs, see

I first wrote this post in 2007, and it has been my most popular blog post in the years since. I have not seen students with scores in the low 140s be successful with admission to ABA approved law schools in quite a few years. When someone approaches me who has a very low LSAT score I always encourage them to spend their dollars on LSAT preparation/tutoring before admission consulting and to contact me again once they have achieved a higher score. Schools are not taking chances on people with very low LSAT scores because, statistically, these students do not perform well in law school. Law schools are being closed for taking students who have little chance of success – see Thomas Jefferson Law School.

What about taking the GRE?

Many law schools will accept GRE scores in lieu of an LSAT score, but once you have an LSAT score on record this is what they will rely upon to make your admission decision.

What about applying to law school without a standardized test score?

Starting in 2024, many law schools have agreed to consider applicants without standardized test scores if they complete a program called JDNext. If you know you struggle with standardized tests, this may be worth considering. You will take a class and have a scored final exam. It has yet to be seen how many applicants will be admitted through this program, but they claim it eliminates the bias that standardized test scores tend to reflect regarding socio-economic status.

See also: When is an LSAT Score Too Low?

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  1. I have a lsat score of 141 and a good GPA. I want to know what schools can I get into with this Lsat score? What do I have to do to ensure that I get into a school? Not sure what to do! Please Help!

  2. You are someone who would really benefit from working with a law school admission consultant. I have several clients in your situation. I walk them through the entire process of building their applications (essays, resume, LORs, addenda) to make them as strong as possible. It’s also a question of working with someone who knows what schools will take a chance on someone with your LSAT score based on previous experience. This requires some flexibility on your part, but it absolutely can happen.
    Please visit my web site for more information:
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. I have a GPA of 3.8 from NYU, about 7-8 years of professional and research experience, and am gearing up to take the LSAT on September 29. Unfortunately, I keep scoring in the mid-150’s on my practice tests, and am nervous that I won’t get into any schools of my choice. This may or may not be relevant, but I come from a very nontraditional background, am a person of color, and am queer. I also overcame quite a bit of socioeconomic difficulty in my life, and am not sure if I need to mention these factors in my application. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment. You are the kind of applicant that I work with every day – someone who has a lot to offer but needs to package his/her application in a way that helps make up for the LSAT score. Please visit my web site, for more information about how I can help. I look forward to hearing from you.
    P.S. Please do keep in mind that you still have 8 weeks until the LSAT which is LOTS of time to see great improvement. So don’t be discouraged yet.

  5. Hi, I have a LSAT score of 140 my highest. I am 22, Caucasian and not a good standardized test taker. I was Deferred at two schools and wait listed at 2 this year but it all fell through. I applied to about 50 this year. I have a 3.5 GPA cum laude with a double major in 3 years and am disabled. I have a pretty large resume of awards, job experience, social clubs and extracurriculars, including law internships, a county and federal judge internship and many other things. I dont think my personal statement was that good, so I rewrote it and made a new one for this year and also included a disability addendum. I am still waiting on one waitlist that I will find out by the end of this week, but if that falls through I am going to get a one year MBA at a local private school and apply early this year in September for Spring and Fall Terms 08. I cant take the LSAT again because I have taken it 3 times but I think I can take it again in December but I am going to apply early and if im allowed to take it again I will under accommodated status which I wasnt accommodated last time. I have already read 4k+ in law school books from hornbooks to casebooks to primers to the UCC and restatements, ect… Is there any hope for me? If I dont get in next year im going to go to a non-accredited school and transfer to a ABA school after a year but really dont want have to go through that. I studied for the LSAT and took two courses, I am not going to give up and am going to keep trying, any advice would be well appreciated. I would love to get in anywhere part time or full time. If you would like to see my information or can help me on any way, please do so. Thanks!

  6. I have applied to law school two years in a row and been denied. I taken the LSAT twice my first score was a 136 and second score was a 143. I was accepted into the Nova ammple program but I missed the requirement of a 2.5 gpa i got a c plus and c minus on both test. Out of 300 students only 17 made it, the courses were third year. What should I do ? take my lsat again in december? My undergraduate gpa is also not great is a 2.6. My work expirience is not bad I teached high school for a year and currently work for a law firm as an analyst consultant advisor. I am extremely frusterated and I hope this year I get better results what can I do ?

  7. Thanks for writing. There are a lot of things you can do. First, you can hire a law school admission consultant to help with everything from explaining your LSAT, GPA and performance at Nova, to building up the rest of your application to make you seem so fantastic that law schools want to accept you despite the hiccups in your background, to helping you pick the right schools to apply to. Your situation is complicated and not something that can be answered appropriately on a blog post. However, taking a prep course and getting private tutoring for the LSAT (December test) would be a great first step. You are welcome to check out my web site at for more information about how I can help.

  8. Hello:

    I have been trying to get accepted to Law School for the last 3 years and still no luck. I have taken the LSAT more than once and my highest LSAT score so far is a 143 and my undergrad GPA is not the greatest (2.2). However, I decided to move on to pursuit a Master’s degree (MBA) in the hopes of raising my chances of admission. I’m almost done with my degree now and I want to know what are my chances of getting admitted to a good, decent school despite of my unchangeable undergrad GPA.

    Thank You

  9. Thanks for writing. If you visit my web site at you will see that I help a lot of law school applicants in your situation – low numbers but other valuable skills and experiences to offer. I am happy to provide consulting services to fit your individual needs. Please feel free to contact me and we can get started. Thanks for writing.

  10. I just got my score from the sept. LSAT and got a 141. I am finishing up my applications and was wondering if it is even worth going through the process? I have a 3.0 GPA, great resume, Letters of Rec. and personal statement. If I took the test again in December would it be too late for most schools if I wanted to get in Fall 08? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  11. how can i have faith when my lsat score is realy low (141), and gpa is low (2.62), maybe i am not meant for law school?

    what sort of schools may be interested, do i stand a shot?


  13. I know there is a lot of anxiety out there about low LSAT scores. This is for David, Anonymous, and Lyn:
    Each applicant has something different to offer, different restrictions on where they hope/need to attend law school, and different circumstances. It’s very hard to give personal advice on a blog format. These are the types of issues I help people with as a law school admission consultant. Should you re-take the LSAT? How to convince the schools that other factors are more representative of your abilities? Can you get into law school now or should you take time off….
    These are good questions, but the answers are very individual. I encourage you to see my web site for information about how I help people through this process and for testimonials from others in similar situations who are now attending law school. I’m working all weekend because scores are out and encourage you to call me and allow me to help you through this trying time with advice specifically tailored to you.
    Remember, your LSAT score is not telling you you’re stupid. It’s not telling you that you can’t be a lawyer. It’s not something tatooed on your forehead that will label you forever. It’s just a weakness to overcome, one way or another.

  14. Just received my scores, 142 it’s horrible! My GPA a 3.09 isnt the greatest either. However, I got a Dean LOR and another strong LOR and Hispanic. Is American Uni even a possibility?

  15. Hi Anonymous- I don’t know enough about you to conclusively say “no way” and American doesn’t release statistics about who they admit in each score bracket, but I would say just based on what you told me that you have a huge uphill battle and it’s probably not the right school for you to apply to without a significantly improved LSAT score.

  16. I have a high GPA (3.99/Phi Beta Kappa, graduated early, overcame poor vision, and yet am stuck with a weak LSAT score of 153. I am planning to take it again in Dec since I was scoring between 160-161 on all practice tests. I am worried though that I am not a good test taker (actual test) because I have history of low scores (SAT/ACT). I had higher hopes, but now I would be THRILLED to make it into Tulane. You seem great, but I am not sure if I can afford the services. Do you think I would have a chance getting in there? Or let me know if you could truly help me enough for me to take out yet another loan?! 🙂 Thanks Ann!

  17. Rania,
    I know that the decision to attend law school is an investment in your future. I also know that in 99% of the cases, it’s an investment that pays off big time in your life and career. You are not out of the running at Tulane and I do support your decision to take the LSAT again based on your practice scores. I can help you give yourself every possible advantage in this process, and would be happy to do so. Just give me a call anytime – my toll free number is 877-LAW-SKOL.

  18. is it rare to get admission into law school (ranking of tier 1 or maybe top 25) with low lsat scores, or does this occaisonally happen?

  19. You haven’t given me enough information to give you solid advice on this one; I don’t know how low an LSAT you mean and I don’t know anything else about you. But let’s pick a good law school at random – I opened up the book to Boston University School of Law. If your LSAT is anywhere in the 140s, they took 2 applicants of a pool of about 600….I don’t love those chances unless something about your life story is going to blow me out of the water…..
    I hope this is helpful.

  20. In terms of an addendum, I saw that you said it is best to include a score report for past standardized test scores if you are claiming weak test scores but great academic performance. Is it fine to scan the score report and attach it via LSAC applications or should it be mailed separately? Thanks and love your blogs!

  21. 1) i have a 141 lsat and carrying a 2.62 gpa, but am in a rigorous major, with 2 minors, i have my eyes set on franklin pierce b/c im interested in IP, throughout my applications im stressing that im more than just grades, having strong LOR’s, strong experiences and personal statement(aka the whole package), do i stand a shot in this tier 3 school with my low lsat scores?

    2) even though i alredy applied to FP regular decisoin, can i change it to early decision or will this frowned upon by their admissions office?

    your comments are greatly appreciated! i love the blog thanks!

  22. It is so hard for me to give this kind of specific applicant advice over the blog format because there is so much that I don’t know about you that is important to this process. About changing to early decision, you can call FP and ask, but I don’t think that’ll make a difference for you in the actual admission outcome. I would only use ED to grab applicants I really wanted, not to take applicants that probably weren’t competitive on the numbers in the regular applicant pool..

  23. Why won’t they just send the rejection letter? I graduated with a 4.0 but scored a 141 on the LSAT. Honestly, I expected the grade. All of my practice tests were around the same. I am a non-trad student; female, late 30’s, 10 years in the military. What I don’t get is why they don’t just send me the rejection letter? I finished me application the beginning of December and am still waiting to hear something. Do you have any idea why they just aren’t letting me move on?

  24. I’m not sure if your question is rhetorical, or if you’re just venting, but in case you really wanted an answer – here you go:

    1. They probably haven’t reviewed your file yet;
    2. Perhaps your application is so outstanding that they are seriously considering it; or
    3. Perhaps your batch of letters only goes out a few times a year….

  25. Sorry if it sounded like I’m venting.. I sort of am! But only because I check LSN and people attending my choice have already received rejection letters and I guess I get my hopes up a little every day that letter doesn’t come. The waiting is the hardest part and with a 141 I just find it hard to believe they’re even considering me! I wonder, do they wait until the Feb LSAT is over to make their hard decisions? (Feb is the last date the school will accept for LSAT)

  26. I had an original LSAT score of 140, then prepared for a few months, and received a 154. I have a GPA of around a 3.15. I neglected to include an explanation of why I think I did so poorly on the first one, will this have a negative affect on my application process?

  27. The rule is usually that with a score increase of 5 or more points, you should submit a BRIEF explanation for the increase. If your applications are still pending, you can e-mail this to the schools.

  28. I was wondering what Index numbers really mean? Looking at, each registered applicant has one. How do schools use them?

  29. Each school creates a statistical equation to determine an applicant’s likelihood of success in law school and on the bar exam. This is based on the performance of each school’s own graduates. The schools use this index of your GPA and LSAT to assign you a number, which they then use to judge your likelihood of success. The index is different for each school, and most schools won’t tell you exactly where it places you in the presumptive deny/presumptive admit/committee file hierarchy.

  30. Hi Ann,

    I have taken the LSAT 3 times with 142 as my highest score. My GPA is 3.2 and I am an African American female. I was rejected by my alma mater and 3rd tier schools!! How could this have happened? I received an invite to participate in an AAMPLE program in a state far away from my hometown, but I think that I want to retake the LSAT and try to apply again next year to more schools. Do you think my score will vastly improve—maybe by 10 points or so?

    Should I give the AAMPLE program a shot or try to get next year the old-fashioned way?

  31. Hi,

    I am a minority student who just graduated with a 3.4 gpa in a three year time span. I have taken the last twice. the first time I received a 142 the second score I cancelled out of fear that I may not have improved enough. My questions to you are?

    Should I have cancelled my second score?

    When you have one low score and one cancelled score how is that generally perceived?

    Do admissions counselors look poorly on applicants who have taken the test more than twice (e.g. a third time)

    What score would I need to achieve to help improve my chances (e.g. 150 or a 160)?

  32. I’m not surprised by your results, and in fact am glad you have the opportunity to do the AAMPLE program – a great way into law school for those who are successful. But beware – many do not make it through the process and then (usually) must disclose this to other law schools when applying the following year. The answer about whether you can increase your LSAT score by 10 points depends upon what you can do differently to prepare this time around.
    I have worked with many people in your situation who end up being successful and I wish you the best of luck.

  33. Sorry I’m answering these out of order – this one is for Anonymous with the cancelled LSAT:
    1. It’s too late to second guess your decision not to cancel or to cancel. What’s done is done.

    2. A cancelled score is fine, but may require explanation in an addendum.

    3. There is no magic number score. It’s about getting the best score you can possibly get, and then explaining coherently to the schools why that score is (1) more indicative of your abilities than the lower score; and (2) still not an accurate indicator of your potential based on your standardized testing history.

  34. Does anyone have some advice for me? I was admitted to a law school but academically dismissed in 2006. Yes, it was my first and only semester of law school. I retook my lsat in december of 2007, and made 152 only a point higher than my previous score. I have been rejected by two schools and waiting to hear from another one. Does anyone suggest that I retake the lsat again in hopes for a 155 or 160 to offset my suspension from 2 years ago? I really want to get back into school.

  35. Looking through, it seems that people accepted to Tier 1 and 2 schools with scores lower than the 25% are consistantly URMs. Why are minorities given such preferential treatment?

    1. Come on….you know the answer to that. The United States has always treated people unfairly and with its poor record, probably always will.
      You are being discriminated against, plain and simple….

    2. Don’t worry about it though. Your ultimate success as a lawyer will come from within and the corrupt schools and government will not be able to hold you back….

  36. Hope this helps…
    I didn’t get my act together in undergrad until the summer before my sixth and final year. I still remember the day when I decided to turn things around. Unfortunately, even after earning all A’s and B’s my final year I only got my GPA up to a 2.7. I got a 147 on the LSAT and that coupled with my GPA made my application process much more difficult. After being rejected at Suffolk and wait listed at New England School of Law, I applied to Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, MA. It is not ABA accredited but it is state and regionally accredited. I loved the school and excelled academically there attending nights while working full-time. The main point of my post is to stress that I feel the LSAT is a complete joke and completely insignificant. I have often likened most of it to an exercise in impersonating Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. Being good at the logic games is like being really good at figuring out the Rubix Cube, kind of cool at parties but ultimately pretty useless. In preparing for the Bar Exam I scored in the 98th percentile and 85th percentile in the BARBRI and PMBR simulated MBE’s respectively. I passed the Bar the first time and am now practicing. The main difference between the LSAT and the Bar is that the Bar is actually relevant to your legal knowledge and ability to apply it. Bottom line, if you think the LSAT is useless in terms of its indicative ability then you are correct. I’m sure someone will respond with the .49 correlation between the LSAT and first year law school success, but having gone through the process I can tell you that I did not have that experience.

    1. I agree with what you are saying, but only to the main point. You have to admit that over 90% of people who score 160+ on the LSAT have a GPA of 3.5 or above. It is not that rare for someone with a high GPA to score low on the LSAT, but the reverse is almost never true….

      1. Richard, I disagree – I know a lot of people who have low GPAs (2.5s) and very, very high LSAT scores.

  37. You’re right – statistics don’t apply to individuals. Individuals defy stats all the time.

  38. Hello Ann, I love your blog and I am always reading your comments and advice. Thank you for your encouragement for those of us who have defined statistics.

    I would like to address…Sean’s comments, all I want to say is Thank You for having the courage, in my opinion, to say what I have been thinking. I also have taken the LSAT and I am considered an older student, who studied intensively for the LSAT, and despite all that, I did not do well but I have a high GPA in my undergrad and I have a MBA (I did not have to take the infamous GMAT because of my very high GPA but if I had to taken the GMAT I would still be trying to get into graduated school…go figure). Everyone tells me law school is different from graduated school but I can not imagine it being that much different from graduated school. I believe it’s each individual determination because I believe the key is not to overwelm yourself. If fulltime is too much for your life style, then by all means… find a law school that offers a part time program). Having said all that… I agree with Sean, in my opinion, I too think the LSAT is a joke. As we know these are the rules and regulations that were set in place long before any of us were born. I think, in my opinion, the powers that be… should do away with the outdated LSAT because I think there has to be a better way of determining who will succeed in law school (?) other than the current LSAT that has been around since the dawn of time. Lastly, in my opinion, the LSAT seem to have too many limitations.

  39. I scored low on the LSAT and have a 2.9 GPA, I’ve applied to numerous schools only to be rejected, however, I was accepted to participate in a program for Thomas Cooley that would allow you to be accepted if you pass there one week course and exam. I did not complete the full course. Now I am back in applying to schools I applied to MA School of Law and got accepted. I live in NY and am indecisive on my decision. Should I try to apply to other schools in my area instead.

    1. Hi Anne,

      I am a first generation, African American, honorable discharged Army Veteran with a 2.16 GPA and a 135 LSAT score. I have only taken the LSAT once and I do plan on retesting. It has always been my goal to attend law school. I am in a second bachelor degree which my current GPA is a 3.47. This last fall I applied to Charlotte Law School and went through their AAMPLE program and scored a 2.0 GPA; I missed the required 2.5 to admission to the law school. Charlotte said they would allow me retake AAMPLE given a higher LSAT score; I really do not want to retake the AAMPLE program. Should I give up on law school entirely? Or get a Masters?

      1. IR, I don’t know if a masters will help you – it certainly won’t make the difference in getting into law school because your LSAT and GPA are so low.

  40. I am a non traditional law school aplicant. I am a 24 year old African American mother of 2(16 month old and 3.5 yearl old) I graduated from San Francisco State University with a 2.86 GPA and I scored 142 on the LSAT. I was 7 months pregnant with my second child when I took the LSAT and I couldn’t afford to take any prep classes I just studyied from the book and took practice tests. I am the first in my family to graduate from college and i grew up in a low income single parent home with a dsiabled mother. I have overcome lots of obstacles and still have many more to overcome I’m planning to take the LSAT again but am wondering if there are any top tier schools that would accept me with the scores and gpa that i have. I have 3 years of law enforcement experience do any of these factors make a difference in regards to my chances of getting into a top tier school?

  41. I just recieved my lsat score from the June 08 lsat. I revieved a 153 and my College GPA wat a 3.4. I wanted to get into Seton Hall Brookly law or Rutgers. I have worked at a large law firm in NJ for about 7months and by the time I enroll it will be two years work experiance (and hopefully some great recomendation letters). I know my score is low but wonder if schools like this will look highly upon at my two years experiance at a law firm and in the real world.

  42. Jennifer,
    Work experience matters, but 2 years in a firm won’t add 5 points to your LSAT score. Still, I wouldn’t give up all hope and you may want to consider whether retaking the LSAT would benefit you. If I can help you through the application process in any way, please let me know through
    Thanks so much for reading the blog.

  43. I took the LSATs after studying for two and a half months and received a score in the forty-ninth percentile. The next two times I took the test I cancelled my score (I am a little neurotic and feel I need a good score). I was unaware of this until recently (about a week ago), but to take the LSAT more than three times in a two year period I have to get a letter from a law school requesting for the LSAC to allow me to take the test again. When I called the LSAC regarding the policy a customer service associate told me ‘she never heard of a school that would not write the letter’ (I needed). So I called two law schools and both of them said they had a policy of not writing these letters. Please be honest is there any way I can get a letter to take the test again by September or December?

  44. Hopefully you called schools in your geographic area first, but in either event keep trying because there are schools who will help you with this. Good luck!

  45. I took the LSAT and received a score of 142 and I have a GPA of 3.1. After taking the LSAT twice (cancelling the first score), I decided to enroll in a non ABA approved local school. I have completed my first year of school and have decided that I really want to go to an ABA approved school, preferably University of TN or Memphis School of Law because I live in TN. Should I re-take the LSAT before I apply? And will it help me in the admissions process that I have completed a year of law school and was successful??

  46. I’ve been to prison twice, but since then I have a 3.0 gpa and I scored 155 on L.S.A.T I’m also a licensed plumber of two years. what are my chances of getting accepted a lae school?

  47. Ray, I really can’t give such specific advice over the blog format because I don’t know enough information. If you’re interested in an initial consultation, please contact me through my law school admission consulting website at
    thank you.

  48. I got a 156 on my LSAT the first time around. I’m planning on taking it again in October, and so far am scoring in the 161-162 range when I take my practice tests. I know that this score is okay, but not great since I graduated with a BA in poli sci with a GPA of only 2.9! However, I have a strong resume, a recommendation from my dean, employer, and a professor. I also want to go into public interest law. My dream school is Temple University’s Beasley Law School. Do you think (based on the above information) I have a remote chance of getting in???

  49. Hello Ann,
    I recently scored a 151 on a practice test, I have 3 weeks before the actual LSAT so hopefully I can raise my score a little. I will graduate with a 2.9 overall GPA. As many other posters have also said, I too have overcome many obstacles. I grew up in poverty, had a disabled parent, and I had a child my freshamn year of college. My 1st choice is the University of Louisville, 2nd choice Northern KY. What do you think of my chances? Also, should hardships be mentioned in personal essays? Thank you so much!

  50. HI Marie – it’s very hard for me to give applicant-specific advice in the blog format because I just don’t know the whole picture about anonymous individuals. Generally, hardships are good to address if you have actually overcome them. Good luck on the LSAT!

  51. Hello Ann K, I graduated from college 5 years ago with a 3.2 gpa and applied to law school then with a 143 lsat score in early March. I understand that is the most competitive time to apply. I now 5 years of police experience and I have been studying deligiently for the upcoming lsat, only to have improved my score so far by 5 points. Here’s the biggie, I do have a misdemeanor charge on my record. My concern is that my low lsat score and one bad decision will keep me from realizing my dream. What are my chances? Also I only have about a month to get my applications in early. What should I do?

  52. I am more concerned about the Low LSAT than the misdemeanor but I can’t give such specific advice on the blog format – I just don’t have enough information. For now, concentrate on getting the LSAT score up.

  53. Here’s a secret some of you people should be aware of: if you are a white male with a sub 150 LSAT, you don’t have a hope in hell of getting admitted to a top 100 law school. I’m a 3L at just such a school and I can tell you I have NEVER met a WM with a sub 150 LSAT. Gender and especially RACE play a huge role in admissions. This business about extra c’s and rec’s is garbage. I didn’t have a single ec, social membership, or even an impressive GPA. No, what I had was a decent LSAT score, which I worked hard to get. A high LSAT trumps everything. (Don’t believe me? Log on to As well, many of the 4th tiers that do accept you are really just there to take your money. They know full well you won’t be getting a job when you graduate. Even worse, if you are enticed into attending one of these schools, be prepared to have your “scholarship” yanked after 1st year.

    Advice: Get all the Powerscore books, take as many practice exams as you can, and implement a 4-5 hr a day, 3 month study schedule. If you have a low LSAT and this seems like “too much work” then you don’t have what it takes to be a successful law student.

  54. Dear Ms. Levine:

    I find your information quite helpful and inspiring.

    I have taken the LSAT 3 times with poor results. They have increased form 139 to 140 to 143, yet even practicing every weekend and even daily, the number does not go beyond 148 in practice tests, So I am actually going to try it agian tomorrow.

    I live in the Washington DC area, have a GPA of 3.42, am 36 year old male hispanic (born outside the US), obtained my degreee in legal studies studying part time and working full time at a real estate law firm; and for about 2 months now, I have a part time job as a freelance Spanish interpeter for the office of administrative hearings, motor vehicle admin., dept. of juvenile services, worker comp. commission, etc. All related to law practices, and in front of judges and commisioners.

    I have 2 girls, and a family established in this region. I also managed to own 2 other properties.

    Do you think that a local school, knowing that most are 1st and 2nd tier, would even consider my appication?? Moving would be really difficult for me.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.


  55. D. Thanks for writing. If your score comes out in the high 140s, there are schools in the area I could recommend but of course chances of admission aren’t likely. However, I actually haven’t seen low 140s clients be successful in the last few years and I no longer take on clients with LSATs as your past LSAT scores have been.
    Good luck tomorrow.

  56. Like many others who have written in this blog I have low LSAT, 140and a GPA of 3.10 in Marine Biology. I want to know if I have a chance of getting in somewhere. As for me I have already completed my master’s in Marine Policy with a 3.8 GPA. And for the past 3 years I have been working on a doctorate in Marine Biology with a GPA of 3.9. I have decided to go to law school after change in heart with Marine Biology. What is your opinion?

  57. Hi Ann, I came across your blog and wanted to drop a note thanking you for the kind advice you’ve been giving others. 🙂 I’m in the process of applying to international law programs, but I come from a very different background, I think, from most applicants. Due to cultural conflict at the start of my undergrad, my parents disowned me and I had to put myself through college. My school was extremely helpful in guiding me financially and academically. Now I work two jobs after graduating to keep up with student loans. I took the LSAT amidst all of this and scored a 153 – not really in the ballpark for the Top 25. I know I’m capable of doing better, it’s just difficult given my circumstances to study in a peaceful state of mind. On the flip-side, I have some extremely honorable references from directors and personnel in international relations in the US and Canada, and I believe that my personal statement might help to explain discrepancies in my scores. Have you ever come across candidates with this situation before?

    1. Don’t worry if you can’t get into a top 25 school. I have friends who went to tier 2 and tier 3 schools, and are really successful. One even became a judge.

  58. This is the age old problem of a really bright person who doesn’t do as well on the LSAT as he/she would like and I would be happy to talk with you about some ideas and strategies if you contact me through
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  59. Hey,
    I just got my LSAT score and am disappointed. I scored 155 after several weeks of work in prep books. I am a hard-working white male student with a 3.825 GP at WFU. I really want to attend Chapel Hill, but know my LSAT score may not be in the ballpark. I was wondering if I should capitalize on how neither my SAT or LSAT scores reflect who I am as a student in hopes that I can convince admissions I would be an asset. Should I retact in December, knowing that I am in a difficult semester being overloaded in papers in projects, limiting my study time for the test? Should I set my sights lower than Chapel HIll or do I have a shot?
    Hardworking Student

  60. Hello Hard Working Student.
    First, an LSAT that is better than 2/3 of all applicants doesn’t qualify as a “very low LSAT.” It’s a fine LSAT, although I do understand you are disappointed. In terms of analyzing chances at certain schools and deciding whether to retake, I want to encourage you to contact me through so I can provide you with more personalized information than the blog format allows.

  61. I thought this blog was really helpful by reading other people’s comments so I thought I would post too.

    I am 20yr minority and graduating from UW this June in only 3 years. I have a 3.85 GPA with a BA in pre-law and minor in pol sci, and I am in Phi Betta Kappa. I have worked at two law firms (private and county) for a span of the past 3 years and 10 years worth of volunteer work. My personal statement is great because it is based on my disease and how I am turning my personal experiences into helping others by being an attorney. I have one letter of rec from an attorney and two from profs. that know my academic strength.

    Now, I am NOT a standardized test taker because my SATs were pretty low but I was able to get into UW with a great HS GPA and extra curr. activities. I just took the LSAT and I received a 142. What should I do? Will everything else be able to off-set my LSAT score? What are the chances of getting into a tier 3 law school?

    Thank you for your help!

  62. Oh! I forgot one thing to add to my last post

    Is it better to go ahead and apply for priority deadlines or not with that LSAT score? (as of now, I am signed up to retake it just to save me a seat, but I do not know how much better I can do since I have been scoring in the 140s, took a test prep course already, and studied really hard for it)

    thanks again!

  63. Hi,

    I just got my scores and am a smudge less disappointed after reading this blog. I got a 144 and my GPA is 3.75. I am 26, Black and a single mother of a 2 year old. I went back to school to complete my Bachelors degree in business when she was barely 1 year old and have managed to maintain a high GPA and will be graduating in June. I have 5 years experience as a legal research assistant at 2 very well known and respected law firms in NY and have been working in the hedge fund industry for the last 3 years doing more investigative research.

    I really cannot afford to take the LSAT again so is it worth it to try to apply with this score and my GPA and background or should i just shelve the dream and get an MBA? I am also not a good standardized test taker so even if I could take it again it may not make that much of a difference.


  64. After 3 weeks of waiting, my lsat score for october was finally here. And to my surpirse it was a measly 146. I had been scoring in the upper 150’s lower 160’s in my practice tests. I am a 21 year old college senior with a dobule major in poli sci and psychology. My gpa is 3.7 and I will be graduating with honors from both majros as well as from the university.
    I am hispanic, first of my family to go to college, let alone pursue a career after that. I am part of psichi (psychology honros society), phi kappa phi and the secretary for the national society of collegiate scholars for our campus. I don’t have any internships or legal work experience, but I do have an irb approved research study I did last year for psychology.
    I live in southern california, what are my chances of getting into a good school here? I’m not sure I will score much higher if I retake the lsat in december because my semester finals are around that time. Should I take some time off and prepare for it more and then retake it, or will my numbers as of now get me in somewhere “respectable?” Thanks for your advice.

  65. Hi Ann,

    I have just received my LSAT and it was a 156. This was a lower score than I had hoped for after two months of studying. My cumulative undergrad gpa was low at a 2.8, though in my last 2 years as a journalism major I made a 3.5 or above each semester. I am also an older applicant at 28 with over two years of solid work experience in media and publishing. I have gone through many events over the past few years, including evacuating during Hurricane Katrina and moving to New York. I was hoping to go to law school in New Orleans at either Tulane or Loyola. My question is: do you think I would be better off to retake the LSAT and hope for a better score, or begin applying to schools now and hope to get in.

  66. Your blog is excellent. I took the lsats this month and scored a 145 (had a 3.32 college GPA also). I did only semi-prepare for about a month, but do not have much time due to my current job.

    My question is, after reading the different sites for lsat ranges, what chance do I really have at places such as Brooklyn, NY Law, Albany Law and how many should I truly apply to?

  67. Hi Anonymous,
    You need to retake the test; you didn’t prepare adequately and you’ll waste your time, effort and money applying this year if you don’t try again…..

  68. Ok everybody – I’m glad you love this post, but I can’t respond to any more anonymous comments because I’ve noticed my responses make no sense when you can’t tell which anonymous person’s question I’m answering. So please use names! Thanks so much. It will make my job much easier.

  69. I have an LSAT score of 151 that I just got back. I am signed up for the December LSAT as a re-take. My GPA overall is a 3.34, but I transferred after my sophomore year and my GPA at my new school (both schools ranked nearly the same in US News Report) is 3.6-3.7. I am a white male traditional student. I am trying really hard to get into U of Kansas, U of Nebraska, or Saint Louis. What do you think I need to do on my next LSAT/ do overall to get into these schools?

  70. Ann,
    Thanks so much for all of this help. I recently posted as anonymous before reading your last post saying to cease doing so. So here’s my situation:

    I just got my October LSAT scores back. I got a 151, I was scoring 158-160 on the practices but I really only took about 5 tests. I looked hard at the material for about two weeks, but I now know this was not enough. I used Kaplan’s logic games book and their general lsat book.

    I am signed up for a retake in December and have signed up for a weekend powerscore course 2 weeks prior to the exam. I also purchased 2 of the packages of 10 Official LSAT PrepTests.

    My GPA is a 3.34 overall, I transfered schools (schools that are virtually identical in US News Reports). My GPA at my new school is a 3.6-3.7

    I am a traditional white male student.

    I am trying to get into U of Kansas, U of Nebraska, and St. Louis U. Am I doing enough to get my scores up? Am I realistic in aiming for these schools?

  71. Melissa, the answer to your question depends upon whether you’re applying to schools who will consider you with the score….

  72. JoshuaNC, thanks so much for reposting. I really appreciate it. You did NOT prepare enough, and you didn’t need me to tell you that. You have to retake it, and when you do so then you’ll be able to submit a strong application (I hope!) to the schools you hope to attend.

  73. I just received my lsat score, a 154, which was disappointing. I was scoring in the 154-160 range during my practice tests, studied for over a year and even took a kaplan course. Do you think I can improve by December, if I retake it?

    I am a first generation, hispanic woman, with a 3.6 gpa from UC Berkeley. Is there any hope of getting into a school like UC Hastings or UCLA with my scores?


  74. I just received my lsat score, a 154, which was disappointing. I was scoring in the 154-160 range during my practice tests, studied for over a year and even took a kaplan course. Do you think I can improve by December, if I retake it?

    I am a first generation, hispanic woman, with a 3.6 gpa from UC Berkeley. Is there any hope of getting into a school like UC Hastings or UCLA with my scores?


  75. Hey me again. Thanks so much for the encouragement! Since I just found out my results and there is approximately only 40 days left til the retake. Is that enough time to study? Like I said I’m taking the Powerscore weekend course 2 weekends before. My friend whose already taken the course has lent me the Powerscore book they use already and I have the Logic Games Bible and 2 books of 10 Preptests on the way with an additional 2 tests. Is this sufficient time/material?

  76. I took the lsat twice. My higher score was 138. My undergrad GPA is 2.98. Im feeling discouraged about ever being accepted into Law School. Please give me some insight or advice on what I should do.

  77. First, I want to say thank you for creating this site. Really cool.
    OK. So, I just got my LSAT score back and, while I did OK with a 156, the score is on the low side of what my first-choice school will take. I’m an Economics major with a GPA in the 3.5 – 3.6 range. I’m an older student (33), married with a child on the way. As such, I’m fairly limited in the schools I can go to. One is a private school which will cost at least 1 arm and 1 leg…. and maybe more. The other is a very good (and affordable) public university (my first choice). Being on the low side of the accepted LSAT scores for the public university, what, in your professional opinion, should I be doing in my application to improve my chances?
    Again, thank you so much for this service.
    – Jason

  78. Thanks Jason – simply make sure everything within your control is as strong as possible – LORs, Resume, Personal Statement, any addenda or optional essays. Knock their socks off! Oh, and visit the campus!

  79. I have a 3.5 GPA and a 146 on the LSAT. I am attending a reputable university and I am going to be working with an admissions consultant to make my application as strong as possible. I also plan to take the LSAT again this December. I am worried that one month is not long enough to prepare, but I originally started preparing in May. Assuming that my LSAT score does not increase by much, what are my chances of getting into a tier one law school? If not tier one, then at least a good law school? I appreciate any guidance you can provide.

  80. I took the LSAT in June, and I scored a 147. I have a 3.5 GPA at Christian Brothers University, in Memphis, TN. I am planning on taking the LSAT again in December. Do you think I have a good chance at getting into law school at Memphis? How much higher does my score need to be? What’s the fastest way to raise your score? I only have about a month until test time. Thanks a lot

  81. Hi Brandon, I can’t tell you the fastest way to raise your score because I’m not an LSAT tutorial specialist. However, according to Memphis’ own stats, your chances of acceptance increase substantially at above the 150 level, and again at above 155…. Good luck!

  82. i have a gpa of 3.95, a score of 151 that i’m retaking in december, and two misdemeanors that could be attributed to undiagnosed add. do i have a chance at getting in?

  83. It depends on where you’re trying to get in : )
    I just want to remind everyone that I do try to answer questions but cannot answer questions about your chances at particular schools. Also it would be helpful to me if you would not use Anonymous as your sign-in because it confuses readers as to which question I’m answering. Thanks!

  84. Hey I have an LSAT score of 144 and im taking the test again in 3 weeks. My GPA is about 3.0. Im scoring about a 155 but im still very nervous i wont get in anywhere. Where do you think i should apply?Im thinking about applying to Thomas Jefferson and Western State University. Can u suggest a few more?Thanks

  85. Anna, I’m glad I found this site. I received a 145 on my LSAT, and am retaking it again next month. I have a 3.2 gpa from Indiana U, during that time I was able to complete numerous internships including the White House. Is there any advice, suggestions, or thoughts as I begin sending out my applications? Thanks

  86. A.C., submit the very best personal statement, resume, and LORs that you can. Choose schools very wisely (don’t overestimate the value of your soft factors when creating your schools list) and apply early!
    Good luck!

  87. Hey I have an LSAT score of 144 and im taking the test again in a week. My GPA is about 3.0. Im scoring about a 155 but im still very nervous i wont get in anywhere. Where do you think i should apply?Im thinking about applying to Thomas Jefferson and Western State University. Can u suggest a few more?Thanks

  88. Hi Steven,
    Creating a schools list is something I spend a lot of time doing once I know my clients very well, so unfortunately I can’t do it in the blog format. Please let me know if I can help you in any other way. Good luck with the LSAT!

  89. Hey, I am currently a junior and am taking the LSAT in june, what would you prefer would be the best way to study for the LSAT on my own, I just ordered cheap Kaplan LSAT prep. I will have a GPA of about 3.4 from University of Georgia and I took 3 practice tests without any prep. and my lowest was 149 and the highest was 155, how can I raise that to lets say lower 161, if it is possible at all. And what schools would be best for me, if I want to attend a school in the Boston area? ty

  90. Hi Danish, most of my clients prefer the Powerscore bibles for at-home self-study.
    In terms of schools, this isn’t something I can do unless I know a lot more about you – which is why its a service I provide to my law school admission consulting clients. If you’d like help in any way, please feel free to check out

  91. Hi,

    I just received my lsat score today and I am really disappointed. I received 147. my GPA is 3.78 with double majors in Hardware Engineering and Computer Science. I have work experience and research. Is there a way I can get admission in Arizona state university or any other university ranking between 25 to 75th?


  92. Hi,

    I received my lsat score today. I got 147. my gpa is 3.78 in double majors computer science and hardware engineering from arizona state university. I have work experience and currently pursuing masters in computer science and working for aerospace industry. Do I have any chance to get into school ranking between 25 to 75th or Arizona state university?


  93. Hello,

    I just got my LSAT scores and I am really nervous about my chances of getting into any of the schools on my list. I was set on NYU or Columbia until an hour ago.

    I graduated with a 3.7 Magna Cum Laude, with a double major in political science and development studies, I was elected to student government among other extracurriculars, I received a fellowship upon graduation, I will have an MA in a related field by May and I am trilingual BUT I scored a 144 on my LSATs.

    Is there any way to get these schools to look past my score?

    I really appreciate the help. Thank you.

  94. Hello,

    I just got my LSAT scores and I am really nervous about my chances of getting into any of the schools on my list. I was set on NYU or Columbia until an hour ago.

    I graduated with a 3.7 Magna Cum Laude, with a double major in political science and development studies, I was elected to student government among other extracurriculars, I received a fellowship upon graduation, I will have an MA in a related field by May and I am trilingual BUT I scored a 144 on my LSATs.

    Is there any way to get these schools to look past my score?

    I really appreciate the help. Thank you.

  95. hey i was wondering if there is any hope for me…i have a very strong GPA at about 3.9 and i took the december lsat and bombed it with a 141…i never really had time to study or prepare for it due to my athletic schedule and have no clue how i will do if i retake it in feb…with a strong gpa is there a chance i can get into a decent school?

  96. I scored a 138 and i have a 3.54 GPA . Should i retake the test or is there any chance of getting into a law school with my low score. I took the december LSAT and anxiety kicked in.

  97. I’d like to graduate from a 2nd tier law school.

    I recently received a LSAT score of 144; this is my first time taking the test. I have an undergraduate GPA of 3.45.

    Assuming that I can get into a 4th tier law school for next fall, would it be better to start school right away with the hopes of transferring later on or, should I wait and try to increase my LSAT score in June?

  98. Hi I just recently received my LSAT score (140) which I am not particularly happy with. I have taken the test a couple of times with the hope that I will be able to increase my score and have come up short. Throughout my years in school, I’ve learned that some people have weaknesses when it comes to multiple choice tests, and I am one of those people. For me, my strength lies in essay type exams, not the the current right answer (more right answer) multiple choice test format. If the LSAT was a written test, I have no doubt in my mind that I would achieve the level of success that I am accustomed to. I don’t feel that the LSAT is an acceptable means to gauge ones performance and whether or not an they will succeed in law school, all it shows is who is better at pressure on one given day of the year, nothing more.

    So since my future lays in the hands of the admissions committees, I am looking to see what types of options I have to go with. I have applied to a number of law schools in Canada, and now I am looking into whether I have any options within the US and if there is any chance that I will be able to get into law school there.

    With respect to grades, I was on the Dean’s List in grad school and had avg grades throughout my undergraduate degree. I have spent numerous years working in law firms, as well as other industries, volunteering in the community, as well as participating in competitive sports as a means to build up my resume. I am determined to get into law school and I am willing to do almost anything to make that happen. At this point I am also considering rewriting the LSAT for a 5th time in an effort to increase my score yet again.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated


  99. Hi I just recently received my LSAT score (140) which I am not particularly happy with. I have taken the test a couple of times with the hope that I will be able to increase my score and have come up short. Throughout my years in school, I’ve learned that some people have weaknesses when it comes to multiple choice tests, and I am one of those people. For me, my strength lies in essay type exams, not the the current right answer (more right answer) multiple choice test format. If the LSAT was a written test, I have no doubt in my mind that I would achieve the level of success that I am accustomed to. I don’t feel that the LSAT is an acceptable means to gauge ones performance and whether or not an they will succeed in law school, all it shows is who is better at pressure on one given day of the year, nothing more.

    So since my future lays in the hands of the admissions committees, I am looking to see what types of options I have to go with. I have applied to a number of law schools in Canada, and now I am looking into whether I have any options within the US and if there is any chance that I will be able to get into law school there.

    With respect to grades, I was on the Dean’s List in grad school and had avg grades throughout my undergraduate degree. I have spent numerous years working in law firms, as well as other industries, volunteering in the community, as well as participating in competitive sports as a means to build up my resume. I am determined to get into law school and I am willing to do almost anything to make that happen. At this point I am also considering rewriting the LSAT for a 5th time in an effort to increase my score yet again.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated


  100. Anonimo,
    Obviously, you’re going to have to adjust your expectations regarding schools. You should evaluate what you did to prepare for the LSAT and do some soul searching to determine the likelihood of being able to raise your score on a retake. You might want to give yourself more time and put the test off until June and apply for Fall 2010 admission (as one possible alternative).
    There are schools that will look past your score, and everything else you have going for you does count, but Top 5 law schools can choose from people with 173s and 3.9s and Master Degrees and diversity, so they don’t have a lot of incentive to dip to someone with a 144 LSAT…. This is not the end of your promising legal career, it just means you’re going to have to adjust expectations about how you might obtain it (and where).

    Happy new year.

  101. Anonymous, I would play it both ways. See where you can get in with the score and take the June LSAT as a back up plan for Fall 2010…. That way you’ll be keeping your options open…..

  102. Ann,

    I am a college senior at Rutgers University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Psychology. I messed up in the first two years of college because I tried to pursue a major in business to get into the business school, which proved unsuccessful. My major GPA is 2.5, and my cumulative GPA is about 2.6 right now. I took the LSATs twice this year–once in October, and once in December and both times I got the same score, a 141. Also, I am Indian, so I hope that being a minority helps me out. I am applying to New York Law School, Hofstra Law School, City University of New York Law School, and Pace Law School. If I write an amazing personal statement, do I have a chance at any one of these law schools despite my low GPA and low LSAT score?

  103. Thanks Ann,
    With a 144 LSAT score and a 3.45 GPA, do I have any business applying to second tier law schools?

    Thank you.

  104. Hi Ann,

    I came across this blog as I was searching for an answers as to whether I should write an addendum or not. I have a 3.59 cumulative GPA (3.66 Major) and a 147 (1st time) and a 152 (2nd Time). It’s only a 5 point jump and I was wondering if I should write an addendum and if so, how should I craft it?

  105. Charles, it couldn’t hurt to write a very simple 2 sentence addendum explaining the increase but it’s not absolutely necessary (except for schools that state they want an explanation).

  106. Christie left this comment on my old blog:
    I recently sat for the LSAT and got a 138 (after getting a 148on my practice LSAT before that).My GPA is a 3.7 and I am in the honors program. I work for hard in hopes of getting into William & Mary or the like. In the past, I have not been a good standardized test taker. Should I take it again or leave as is and just go with it?

    Christie, it’s important to have realistic expectations. I couldn’t name a single law school that would consider you seriously with this score. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I want to spare you the heartache of useless applying. I urge you to retake the exam and apply for Fall 2010.

  107. Hi there,

    I posted yesterday, but do not see it now, so I’m writing again. (Sorry if this posts twice) I took the LSAT in October 2008 and got a 142 or 143. I took it again in December 2008 and got a 147. I have a 3.2 UGPA (I majored in Criminal Justice and Communications). I have applied to 8 law schools and am wondering if theres a possibility of admission.

    Additional info that might help: I’m an African-American female, 21 yrs old. I got my BS last May. I have good LORs and a good, solid personal statement. I worked all throughout undergrad, about 35-40 hrs/week. I also have extracurriculars and volunteer experience.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been reading different things online that make me feel like there’s no hope. I am trying not to pull my hair out so anything would help. Thank you so much.


  108. Hi Danielle,
    I don’t know where you applied, so I can’t tell you your chances. But if you applied to schools in the right range, then I think you may have a shot….
    Hang in there!

  109. I’ve applied to SUNY Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Pace, Hofstra, Cooley, Touro and the University of Baltimore

  110. Hi, Ann.

    If I can offer any encouragement to your clients, I had previously failed law school over a decade ago and have reapplied again. My UGPA is below a 2.5 and my lsat is in the low 140s. However, I was able to gain a Master’s degree after my law school dismissal and achieve some meaningful work experience. I have applied to about 20 different schools of which some are still pending but so far I’ve been waitlisted at 4 schools — three of the schools are well respected state schools within the 3rd and 4th tier. I have never personally used your services but I have read your blogs faithfully to gain some insight and I have to say that I gained a great deal of insight from you which helped to highlight my strengths despite my numbers and past law school history. So NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

  111. Hello,

    I too received my Feb 2009 score and was a bit disappointed. My score is 144 and UGPA is 2.5 BS in Chemistry. My goal is to apply for Fall 2010 at Vanderbilt, Univ of Memphis, Loyola and Chicago- Kent. I received my BS in 2003 and have had solid work history since then within my field, obtained a professional certification and extensive volunteer work. Should I retake the LSAT or readjust my expectations for the schools which I would like to attend?

    1. Hi Nicole, I want to start by saying that you are asking the right questions. If additional preparation would improve your LSAT score, then that’s absolutely the way to go. If you try to improve your score and you are unable to do so then you can think about adjusting your expectations about schools. However, with your current numbers there is no great incentive to rush to apply. Good luck with everything.

  112. Good Evening,
    I am a non-traditional law school applicant. Finished undergrad(History) 9 years ago with a 3.2, took the LSAT in June 2008 with a 148, three reccomendations, strong personal statements (married, own a home, two daughters 7 and 20 months, have had a state job for the last 9 years). After doing a lot of research we applied to 9 schools, tier 3 and 4’s, have had two acceptances and 1 waitlist (all tier 4’s). We would really like to go to Vermont Law School, I have visited, met with an admissions counselor, and sent a thank you letter. I applied there 2/13, called today, went complete on 3/4 (was told they are back logged and I should hear something soon). I noticed today on their website that they have extended their application deadline to June 1. Two questions, What do you honestly think my chances are, and two, would re-taking the June LSAT help? Thank you so much for your feedback

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thanks for writing. If you were going to retake the LSAT, the time would’ve been fall or winter 2008. Because you didn’t, you should stick with what you have and let schools make their decisions. You already have 2 options. Once you hear back from other schools you can decide how you feel about those options, but I don’t think taking the June LSAT is the right decision. It seems more desperate than logical because of the timing.
      I wish you the best of luck with Vermont.

  113. Hello,
    Like everyone else on your blog, I am very frustrated. I have taken the LSAT twice (135 & 141). I do much better on my practice exams and dont really know what the problem is. I live 5 hours to the closest testing facility so this has been a hasstle for me to find someone for my children to stay with when I leave to take these test. My GPA is a 3.55 and I am graduating in May with honors. I have only been able to apply at 5 schools because I have been out of pocket on all expenses for law school. I have already recieved two turn down letters and waiting for the other three. I have applied at U of Wyo, SMU, and U of Texas. All show that I am in final review. I am very nervous and have this complete empty feeling.The reason is, is that I know that my LSAT score does not reflect the student I am. If I do not get into a law school this year can I take the LSAT again for next year? How does that work? Are there only a certain amount of times you can take the LSAT? I would appreciate your imput. Thank you

    1. Hi Angie,
      You can take the LSAT 3 times in a 2 year period, and that would be your back-up plan.
      I wish you the best of luck with the decisions you’re waiting for.

  114. Hey,

    I have a 3.2 GPA with a major in pre-law, and a minor in leadership. I don’t go to a well recognized school, and didn’t do as well as I would have hoped on my LSATs (141). I have been interning at a great internship for the past 4 years and have had work exprience since I have been 15. I also have alot of volunteer hours and extracirricular activities. Also, I am terrible at math. My GPA in non-math topics is about a 3.44. Is this going to be enough to overcome the very low LSAT? I didn’t take a course for the LSAT would you recomend that?

    1. Hi Mike,
      You need an LSAT prep course or private tutor -absolutely.
      There is a chapter in my book for people with very low LSAT scores, and this might help motivate you in this regard.
      Good luck! And register for the September (or December) LSAT.

  115. I have been out of college 4 years been studying and working part time in the interim. I have not received a decision from Whittier but I am planning to visit the campus on Monday. The last three times I took the LSAT I got 146,146,142 I have a UGPA of 2.87 I decided to apply to two California Accredited Schools and I got accepted to UWLA and am waiting on Glendale.

    I learned a lot from my time off and I traveled a little learned a lot of myself and I am not totally disappointed if I do not get into Whittier. I even got into Whittier with a 137 score believe it or not in 2005 but I was not able to obtain my Letter of Recommendation in time.

    If you do not get into an ABA Accredited School I repeat do not get discouraged. There are many avenues to reach law school and don’t let people tell you that you can not succeed in law school because you `can’t get into an ABA school because there are plenty of successful lawyers who went to a state accredited school and are successful.

    Good Luck to all and to myself as well!

  116. Is 1 month and 16 days enough time to prepare for the LSAT? I never studied for the first 2 times I took the exam because I had alot going on but I plan to study this time since I’m not in class. Do you think I should study longer than a month?

  117. Dear Ann:

    Like many here, I have a low LSAT score (141) and a 3.0 GPA; I also took the LSAT again in February and did a bit worse. My undergraduate degree was B.S. in sociology emphasis Criminology and a minor in Public Administration. I applied to law schools for Fall 2009 and unfortunately did not get accepted anywhere. I graduated in May of 2008 and have been working for a chicago-loop law firm for the past 3 years, where I am now office manager. I have great letters of recommendation and great work experience.

    Since I did not get accepted anywhere for law school, I am pursuing a Paralegal program with an ABA accredited school in Chicago. I will be applying again to law schools for the Fall 2010 term, but I would like to know how well my chances are? If I should really look into taking the LSAT again; which I am not good at taking standardized tests.

    My bosses are waiting for me to graduate law school so I can become junior/senior partnet, they truly respect my work ethic and know that I can do it and I know I can do it. If you could give me some advise I would greatly appreciate.
    Milica Z.

    1. Hi Milica,
      Thanks for writing. The answer to your main question is that you’re not going to be seriously considered for law school admission with your current scores so you would need to (1) retake the test and (2) significantly improve your score. So you need to look into what it would take to improve your score meaningfully and start practicing.
      Good luck!

    2. Milica,
      Thanks so much for your comment. You need to increase that LSAT score. That’s far more important than success in a paralegal program. You should be investing the time and money in an LSAT tutor if law school is where you hope to end up. I can happily recommend a tutor in the Chicago area if you contact me privately.
      Good luck!

  118. Is it frowned upon to take the lsat 3 times? I am trying to determine if it is best to just wait until I prepare more?

  119. Hi Ann-
    Thank you for your blog. Here are my stats: overall 3.01 still waiting for my LSAT score. Practice tests have all been around 140, unfortunately, I do not test well. I did take a prep class 🙁 I was a leader in community activism throughout my undergrad years at UC Davis (LGBT and many communities of color). I am a 30 years old lesbian woman of color, Mexican and Black. I have grown up within poverty and am the first in my family to go into higher education. All of these factors have been expressed in my PS and I have had it critiqued by many, I am confident it reads well. I would like to stay in California and go into Public Interest Law. I am currently an intern at a Dependency Firm. I would like to attend Santa Clara, Boalt, or USF. How high would you say I need to score in order to be admitted? I have been told that I am a strong applicant because of my diverse background and experience in activism, do you think this will improve my chances of being admitted? What do you think the minimum score should be given all of the factors that I put forth? Thank you 🙂

    1. Monique,
      You sound incredibly impressive, but this isn’t the kind of advice I can give on the blog for 2 reasons:
      1. I haven’t seen your application;
      2. I do not believe in giving out arbitrary “minimum” scores without investigating into your preparation methods and what the best score is that is within the realm of possibilities for your aptitude on this exam.
      3. You are still waiting for your score and a hypothetical isn’t going to be productive or helpful. I know the waiting is hard, but there is no way around it.

      In general, as I state in my book, low LSAT scores (low 140s and lower) are extremely problematic. (I have a 3 page section in my book entitled “Very Low LSAT Scores” based on the fact that this thread is the most popular, most hit-upon, and most commented upon post in my blog over the past 3 years)
      I wish you the best of luck and hope you will let me know if I can be of any help to you in this process.

  120. Thank you for your website. I hope to maybe get some clarification on a few things about my application.

    My UGPA is a 2.5, I took the LSAT in 2/07 got a 148 and my September scores just came in and I got a 147. 🙁 I am female and an URM (Hispanic- Peru). I graduated in May 2008 and am in my first year of a Master’s program now.

    It is useless to apply to schools now? I put off law school for two years thinking my scores would get better, but even on my best PT I got a 158. And only once. The average was 151.

    Should I take the LSAT for the third time? Switch my expectations of schools? Abandon my dream of law school??

    1. Dear (NOT) hopeless:
      If your average score on practice exams was a 151, then keep the 148/147 scores and apply to law schools that take people with those scores. You are unlikely to bring your score up a third time without some drastic changes in preparation. You are getting a Masters – having good grades in that program will help ameliorate your GPA from undergrad.

    2. Dear NOT hopeless:
      If your average score on practice exams was a 151, then keep the 148/147 scores and apply to law schools that take people with those scores. You are unlikely to bring your score up a third time without some drastic changes in preparation. You are getting a Masters – having good grades in that program will help ameliorate your GPA from undergrad.

  121. I forgot to mention that my entire time in college I worked at law offices as a Paralegal in Florida. My last employer wrote a wonderful letter for me because he was really impressed with my work at many trials we did together. He always chatted me up to all the attorneys and judges when we went to the courthouse together. I hope this helps.


  122. Hi Ann,

    I just received my LSAT score today and I got a 144. This is actuallz below my expecation because I normally score somewhere between 146 to 150 on the sample tests. Since english is my second language, I have probelm finishing all the questions within the time frame. I normmally can answer 20 questions in each section and randomly guest the rest of them. So, I don’t think re-taking the exam will be a good idea. I wonder if there is a chance I can get into a 3rd or 2nd tier law school, preferably in Los Angeles area.
    Some information about me:
    -Currently working in a large engineering firm (over 3 years of experience).
    -Received a master of science in engineering from a respected univeristy in california (GPA 3.80).
    -3.22 UGPA in engineering attained from the same univeristy.
    -Currently working on a 2nd master degree.
    -Seeking part-time law program

    Could you please give me some advices on schools I should apply? Thanks.

  123. Hi, like most here I’m pretty frustrated with my score. I was averaging 158 on practices and just received my score for the Sept LSATs (i.e. 152). My intention is to apply for Fall 2010; but am worried that this score will not cut it for most schools. I registered for the Dec LSATs to attempt a higher result. Is this wise, or would you advise taking a later test at the cost of delaying law school applications for an addition year? I graduated w/ 3.9 ugpa, received high distinctions on an undergrad honors thesis, and have roughly 1.5 years of post-bach paralegal experience.

  124. Hi Ann,

    I do have interest in becoming one of your client. I wonder if we can first talk on the phone to go over some general information.

    Looking at my profilo, how likely do you think I can get into one of the 2-tier law school?

  125. Dear Ann:

    My name is Kisra Campbell, I live in Puerto Rico. My father is African American and my mother is Puerto Rican. I have a BA in Pyschosocial and a MA in Criminal Justice, both degrees received at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. I’m a single mom with three kids and currently unemployed. I took the LSAT and obtained a score of 136. My questions are: Do I stand a chance in being accepted? Will universities in the US consider the fact that I come from a small island. Please advice, my dream is to become an International Lawyer

    1. Hi Kisra,
      In my book, I have a whole section of advice for people with very low LSAT scores. I cannot be optimistic, except perhaps with respect to the same university you attended in Puerto Rico.
      I wish you the best of luck.

  126. @Ann Levine
    Hi Ann-
    Thanks for your wonderful comments, super nice. As expected, I did not do well on the Sept LSAT, worse than my pt’s=137. Feels awful but I am not giving up 🙂 I understand you would have to see my application, though, I am wondering if you think that it is a little ridiculous to apply to ABA schools that take a hollistic approach to accessing students, in addition to re-taking the LSAT in February, applying in March to (part-time) programs whose app deadlines are in April. I’m also consideringapplying to tier 4 schools now and seeing what potentially comes from that and after one year, transferring. This process is truly maddening, thank for you work. Gosh, one more question…. When and if I choose to submit(137), should I submit a addendum addressing my low lsat score, asking the committee to view my strengths/history of challenged with standardized testing?? Thank you again! M

  127. Hi Ann-
    Just wanted to let you know that I bought your book-looking forward to reading it cover to cover.

  128. Hi Monique,
    Law schools can take a holistic approach but applying late with low numbers is not a recipe for success. Asking the committee to disregard your LSAT is not enough. You need to supply facts that encourage them to do so and that’s really hard to do with a 137.
    I really hope the book is helpful to you in your decision making process and if you have a minute, I would truly appreciate an amazon review of the book!

  129. Hi Ann:
    Here’s a unique one for you. I am VERY non-traditional applicant…I am a PhD neuroscientist with 10 years experience in a pharmaceutical company and I am 55 years young. I also have a Masters Degree and a Nurse Practitioner license. Formerly I taught at the college level and I have a number of published articles in peer-reviewed journals. My UGPA is 3.3 and my LSAT is 148. I’m applying to a part-time program at a Tier 3-4 school (depending on the rater). One of my LORs is from a past New York State Bar President. What do you think my chances are?
    Thank you,
    Jenna R.

  130. GPA 3.2 and Lsat 133; I have 8 years of strong auditing and tax experience. Currently I am working with State as a Revenue Auditor. I am looking to get into part time program with New England School of Law or Suffolk. Also, I am from the minority group. I completed my degree and LSAT while working full time. Do I have any chance to get into part time programs? Without re-taking the LSAT.

    1. Manoj, You need to retake the LSAT. There is no question in my mind. I have a lot of information on the blog regarding different prep programs, and a chapter in my book specifically for applicants with low LSAT scores. I hope those resources are helpful to you.

  131. Hi Ann,
    I know you probably get this question a lot, but I have a low LSAT (144) and a high GPA 3.7. I played Division II Basketball for 4 years, involved in many extracurricular activities (student senate, sorority, community service, internships, clubs etc). Is there any hope for me to get into a decent Tier 3-4 law schools, even if I apply part time? I wanted to take the LSAT again, however, between basketball and school I am unable to dedicate my time to it at the moment. And advice would be absolutely amazing.


    1. Hi Jay,
      I have a whole chapter in my book geared toward people with low LSAT scores. I had two clients last year with 144s who were admitted to law schools – both were Tier 4 schools and both had high GPAs, 25+ years of work and life experience, and one was a URM. So, I guess the answer is that it’s not impossible, and you can try with your current stats and then decide whether to retake the LSAT in June and apply for Fall 2011 if you’re not happy with your results.
      Please call if I can be of any help.

  132. Ann, as I can see from all the e-mails a score of 141 and a GPA of 3.26 in Civil Engineering from U of FL will not be very helpful in getting into a school like Stetson, even if I am a Hispanic minority. But, is it impossible. I’m applied to U of Florida, Stetson, Fl A&M, Barry, St Thomas, Nova, Ave Maria, Fl International, and Miami. I have been accepted to two non-ABA law schools, Concord and Cal School of Law, in California, in addition to the external program at the University of London, but would rather go to an ABA school.

    I’m 52 years old, and I’m selling my company so I can concentrate on law school.

    What would you suggest, Jose

    1. Jose, since you’ve already applied there is not a lot I can do for you or advice I can give. You may want to meet with individuals at these schools, submit an addendum explaining why you’re unlikely to raise your score upon a re-take, or just take on a different preparation method and re-take the LSAT.

  133. Hi Ann:

    I need your advice. I recently scored a 151 on my LSAT, I have a 2.5 gpa from undergrad, a 3.0 in my graduate program and I have a pretty stellar resume and recommendations.

    Do I have a shot at getting into any decent law schools? Unfortunately, I am not interested in retaking the LSAT.


  134. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for your encouragement. I just got my LSAT score for the December LSAT. I jumped from a 137 (June score) to 142 (December score). Needless to say, after months of prepping from July to December I am disappointed. I will be graduating with a 3.72, a liberal arts major, and two minors.

    I am a black female and an immigrant. I attend a selective state university. I was the president of an organization; I’ve gained 2 internships over the course of 3 years; I am a member of my honor council; I am a part-time student worker during semesters; I have summer work experience; I have strong LORs; I am a member of 3 reputable honor societies; and I have 2 university awards and countless achievements.

    I will also discuss the unique sense of life I have gained due to my immigration from an African country to the U.S at the age of 8 in my personal statement.

    I have wanted to be a lawyer since I was a high school student. I was never good at taking standardized tests. So I planned out my undergrad career and got involved to offset my score.I know you will probably refer me to your consulting services. But honestly, what are my chances of getting into a school like William and Mary or even Catholic University?

    1. Lacy, congratulations on the 5 point jump. You have a great GPA and very encouraging experiences and diversity. Apply to law school, but choose law schools carefully – add some safety schools in the mix and if you are in the DC area consider others besides the two you mentioned. Put together your best applications and cast a wide net – some school may give you a shot but you need to be flexible about where you apply. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  135. Hi, I recently received my LSAT score and it was a 143. I took the test in 2007 and got a 137. My GPA is 2.88 from UT-Austin. I’ve been working at law offices over the last year and half since graduating in 2008 while also working full time for Microsoft. I want to attend Tulane Law. Is this an unrealistic goal or should I retake the LSAT this Feb and try and raise the score? Thank you so much for any help.

    1. Chandress,
      You need to retake the LSAT, but not in February. There is only a month to prepare for the February exam and it’s very difficult to substantially raise a score in such a short time period. I don’t know what you did to prepare for each of your LSAT scores, but it’s imperative to take preparation seriously and you may need to make an investment in that regard. The good news is that if you wait and apply next year, your 2007 score may fall off of your report depending on when in 2007 you took the exam.
      I hope this is helpful.

  136. Ann,

    I have a 3.95 GPA in chemical engineering but my LSAT score was only 144 (Had the flu, lack of prep-time…). I just took it in December without preparation. I figured to take it again in February, in which case I’ll take a mini prep-course and prepare on my own as well. I would still like to send my applications for the February 15th deadline for University of Houston, but because I won’t get my new score in until March 1st, I’m not sure if U of H will even bother looking at this new score. Should I try or just wait for a year?

    1. Roger, I suggest you ask U of H. There’s not a lot of time to prepare for the February LSAT, and if lack of prep was an issue the first time around then you don’t want to skimp on it twice. A mini-prep course can be a reminder tool when you’re already prepared and just need a boost, but it’s probably just enough to confuse most folks. I think that if you’re set on starting law school in Fall 2010, you have no choice but to follow this plan. But it would set you off on a course for success that is more likely if you wait, apply for Fall 2011, take the June LSAT and really put the time into it. Good luck and happy new year.

  137. (Reminder: I have the 142 Dec LSAT with a 3.7 GPA; black female immigrant)Thank you! I have one more quick question. How much would you recommend me to wait to apply for the 2011 cycle instead. During this time, I want to try new study methods and work harder to break 150 and beyond. I am in no rush to enter law school. I can wait and take the June LSAT; however, it will be my THIRD time. So it will either be a very low LSAT score or three LSAT scores with hopefully the highest in the mid 150s. Thanks a bunch.

  138. Hi Ann,
    I graduated with a 3.37 with a major in Biology. I am planning on taking the LSAT Feb 6, 2010. I really want to apply for schools Fall 2010. I am looking at California schools like Santa Clara Law and UC Hastings. I know lots of schools are rolling admission, but do I still have a change of getting in? My top choice is Santa Clara Law school.

  139. Hi Ann-

    I’m sending out apps to mostly TTTT schools. Here are my stats;

    lsdas gpa- 2.61

    Do I stand a chance at all even with 5 yrs of solid work experience and 3 stronger LORs? My logic is to apply now and if I come up empty this cycle, retake the June LSAT and reapply for Fall ’11. Your thoughts?

  140. Hi Anne,
    I just received my test score of 144, although I am a bit disappointed I believe I can do better. I am currently a college senior, will be graduating with a 3.6gpa, political science major and spanish studies minors, honor society and deans list…I am also in the military and am currently serving. Should I take my chances and apply this year for law school in order to defer a year (I will be in training for the army) or should I just wait and come back, retake the test, and then apply. the difference is waiting 1 instead of 2 yrs after my undergrad. I also risk deployment and would like to get a head start on my law studies if possible. Also should i just concentrate on retaking the exam for a better score or emphasize my current situation?

    thank you so much!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Your situation is more complicated than most because you have the possibility of deployment looming, and only you can decide how you feel about that.
      If you believe you can do better, I’d like to see you wait and retake the LSAT and apply early for Fall 2011 instead of trying to apply in March/April during such a competitive cycle. However, the whole thing really depends on where you were planning to apply….

  141. Hi Ann,
    I have a 144 LSAT and 2.45 GPA from Northern Arizona University with B.S. in Accounting. My main goal was to get into Thomas Jefferson which is a tier 4 School but wanted to know if I should retake the LSAT for the third time in June or try to apply.

    1. Brian, only take the LSAT a third time if you’re going to be able to significantly change how you prepare. June isn’t very far away – it’s not much time to make a big jump in your score. Perhaps wait until October and really invest time and energy (and probably $$$ too) in your preparation. You only have one more shot (assuming your timing is 3x in 2 years) so you want to really make the most of it.

  142. Hi i have a 136 LSAT and 3.12 gpa what are mychances of getting into law school? I am minority and finished my undergrad in 2 years, and have a strong personal statement

    1. Dear Anonymous, I actually do not allow anonymous comments because it makes it very confusing for readers to determine whose questions I am answering. I’ll make an exception this once but in the future please do use a name, even if it’s not your real name.
      I think you’re going to have to increase your LSAT score. Your accomplishments are great, but until you have a score that “gets you in the door” all the great things about you aren’t going to get noticed. IF you have another chance to take the LSAT and take advantage of a good tutorial program/instruction, I highly recommend doing so and then applying early in the cycle for Fall 2011.
      I wish you all the best. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  143. Hi,
    I took the LSAT once in December of 09 (prepped about a month and a half) scored lower than on my practice tests and received a 151.
    I go to Suny Albany, Philosophy major, Business Minor, Art Minor. GPA is a 2.8 with very low GPA in frosh and soph years and A’s and B’s(3.5) in junior and senior years. I worked as a legal assistant last summer and have an LOR from the firm. I have worked a full time job for past two years in a group home for behaviorally challenged children in Albany. My personal statements are specifically geared towards pursuing a career in Public Interest Law or Family Law and has much to do with my work experience//passion to work with special needs children. I applied to Albany Law, Pace Law, New York Law, Cuny Queens, Syracuse, Touro, Quinnipiac. I am a 22 yr old white female. What are my chances!? Do I have a shot at any of these schools?

    1. Courtney,
      I cannot assess school lists on the blog format. To give you a worthwhile opinion, I need to review your entire application packet because I need to see exactly what the schools are seeing. I wish you the best of luck with this admission cycle, and if it doesn’t work out and you’d like help for next year, please let me know. Since you haven’t heart from schools yet, I assume you applied very late in this year’s admission cycle and that will impact the decisions negatively, so please keep that in mind.

  144. Dear Ms. Levine,

    Hi! My name is Jennifer and I took the LSAT in 2007 and I got a 149. I actually got into a law school but was academically dismissed after the first semester because I didn’t do well in my tests. I had a younger sibling hospitalized for some serious health concerns and so I was dividing my time between what was going on at home while trying to make it in law school. Anyways, so I have a Masters degree in social work and have been working as a licensed social worker for the past two years. I took the LSAT again and got a 152. What are my chances of getting admission back into a law school? I am concerned because of my previous dismissal and my current lsat score. My undergrad GPA was about 3.2 and my grad GPA was 3.6.


    1. Jenni, I’ve helped a lot of people in similar situations. The key is to convince the law school that the limited circumstances under which you failed last time could not be repeated a second time, and that everything else about you is a better indicator of your success. The mistake most people make in your situation is over-sharing – getting a little too personal and not sounding quite professional/convincing enough. If you’re realistic about your schools and you have good LORs and your application materials are strong, I don’t count you out. The 149 probably falls off your score report, by the way….

  145. Ann,

    Would like your opinion on how law school adcoms see me…

    Im a med student, 3rd year (4th year status in 2mos) and I am finally applying to law school. I’ve always wanted to go and I have aspirations in pediatrics and child advocacy law. Ive decided to apply between 3rd and 4th because I want to do a short residency and applying after 3 years out of med school is NOT ADVISED. My area of interest in law school is in such great need, I know I’ll no problem being employed after a brief residency, whether I go all law or a med/law combo.

    Here’s my dilemma, as cliche as it may sound. My LSAC UGPA is 2.6 although my UG transcript reports closer to a 2.9. My med school GPA is about a 3.0 with three HONORS in Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and OB/GYN. I’ve passed the first part of my boards first time around.

    In UG, I had brain surgery and struggled with epilepsy for 3 of the 4 yrs. New meds, sleeping in class and tests because of them, a REAL struggle. To top it off, I worked most of my time in school. I was involved outside the classroom in service and got quite a bit of leadership experience.

    In Grad/Med School, I worked more hours, most of which were related to the field I wanted to go into (both on the legal and medical side), in med/social research. I’ve held national leadership positions and picked up some incredible experiences and skills as a result. Im currently a volunteer child advocate while completing 3rd year. Needless to say, my UGPA is not a reflection of my work ethic or ability.

    My PS reflects overcoming adversity of a SERIOUS magnitude not appropriate for disclosure here but definitely relevant to my career aspirations. My LSAT is 153 and I have LORs from GREAT recommenders that speak to my maturity, personality strengths, professionalism, and advocacy ability in addition to my intellectual ability.

    Nevertheless, I believe I was a bit naive (or overconfident) in my assessment and applied to too many reach schools- thinking my ability to handle a medical school education would win me points. Also, most of my apps went in mid-late Feb (waiting for LORs and distracted by med school rigors) and that above all I regret. Although it was incredibly difficult balancing all those responsibilities and applying to law school, I think I could have pushed myself just a little harder in the app arena had I been socialized and advised appropriately…

    What should I expect? And while I am waiting to hear from the last seven of the schools I applied to, are there any other steps I should take? Truth be told, I met with a UPENN rep and without knowing my numbers, they said offered to pull very heavily for me just off our first meeting. Should I try to engage Adcoms at my top choices? Seeing me on paper just doesn’t do justice to how far I’ve come.


    1. Dear DocLaw,
      You brought up a lot of personal information that is really more appropriate for an initial consultation but I’d like to concentrate on your questions in the last paragraph. Since you’re still waiting to hear from schools, communicating with those schools is a good idea. You have little to lose so long as you don’t alienate people. If you’re professional in your dealings, it can’t hurt. Since it sounds like you have a good sense of that from your meeting with a UPenn rep (of course, that rep could be anybody…. not sure whether it’s a student or alumni or the Dean of Admissions from your message) then try making connections at the remaining schools. If you have personal reasons for attending a certain school, make sure to express that. I wish you the best of luck in the current admission cycle.

  146. Hi, I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I now work in the human services field (which I think is great law school preparation) after I got better. Should I mention my struggles with my mental illness in the personal statement?

  147. Hello, I have a 3.59 GPA and have taken the LSATs twice with scores of 145 and 150. I am wondering if I should take the LSATs again. I have been out of school for a year now. Thanks.

    1. Christal, I assume your LSAT scores from the past are both still valid? If you prepared adequately for the 150, and if that’s about where you were hitting on consistent practice exams, then there’s probably not a reason to retake the test. If, however, you could prepare more (and/or more efficiently/productively) then it’s worth a try, but only if you have time to really prepare for it. Good luck!

  148. Hello,

    I’m about to graduate my undergrad at UCLA with a UGPA of 3.96, I’m involved in some pre-law organizations and have been consistenly scoring 163’s on my practice lsats. I am really aiming for UCLA law school and I know I can get it if I just score a 168 or higher.

    The first time I took the actual lsats I found out i had epilepsy and was put on medication. I’m much better now, but I know if I had a bit more time I could get the score I need.

    Does lsac often provide epileptics with extra time?
    If so, does that affect admittance into top law schools (ie does it look bad if someone gets additional time?)

    Thanks so much!

    1. Ashley, If you are entitled to accommodations then you should apply for them on the LSAT. Absolutely. It does not look “bad” and schools don’t have to know the reason for the accommodation if you don’t want to share that information.
      Good luck!

  149. Hi I am a foreign attorney with Masters in International law ( from India). i got a score of 140 and was rejected in the two colleges i applied. and i want to get in to law school to do a JD.i know getting a high score will give me a better opportunity to get in to law school.i am very bad with multiple choice test.. i have abt 8 yrs work exp in top 50 corporate company in legal dept.. is there a way i can get in to law school with this kind of score or would you suggest taking LSAT again?

    June 21, 2010 10:07 AM

    1. Hi Roni,
      You’re going to need to re-take the LSAT. You’ve only taken it once (it sounds like) so I would suggest taking a prep course or getting a tutor so you can overcome your difficulty with standardized tests. Many are even quite affordable, and the online options are even quite good.
      Good luck!

  150. I just took the lsat an scored a 142. I have an undergrad Gpa of 2.14 in General Studies. I have worked for the last 2 years for social services. I started a paralegal program and taken 8 credit hours with a gpa of 4.0 from Northwestern Business College. I do not want to be a paralegal, and desire to get into a law school, any law school. what should I do. I would prefer NIU law school.

    1. Jahniyah, With your combination low GPA and very low LSAT, I don’t think it’s feasible to be seriously considered for admission at this point. It’s good that you’re getting good grades in the classes you’re taking now, but for that to be meaningful to the schools you’re going to need a strong LSAT to match the recent grades. Otherwise, there are absolutely no credible numbers for a law school to see that will create the impression that you’ll make it through law school.

  151. I don’t know how ya’ll take and retake the practice tests – about as exciting a concept as pulling out my toenails on a regular basis. I took it cold this February and canned a 147 and then again in June (again with no prep) and popped it up to 151. I’m older (40’s) – and took this ridiculous test when I was 20 and scored a 160 (but was still in the ridiculous test-taking frame of mind) and was accepted to 2 of the three schools I made application with – but decided to decline the schools all together and instead enter the workforce using my undergrad degree (Bus Admin – Fin). If I had it to do over again – I would’ve done the law school crapola back then – as the further along one is in life, the more life gets in the way of such pursuits. Hopefully the 151 and good under grad grades (from 20 years ago) along with 20 years of work experience will do the trick because I have ZERO desire to ever again waste 4-5 hours of my life sitting and taking the LSAT. Best of luck to all ya’ll.

  152. Hi, I just recently received my LSAT score and I got a 143. My GPA is slightly under a 3.2. What do you think I should do? What kind of schools would I be able to get in to? Preferrably in the Texas/Oklahoma/Arizona areas…

    1. I.N. – I can’t create a schools list in the blog format, but I would urge you to retake the LSAT after some significant change in your prep… That would certainly help….

  153. Hello Ann,

    I just recieved my third LSAT score it was impressive yet discouraging score 136. I took the LSAT as said above three times; 1st in 2008 of Feb. I recieved a 129, and got encouragement and studied more to take it again only to recieve after 2nd try in Feb. 2009 a 128. As you can see I studied even harder with updated material from Princeton Law Review 2010 Books and recieved a 136 from the Jun. 2010 testing. I have an impressive G.P.A. score of 3.45/4.00 scale after attending an University recieving my B.A. from taking accelerated courses for my major. I would like some help in identifying what law schools will accept me; what must I do to obtain a acceptance letter; how must I get the law school admissions to believe that I am capable of the tasks of law school; if need be would I be able to take the LSAT again next year 2011, should I consider retaking? Please help me out, desperation is calling and I want to complete my journey of my passionate dream to be not just another attorney but an excellent attorney of law. Thank You!

    1. Hi Greg,
      First, congratulations on raising your score as much as you did. I think, since you haven’t yet tried applying to law school, I would try a few well placed applications this cycle and see what happens. If it doesn’t turn out well, you can retake the LSAT in June 2011 (for which I would recommend a private LSAT tutor who is an excellent teacher).
      I wish you all the best!

  154. My lsat score is 153 and i came from China. I intended to apply for a law school in Calgary. Is there any hope for me?

  155. Hi Ann !
    I just took my LSATs in June and i scored a 131
    ouch i know
    I am 19 and I was going through a lot of anxiety attacks just preparuing for the tests
    On the day of the exam , my proctor was very rude and gave me alot of problkems
    I inccured so many problems that i was not able to prepare and was not in a peaceful mindset before the test
    I was anxious and stressed out because of what i was going through
    this definately affected me and played a part in hopw i took my test
    i have decided not to retake the lsats in october
    i am only 19 and igradaute next year
    my gpa is 3.8 and i can bring it up to 3.9
    i am an honors student
    heavily involed on and off campus
    i pretty much have everything good (as far as what i need for the admissions process) except the LSAT score
    i wanted to know what schools do you think i should apply to?
    currently on my list is:

    columbia university
    harvard law
    fordham university
    hofstra university

    i want to stay within new york
    i do not want to travel outside

    i also have some questions about transcripts
    i graduate next year (june 2011) with my bachelors in criminal justice with honors
    however i begin the application process in august
    i don’t understand what i do
    my college is on a trimester basis
    i have two semesters left
    the spring/summer semesters begins in late april and ends in early august

    should i request my transcript from the time i entered (fall 2008) to my winter semester (endded in april 2010) ? this covers five semesters.
    and then i upload my official completed transcript next year?

    or do i wait until the end of this semster in august?
    the thing about that is if i wait, my transcripts may take a long time to be processed and i may be late for admissions.

    i am not sure what to do about that.

    could you please give me some advice?
    thank you so much.

  156. Hello,

    I scored a 147 and 145 on my LSAT. I took them in 2004 and 2005. I plan to retake it again sometime next year. I graduated with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice in 04 with a GPA of 2.5 but recently (09) I went back to school and received a paralegal certificate with a 3.9 or so GPA. However, I have a felony conviction from 1997. When I applied to several law schools in 2004 and 2005 I was denied admission. So I’m a little apprehensive of going through the process again but i really want to practice law.

    I have several questions: Can i become an attorney with a criminal background?

    Are there any law schools out there that do student-at-large programs? Or that will allow me to take classes to see if I am fit for their school?

    Where do you suggest I start with my reapplication process?

    How can I make my application better? I didn’t do any extra-curricular activities in college as I am a single parent. I have done a few community outreaches.

    Thank You for your help.

    1. Valencia,
      You sound like you need a lot more advice than I can provide without actually knowing more about you. Here are the basics:
      1. The 2.5 is terrible, but you can use your paralegal 3.9 in an addendum to show you’re capable of more when you apply yourself.
      2. The old scores fall off your report – that’s good news. You’re starting from scratch. Do it right and really prepare for the LSAT.
      3. A felony won’t automatically preclude your admission. It all depends on what the circumstances were and how you’ve changed in the decade (plus) since.
      4. No law schools will let you audit courses or “try out” law school. Some schools have conditional programs, but they are a last resort (for reasons mentioned in my book/blog)
      5. Start with the LSAT and see if you can improve, then take a look through my book – I think you would find it really helpful because I address a lot of these issues in great detail there.

  157. Hi Anne,

    My dream has been to be an attorney my whole life. I earned a bachelors and graduated with a 3.75. I studied very hard for the LSAT and the day I took the LSAT there were less than optimal testing conditions. The center had so many issues that LSAC sent me an apology notice and stated that everytime I applied to schools the letter would be in my file. With that said my score was a 141. I am no longer able to take the test again because I have to work 2 jobs to save money for school and don’t have the time. What should I do? Since this was unexpected, and I never thought I would earn that score, but it was out of my control.

    1. Christina,
      You need to find a way to take the test again. The letter from LSAC is not enough to overcome that score. If this is your dream, don’t let this set you back. Do what you need to do with work and life to make this happen, or wait and apply to law school when you have more time.

  158. Thank You for the advise. I have my personal statements ready, and I was scoring 155 before the test. Due to the less than optimal testing conditions and proctors going out of the room I scored less. I have great recommendations, personal statement, and I am a minority. Do you think an addendum would help? I could understand if I just scored bad, but for LSAC to write a letter when eveyone knows that LSAC is very unforgiving means that things were pretty bad. Do you believe I should explain all of this in an addendum letter? My undergrad transcripts even show that I had taken two prep courses the year before the LSAT.

  159. Christina,
    I stand by my previous advice. Having everything else ready doesn’t change my response – you need to retake the LSAT. If you were scoring in the mid-150s on practice tests, you’re selling yourself short by keeping the low score and just relying on an addendum and a letter from LSAC. You need to show the law schools what you can do, then use the addendum and LSAC letter to show the first score wasn’t the right score for you.
    I know it feels unjust that you have to retake the LSAT for someone else’s mistake, but this is your future and how you deal with these bumps in the road is going to dictate your future.
    Good luck.

  160. Hi Ann!

    I took the LSAT for the first time this past June and received a 142. I know I could have done better with more preparation. I just wanted to get your advice. My undergrad in CJ GPA was 3.2. I currently work at a Cancer Research Center as a research assistant. I chaired the charter for my alma mater’s chapter of the National CJ Honor Society and do a lot of community service. I was also the VP for my major’s club which in that time accomplished many things compared to previous years, as well as the Student Government Rep for the club. I was in my school’s Army ROTC for 3 yrs with exceptional grades and evaluations, but got out due to personal reasons. The schools I plan to attend are Catholic University, DC and Lewis & Clark, OR. I’m reserved to take the test again in fear for a lower score though I know I’ll probably do better should I study adequately. I’m also from Guam (if that gives you more information to help evaluate my situation). Thank you for your time & help. =)

    1. Kris, You do need to retake the LSAT. Your activities are good, but they are not outstanding. You don’t mention your undergraduate school, but your grades are good – better if you went to a respected college. I think you need to prepare and retake the LSAT or you’ll be in for a lot of disappointment in the admission process.

  161. Hi Ann,
    I took the LSAT three time already and my highest score was 139, my recent score is 138, I was just wondering should I take it again, I called law schools and they say that now law schools take highest scores. my GPA is 3.5.

    1. Yes, Farah, since law schools take the higher scores now, you should retake the LSAT but please prepare differently than you’ve done in the past.

  162. oh I just wanted to let you know that I am eligible to take lsat again. the first one I took in feb 2008.

  163. Ann, I have been out of college for 6 years now, with work experience in sales (marketing/advertising), and for the past three years, medical device sales. I am very involved as an alumnus of my fraternity with many leadership activities/facilitating. I have many awards from work, and from my activities. I now want to go to law school, and have been working hard in preparing for the LSAT in October. However, even with my work/leadership experience, I am concerned that my low undergrad GPA (2.014), and a small arrest record from years ago, kills my chances of being accepted to a law school, despite what I score on the LSAT. With those setbacks, is it even worth applying?

    1. Hi Sam,
      You definitely have some things stacked against you, but if you can kill the LSAT you might have a shot at some law school but beggars can’t be choosers – it won’t be a top ranked school. Once you know your aptitude on the LSAT, I can tell you whether it’s worth trying…

  164. Thanks for the comments Ann. I have been studying an average of 2-5 hours per day for the past 3 weeks on my own, and have taken two sample full LSAT practice exams, and I am stuck in the low 140 range… in Sept I will be taking a Kaplan prep course. I don’t know if I am not putting enough hrs in a day, or I am just not studying properly. There are a couple of things in logics that I am having a hard time grasping.
    WIth the LSAT in October (which I plan on taking) 10 weeks out, and with more self-studying and a prep course, is is still worth trying, or do you believe it isn’t worth the time?

  165. Hi Sam,
    Don’t take the LSAT in October if you’re still hitting low 140s in September…. You should begin to see upward progress. I highly recommend consulting with a tutor if you’re struggling. Good luck!

  166. Hi Ms. Levine,
    I would really truly appreciate some advice. I am a B.A May 2010 graduate, 3.55 gpa and LSAT score of 144.
    Due to a series of complicated events (including becoming legal guardian of my sister, as my mother was deployed) I applied late to a 2nd tier law school in NY. This law school, fortunately accepted my application, but I was denied admission.
    However, this law school invited me and accepted me into a program, the program is a year long course in which one retakes the LSAT and takes an intensive writing course. Upon “succesfull completion” of the program (i.e 150 or better and a B+ in the class) one receives automatic adimission to their next years entering class. (One is pledged to enter the law school at this point)
    With this being said, I am also working full time and have recently discovered another law school close to home that has January 2011 admissions.
    My question is: should I take the opportunity with the 1st law school (spend a yr with them) or apply to the other, closer law school, with the same score of 144 (again 3.55 gpa) or should I take the Oct. LSAT and practice on my own, however, this would be limited as I have a full time job and no resources to take a class so I am not too optimistic for a better score.
    I appreciate your response.

    thank you,

  167. Ms. Levine,
    The year long course is twice a week, one weekend a month (they put as it as if you work over 40 hours a week you will not be able to participate) and it is $760….if I complete it successfully I have to go to that law school.

  168. Ms. Levine,
    I work full time so applying myself to a self study course will be a challenge but one I think I can take. In this case, I will decline the law school class offer and attempt the LSAT myself.
    Thank you for your advice.

  169. Hello Ms. Levine:

    I took the LSAT on 10/1/2005 and received a 140. I have a 3.875 GPA as a non-traditional student who was working 50+ hours per week while attending classes. I graduated Suma Cum Laude and I also attended Oxford University in the United Kingdom during the summer of 2003 as an international student earning an A and A- respectfully. However, the 9 law schools that I applied to all turned me down. While working on my undergrad degree, I was a truck drive but have since been working as a Licensing Coordinator at a mortgage company since 2007. I know that if I was given a chance to go to law school, I would graduate near the top of my class. The LSAT was just a nightmare for me since I took two prep courses before I took the test. Since it has been 5 years since I have taken the LSAT, will law schools average my LSAT scores if I retake the test?

    Thank you for your time and patience concerning my inquiry.


    1. Emil,
      Good news for you: If you apply after the 5 years is up, then it won’t show up on your score report and is as though it never happened.
      But please, please, please prepare adequately for the LSAT this time and then decide where to apply based on how you do on the test.

  170. I wrote my LSAT for the first time in June, 2009. Since this was my first experience writing the LSAT, I cancelled my score at the exam. I spent the next year (August, 2009 through July, 2010) in Xi’an, China teaching English at a private university there. I wrote my LSAT in December, 2009 at Beijing and got a 153. I decided to write again and the exam was today. Is my cancelled score counted as one of my three LSAT writing opportunities or would I be able to write it one more time? I would appreciate your advice on this.

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.

  171. Hi Anne,

    I have been reading through these comments, and I think I have answered my own question, but could sure use some feedback. In short, I am 30 years old, did very well in undergraduate school (BFA, 3.5 gpa, visual art and art history major), and also have an MFA (visual art, 3.9 gpa) and had a very successful graduate experience.

    So, here’s the rub: I scored a 142 on the LSAT and am pretty bummed (completely tanked the logic games section). I am an excellent writer, have put together a pretty killer letter of introduction and have a solid academic background, but now I feel as though applying to law school might be a waste of time and money.

    I think I could be a pretty interesting candidate to the right school, but am unsure if my score has sealed my fate.

    Would love to hear from you!


    1. Hi Steven,
      You have 2 main issues. One of course is the LSAT score. You have got to get that up. The second is that schools will be concerned that both of your degrees are in fine arts so you’re going to have to really show why the decision to go to law school makes sense for you. I’m sure you’ll be an interesting candidate, but you should be aware of both of these issues when strategizing your admission package.

  172. Ms. Levine

    I just received my LSAT score 134 I was extremely disappointed. I have 3.81 gpa at McNeese State University, i will graduate in May 2011 with an undergraduate in Criminal Justice. I was able to obtain my degree in 2 1/2 years taking 20+ hours a semester and 9+hours during summers. I have letters of recommendation from the Department Head, a local attorney/professor, judge, and my boss (Sheriff). I have 15 years of work experience in law enforcement (last 5 years in investigations). I have worked full time while in school along with a family and three children. I have been told my experience, gpa, and heavy course load will benefit me in admissions.

    I am interested in attending Southern Law School, Baton Rouge Louisiana. I am contemplating retaking the LSAT in December and do more prep work for it.

  173. I have just received the score of my LSAT and much to my dissapointment I received a 149. I had taken an LSAT course and had been scoring mid 150’s on my practice tests up until my test date so it was a great blow to my confidence when I received my score. My GPA is not that great (3.27). My personal statement is fairly strong according to a professional editor, however. (I have overcome several hardships including being a young mother and being adopted) I applied to Santa Clara University and University of San Francisco prior to me receiving my score. Do I even have any chance?
    My alternative would be to retake the course next year and retake the LSAT in June, however that would simply delay law school for a year and leave me with added stress. But at the same time I do not want to attend a “lower” quality school just so that I can begin law school right away. What do you suggest I do?
    Thank you so much

    1. Anonymous, I don’t respond to anonymous comments as a rule because it’s too hard for readers to see who I’m answering. I will give you an answer, but can you please repost with a name so that the answer can benefit others? Thanks.

  174. Hello Ms. Levine, I tried to post yesterday but it didn’t go through. Thanks so much for being so helpful to everyone. I bought a couple of books about law school advice but I wished I would have found this site sooner!

    I took a lsat prep course and received a 147 LSAT score. I have a 3.4 average. I want to retake the Feb exam. Should I try to apply now or wait until Feb? Do law schools you apply to early even receive your Feb LSAT score before making a decision? Please help.

    Also, a question about the hourly consulting. Is it done through skype or e-mail? Thanks in advance!

  175. Hi Klaudia,
    I hope you checked out my book! I’m waiting for my 50th 5-star amazon review: )
    You cannot take the February LSAT for fall admission. I don’t care what any law school tells you. You can take February 2011 for Fall 2012 admission, but by March (when your application can be reviewed) law schools are done admitting and already dealing with their waiting lists so there’s not much incentive for them to take someone unless the numbers are high.
    Hourly consulting can be through skype, phone and/or email.

  176. Ms. Levine,
    I have been out of college for 9 years now, with work experience in commercial finance. I just have received the score of my LSAT and much to my dissapointment I received a 149. I went to two different undergraduate schools in one I had 2.874 GPA, i transfered out of it and was able to bring my GPA at the second school to 3.8GPA. However my cumulative GPA from both is still 3.25. Do I even have any chance on getting int any school in Chicago area?

  177. Hi Anne,

    I am in desperate need of some advice and you seem to be very good at it. I took the Dec 2009 LSAT and scored a 146. I decided to retake them because I thought I rushed into it and knew that I was capable of a better score. I just took the Oct LSAT and scored a 145 and I am really bummed out about it since I was actually scoring in the mid to high 150’s on the practice tests. Should I go ahead and apply or do you think it’s worth retaking the test? Thanks so much! I would really really appreciate your help.

    1. Amara,
      Were you able to glean anything from your LSAT score report about why it’s so much lower than your practice scores? I also want to make sure your practice tests were timed….

  178. Hi Anne,

    I have recently applied to several law schools, however I have just received my LSAT score of 148. I was very disappointed because I spent months preparing and payed for prep classes with Kaplan. However, I do have a past of doing poorly on standardized test, I took the SAT twice and did not do so well. My G.P.A is pretty good a 3.82 and I am a member of several honor societies. Would you suggest I send in an addendum explaining my poor history with standardized tests? and do you think I have a chance to get into any schools?

    1. Hi Whitney, I think you will get into law school if you choose a school that takes people with your LSAT score. An addendum would probably be useful. Good luck!

  179. i took my lsat twice and i got a 130 the second time. my gpa is at a 3.4. will any law school in NY except me

  180. Hi Anne,

    Thanks so much for replying. Yes, all my practice tests were timed. It seems that I did poorly in all areas as compared to how I was doing on the practice tests and I am not understanding why. Maybe I was too stressed in a testing environment vs. the home environment?

  181. Anne – can I add a suggestion for someone like Amara?

    Not quite sure where I picked this suggestion up but do not or at least not exclusively study for the LSAT at your home. You will not have those comforts on test day, it will not be that quiet, and you will have many more distractions. Go, instead, to a coffee shop where there is some hustle and bustle and see how you do. In some ways, doing well with some noise and commotion is going to be great preparation for an LSAT testing center that may or may not be the ideal location. You won’t have the chance to get the ideal location on the day of the test any way, so try to simulate as best you can…

  182. Hello,
    I took the LSAT in October and received a 146 and my GPA is a 3.2. I am applying to New York Law School and I was wondering if I have any shot of gaining admissions?

    Thank you!!

  183. Hi Ann,

    I am 22 and I recently got my score back from the LSAT and it was a 144. My undergraduate GPA is 3.5. I have been a member of the Army National Guard for 4 years and am a Commissioned officer. Two months ago my younger brother died. I just want to know if I have a chance at all to get into a law school with these accomplishments minus the low LSAT Score of course. Thank you in advance for your comments.

    1. Hi Essence, I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. I think you took the LSAT under less than ideal circumstances and I’d like to see you try again when you are more able to focus on preparing for the test.

  184. Anne, thank you for being straight foward! I guess ill take it over in December and study a differ. way and hope i get a better score and then home some school in NY will except me!

  185. Tniem, thanks! every little suggestion helps.
    Anne, I hate to bother you over and over again but I am in need of some guidance. Do you think I should retake it a third time in February? Would that count as a 3rd attempt within a span of 2 years?

  186. Dear Anne,
    this is my whole deal, i grew up in central america all the way through high school with english as my second language. i took the lsat my junior year thinking that going to grad school in the states was simple… i was wrong. ended up getting the lowest score possible on lsat. so with that said after graduating from a top 20 undergrad college with a (2.75 gpa) i took a 3 month lsat course… in the course i was scoring mid 50s by the end of it… so i was pretty confident that a 159 would be my final score… i guess under the pressure i cracked ended up getting a 136.. Do you think that i should just take a year off and then try again? im scared that with this lsat and gpa no law school will take me even though i am considered a foreign student…. what do you think i should do… i can also take it in december and study this whole month. but im again scared i might fail at this test, its just hard for me to read quickly.

  187. Hi Ann, I am glad I have stumbled upon your site. I look fwd to looking into you book.

    My mother (age 61) has decided to go to Law School. She has an amazing life story, incredible work ethic and much experience. She has taken the LSAT 2 times in the last few months. Disappointed with her first score of 156 she studied even harder including taking many prep courses but instead of improving her score it surprisingly dropped a few points to 148. Still hopeful, she is now in the application process and has a great resume, letters of recommendations, and essays and such. Being the high achiever that she is, she of course is applying and hoping for acceptance in the top 30 schools.

    I would appreciate any advise or tips you may have that I can pass along to her as she continues to move fwd.

    Thanks, Rosalee

  188. Ms. Levine, I graduated in 2008 and with double major in finance and marketing with a low gpa (2.5). I had a a B average in my last year and half.. I will be able to get very good LOR’s and I have a long community service record also I am a minority. I score in the 150 range on practice tests and i have not dedicated much time to studying yet, but i will for the next 2 months before the Feb. test. I was wondering what you think my chances of getting into a tier 1 or 2 school if i can get between 155-165 on lsat in feb.. Thanks in advance for your time!

    1. Carlos, it’s not out of the question! Do your best work on the LSAT, apply early for the Fall 2012 cycle (rather than late for Fall 2011 with a February 2011 LSAT score), and make sure your applications really present your best self.
      Good luck!

  189. Hello, I have a 3.4 GPA and a 141 LSAT score. I want to go get into Stetson Law. What do you think my odds are? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Kayla,
      According to the ABA LSAC Official Guide to US Law Schools, Stetson took only one person in your LSAT/GPA band. That band includes people with LSAT scores 3 points higher than yours.

  190. I was wondering if I should write an addenum for my low LSAT score, 143 because I am not a great test taker. Also, my undergraduate GPA was a 2.6. I had several issues happen to me in college that lowered my GPA (depression, car flooding, etc). I went to a top 10 school and now I am currently working on my MBA. I have a 4.0 so far. I am applying for admission for Fall 2011 and I’m retaking the LSAT next week in hopes my score rises to the mid-150s. My highest score on my practice tests has been 148. What should I do?

    1. Renee, until we know your new score we can’t decide whether you should explain your score or how to explain your score. However, with your GPA and LSAT you’re going to face an uphill battle getting into law school. I truly hope your score rises to the mid-150s. Good luck!

  191. Hi Ann! I hope all is well.

    I am actually writing to you one week before taking my second LSAT (after three years). I graduated Rutgers in 2007 with a 2.95+ gpa, and the first time I took the LSAT I scored a 137 – obviously, not having studied. I am currently enrolled at the graduate school of education at Fordham, where I hold a 3.8 gpa, and work as a full-time middle school teacher in the south Bronx, under Teach For America. Between graduating college and my teaching career, I worked full-time in retail management. With all that said, I am planning to attend law school this upcoming fall, but feel that my credentials just might not be enough for even tier three or four. I am looking at CUNY Law and Rutgers Law (due to their application consideration of experience over numbers). I am a former English language learner, having been raised in Peru until I was eight, and have never been a good test-taker (with the exception of two teaching tests I took last year). Any advice?

    PS – I was president of my graduating class, and co-president of the Latino student council while at Rutgers – for what it’s worth.

    1. Hi Emanuel,
      First, let me wish you lots of luck on Saturday. I’m guessing you prepared this time and I hope you see the increase in your score that you need. I think you have great soft factors (leadership, being raised in Peru) and while having good grades in a graduate program will help show that your unimpressive undergraduate grades are not the best indicator of what you can do in a classroom, your experience as an educator might make people wonder why you’re applying to law school. So, first, concentrate on the LSAT and let’s see where that puts you in range. Then, you can spend December making sure your materials are strong and that you can push aside any potential concerns the law schools might have about your grades and professional background. I wish you all the best!

  192. hi ann!

    i took the lsat for the second time in december and haven’t recieved my score yet. i took it in june and got a 146. i graduated from Binghamton University in 2008 with a 3.2 gpa. I was looking into New York Law school and Cuny. What do you think are my chances? i work at a law firm (for over a year) and the partners pushed me to do this (I also want to be a lawyer just needed the push) and will give me great recommendation letters. Should i retake the test in february if i dont break 150? please advise thanks so much!

  193. Hi Ann!

    I just retook the LSAT last weekend. I wanted to get your opinion. I graduated from Binghamton University with a 3.2 gpa, English major, lots of extracurriculars. I’ve been working at a NYC law firm for the past year and a half and I am very close with all the partners. They urged me to get into law school even paid for LSAT prep classes. However, in June I scored a 146. I retook the prep course and managed to get a 156 in one test but averaged a 151. I am hoping to have achieved over a 150 this time around.

    I am looking into schools like CUNY and New York Law. Not really aiming for the big schools. What do you think my odds are for getting into these schools so far. What if I break 150? And should I take the test a third time in February? Thanks Ann!

    1. Hi Carmen,
      You are asking the question too soon. I can’t answer about your chances w/o knowing your LSAT score and a lot more about your background (hard to do on the blog). CUNY is very public-interest, local community focused. If you fit into that mold, then the answer changes. Have you already applied to law school?

  194. I haven’t yet. And what specifically about my background? Is it ethnicity, employment..? If so, I am Hispanic and I’ve been working full-time at a law firm for over a year and a half.

    Also, is taking the test three times really looked down upon? I really wanted to avoid taking it a third time, but I feel if I don’t get over 150/153 I really have no chance.

  195. Ms. Ann,

    Thanks for your thoughtful advices always! Well, I just got my score and I am devastated.. I got a horrible score of 144. My undergraduate GPA from UC Irvine is only 2.8. I have been working for the last 4-5 years in various fields- was in human resource for a while, then managed my own business, & most recently have been working as a paralegal for the last 1.5 year.. (I went to an ABA approved program and finished with 4.0) Do I have any chance of getting into a tier 2 schools like USD or Loyola? Have you worked with individuals w/ similar specs and have they been accepted? Sigh….or do you recommend that I retake my LSAT?

  196. In May I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in Latin and a GPA of 3.98. At U.C. Berkeley I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and Golden Key International Honour Society and have about 6 recommendation letters and 2 LSAC evaluations from various faculty members at Berkeley.

    After six months of rigorous study, however, I took the December LSAT with a fever of 104 and scored a 155. It was sad to see all those months of assiduous study amount to nothing on account of a crippling headache caused by a terrible flu. Should I even bother applying to law school (I was shooting for the top 20 schools) this year or simply retake the LSAT in February and defer my applications to next year?

  197. I am a 24-year-old student of African-American, Cherokee, and Caucasian descent. In May I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in Latin and a GPA of 3.98. At U.C. Berkeley I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and Golden Key International Honour Society and have amassed 6 thoughtful recommendation letters and 2 LSAC evaluations from various faculty members at Berkeley.

    After four months of rigorous study, however, I took the October LSAT with a fever of 103 F and consequently cancelled my scores lest the fever should negatively affect my score. After two additional months of study (to ensure that my skills did not fust in desuetude between October and December) I took the December LSAT with (to my luck) a fever 104 F, but allowed the test to be scored this time around; it came out to be a 155 in the 64th percentile. It was sad to see all those months of assiduous study amount to nothing on account of a crippling headache caused by 2 terrible flus on two very important dates (I’m not being jocose: I ran a fever on both administrations). Should I even bother applying to law school (I was shooting for one of the top 20 schools) this year or simply retake the LSAT in February and defer my applications to next year? This score doesn’t reflect my abilities at all as I normally am an excellent standardized test taker who earned a 2300/2400 (lower 99th percentile) on the SAT and a 1550/1600 on the GRE.

  198. Hi Ann, I took the LSAT for the first time in Dec after self-studying for 6 months on/off. I scored a 144. I have a 3.3 gpa from Penn State, I am an Afr-Am female, heavily involved in the community, and involved in ALOT of orgs. I really don’t know if it’s worth applying to schools this time around, what do you think?

  199. I have a gpa of 3.36 which, while low is still higher than the average person from my undergraduate that is applying to law school. However I have taken the LSAT 3 times, The first time I cancelled the score because I did not feel prepared. The second time I scored a 148 and this December LSAT I scored 155. How will that affect my applications have multiple scores and low schores at that. What can I do to better my chances?

  200. Ann,

    I am a hispanic male that has a honors undergraduate degree in biochemistry (3.6 gpa). I also did a year of organic chemistry research my senior year and wrote a senior thesis. I took a year off to work and decided to apply to law school for the fall of 2011. I took two lsats made 152 on the first and 155 on the second. The lsats aren’t as high because It was a rough year though I lost my grandfather, grandmother’s parkinsons got really bad ,lost my best friend to a battle to cancer, and parent having money issues. What are my chances somewhere like smu, University of Houston, Denver University and the university of colorado? are there any top 30 schools which i should apply to?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  201. Dear Ann,

    Here’s my situation, I applied to a few Canadian law schools (my first choice is McGill, where I got my BA with Distinction in 2009) and my GPA was 3.39. I just got my Dec 2010 LSAT score last night and it was a horrifying 144 (but not so surprising to me because I wasn’t in good shape on the day of the test.)

    The thing is I’ve already completed my applications and I don’t wish to retake the test in February because there’s too little time plus I work full-time and got a huge infection lately so I’m very exhausted. Plus, for schools to wait for my Feb score now would diminish my chances of securing a spot even.

    I have this little fantasy that the schools might value my other qualities from my personal statement (ethnic Chinese with a social commitment etc), and consider the fact that I work full-time at a bank and had to study for the LSAT (i did for 3 months every night from 8pm-midnight plus weekends) so I’m hoping that they would be a little more lenient on me..

    Would love to hear your opinion..many thanks!

  202. Dear Ann

    I took lsat on December and I got 143(this was my second time and I canceled score at the first time. I graduated college almost 10 yers ago and I am international student. My GPA was around 3( my avarage grade is B from high ranked college in japan). I also obtained paralegal certificate from us community college. Is there any chance I can be accepted by law school with this low lsat score? I’m considering to apply for part time program in NY, HI or CA. I think I should retake lsat. However I already take twice. If I take now for 3rd time, it will be the last chance for this year because of limitation of the test taking. What is the best option should I take? Should I apply schools after I retake lsat or should I try to apply for 2011 with my low lsat score now.
    Thank you for reading my questions.

  203. I gave my Lsat in December for the first time. I just got my score ,which is 143 . I am looking to apply for fall 2011 , to local schools in Atlanta.

    I have done my Undergrad in India 15 years back and have 6 years of work experience in the hospitality industry.Right now I am a stay at home mom with two kids.I took a prep course before the lsat, but feel I need to increase my speed to complete all the sections on time. I think I can definitely improve my score if I can increase my speed as I have understood the basic concepts of taking the Lsat.

    Do you advise me to retake the lsat in Feb? Secondly, what are my chances of admission in the local law schools here in Atlanta this fall ?Do you think I should defer my application to next year and prepare well and get a better score ?

    1. Meenakshi, Since you’ve identified the problem with timing, I think you won’t be able to cure that in the 3 weeks before the February LSAT so you should postpone until June and apply for Fall 2012.

  204. Hi Ann!

    I got 147 on my december Lsat. I am foreigner and I have Law degree in Russia. I they any chances for top 20 J. D.?

  205. Hi Ann,

    The first time I took my LSAT in feb 2010 I received a 138. I applied to usf and golden gate law school for fall 2010 and did not get accepted. I then took the November 2010 LSAT the second time and received a 145, raising my average score to 142. I’m planning on applying to usf and golden gate again for part-time program. What are my chances getting in for fall 2011? Should I retake the LSAT a third time in February ? I have an overall GPA of 3.2 and went to USF as an undergrad. Should I write an addendum? Should I apply to those two schools again now or wait for my third score to come in?


    1. David, I’m glad you were bringing your score up. I still think GG is a reach and USF is impossible, but you’re unlikely to significantly raise your score in the next 3 weeks.

  206. So should I apply to just golden gate and not retake the LSAT in February? I was just giving usf a hot since I get free admissions fee and I have a LOR from a dean there. I’m trying to get accepted to GG an try transferring back into USF?

    Please advise…thanks!

  207. Larry, I think this is life telling you that you need to take a year and regroup. Take the LSAT next October (concentrate on your health, although I’m sure it’s usually flawless) and apply early for the Fall 2012 cycle. Good luck!

  208. Samantha, That’s a very respectable LSAT score. You should have an addendum about the increase and you should apply to law schools that do admit people with your numbers. If you were applying earlier in the cycle, I would be more ambitious with the schools list, choosing more reach schools. But I’ve had many clients with your numbers get into top 50 and top 30 schools (and higher!).

  209. Hi Ann,

    Little off subject here but I think it is still a relevant question others will appreciate. I am planning a June LSAT and will apply in October for the early decision (as per you advice) for 2012. I am a 33 year old non traditional student with a master’s degree in Health Administration but am not currently working and enjoy being the stay at home mom at this time. I want to do something productive between now and the application. Would it be an obvious cliche type thing to do if I sign up for the CASA volunteer program now? (I had plans to do it anyway this upcoming new year before I even had serious thoughts about applying to law school) I don’t want to come across as unoriginal.

  210. Hello – I took the LSAT for the first time in June ’09. Score 141. Not a whole lot of study time to be honest and I hoped to do better with a lot more stuyding the next time. June ’10 – same score of 141. I signed up for Dec. ’10. My brother called it the “Hail Mary” pass and he was right. Took an ungodly expensive Kaplan course and tried to use their “method” this time. Dec. ’10 score – 141. I can’t give up. I am going to try smaller schools with that. I am 50 years old and want to make this work. I need a part-time school because I have to work. Southern University is on my list. I would like to get into Loyola of New Orleans and I am also going to apply to Mississippi College of Law. I have a middle of the road GPA from a couple of decades ago but when I took a couple of classes after work at Tulane, I pulled A’s in both. I have two good LOR’s and and pretty good Personal Statement. Fingers crossed and prayers said, I’m going for it.

  211. Hello,

    I am in my fifth year of my undergrad with a double major in physics and political science, a GPA of 3.4, I have only had less than a month to prepare for the LSATs and based on my practice exams…I am fluctuating greatly from 147-157 and I 1) dont understand why 2) dont know if its worth applying…I am in a “now or never” situation for applying to law school, It is January–my LSAT exam is Feb12 and I have all my applications ready just waiting for the LSAT to even hand in my applications ( I couldnt afford the exam thats why I waited so late, also school took up way too much time to properly study–therefore I do not want to pay for the applications unless I have a reasonable shot). I have applications prepared for Tier 1 & Tier 2 Law schools, should I just shoot for a Tier 4 and hope they even accept me? I have a ton of extra-curricular activities, internships in the legal field, etc. My main problem is I am running out of time, my exam is withing 3-4 weeks…what advice can you give me? I am very interested in patent law which is why I think my experience and majors have prepared me for this field, but I do not know how much law schools will see this, if i have a low LSAT…help please!

    1. Sobe, here is my advice:
      1. Don’t apply for Fall 2011. Apply for Fall 2012. Why? Keep reading.
      2. Money is an issue for you.
      3. You need time to get your LSAT scores in a consistent range.
      4. If you do well on the LSAT, schools will offer you fee waivers, hence eliminating a lot of the stress you are feeling regarding the cost of applications.
      5. Your applications are more likely to be successful with a higher LSAT score and applying earlier in the cycle.
      6. You are more likely to be offered scholarships to law school.
      I think applying now as a last ditch effort would be a long-run mistake.

  212. Well, the problem is I cant apply 2012 for many reasons, i really want this, and i already paid for my exam. I took the last month off to study for this, I am not looking for the best law school, I am just looking to get into one. As far as fee waivers, they will not allow them–I already asked and since I am still dependent on my parents financially–they say I am not eligible. I feel like I have done so much it would all be a waste now…all my hard work just to put it off for another year? Yes, it is true I didnt study as long as many other students have for their LSATS, but I think I should at least take it…since its basically a lose-lose for me…Either I take it now and do bad, or i never take it again since 2012 is out of the question for me. How many practice exams should i take which have consistent scores, before its good enough to take the actual LSAT?

  213. Hello Ann,

    I graduated from the University of South Florida with a 3.21 and was in the honors college. I wrote a thesis and graduated with a B.A. in International Relations and Economics in May 2010. I was also a member of Phi Alpha Delta.

    I took the LSAT 3 times, 146, 146, and 153.

    I have been working as an Americorps VISTA for since May at a non-profit organization that works with youth development and leadership.

    My top choices would be Northeastern, U of Connecticut, U of San Francisco.

    How can I become more than my numbers on my application?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Shivani,
      You have some good things going for you – the thesis will help overcome the lower GPA, and your last LSAT puts you in the ballpark.
      It’s all about your personal statement, resume and letters of rec in terms of being more than your numbers. You need an LSAT addendum to explain how you brought up your score, and perhaps to explain (hopefully) an upward trend in grades.
      I like the double major with Econ. I like that you challenged yourself.

  214. Hi Ann,
    I will be re-writing the LSAT in a few days and I just wanted to get your opinion on my chances. I have a 2.86 CGPA from University of Toronto (Majoring in Criminology). My last LSAT score was 143. However, since then I have been studying and I am expecting a score between 152-158.
    What are my chances of getting into a tier three school ( I’ve applied to New York Law School, SUNY, and COOLEY), with my previous score and my expected score.

    Any reply would be helpful
    – S

    1. SK, your schools list is reasonable (assuming you mean CUNY, and – if so – that you have a strong public interest background). I wish you the best on the LSAT.

  215. Hey Ann,

    So I took the October LSAT and got a 144 after studying for 4 months. I took it again in December and got the same exact score of 144. My GPA is 3.78, I’m a female, Filipino (first generation American), and I hold top positions in 3 major student organizations at my undergraduate university. I am applying to private school who’s 25% LSAT scores are 147-148. Do I have any chances of getting in?

  216. Ann,
    I took an LSAT prep course over the summer and still scored 134 on the Otober LSAT. Took it again in December and scored a 136. I am in the military, a combat vet and cannot leave the DC area. I plan to apply to American, Catholic and UDC part-time law program. My last resort is outside schools such as New England Phoenix and Charlotte. Are my chances slim with the DC schools? Or better yet any school?

    1. Olivia,
      I will tell you the same thing I tell everyone with 130s range LSAT scores – I haven’t seen anyone be admitted with scores in your range to an ABA school in a long time. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but I do not take on clients with scores in this range because I do feel that the odds are against you.

  217. Good Evening Ms. Levine,

    I’ll do my best to provide you with enough information for you to take your best guess as to whether or not you think I can make it into law school…….here goes……

    Ive already applied but Im looking for some hope and some insight from a professional like yourself. Like most of us here, I don’t do well on the standardized tests. I scored a 930 on my SATs back in 1997. I took the LSAT 9 years ago and didnt do well even though I took an LSAT prep course. I dont remember what my score was…..I think I blocked it out to be honest. I took it again in Oct 2010 and scored a 138. I took ANOTHER LSAT prep course, retook the test on Feb 12 and just got my scores today….141. I am trying to get into an ABA law school where those who apply to the part time program have a median LSAT of 151, 75% is 154 and 25% is 149. Median GPA (again for part time) is 2.87, 75% is 3.21, and 25% GPA at 2.48.

    I graduated undergraduate school in 2001 with honors with a 3.85 in Liberal Studies (Resolving Ethnic Conflicts). I also earned an MA in Political Science in 2005 (wasnt required to take the GRE) and finished it with a 3.3….not so hot…..I failed 2 courses struggling through an abusive marriage (got a divorce) and still managed to finish. I’ve also done 4 years as an Air Force Officer. I’m half Black and half Japanese and I speak Japanese. I also work full time as a DoD civilian, am married, and my husband and I have a 2 year old son.

    I have what I believe to be strong letters of recommendation (1 from lawyer friend, 1 from current supervisor, 1 previous supervisor, 1 from undergraduate professor). I was sure to mention my foreign language in my Personal Statement. I also mentioned my publication for an essay I wrote during my freshman year in undergraduate school. I wrote an addendum explaining my LSAT score from Oct 2010, told “them” that I took an LSAT tutoring course but that score had yet to be released……. I also mentioned my SATs and provided documentation to show my the scores. I also wrote an addendum about my two Fs in grad school. Another addendum I had to write was about a crime I committed 10 years ago…….with misdemeanor larceny, down graded to disorderly, received a “Prayer for Judgement,” no fine. My time as a military officer was served honorably 5 years AFTER that. charged

    So, there’s my application in a nut-shell…….. What do you think? Your time is deeply appreciated.


    1. Hi Tritia,
      You have some great things going for you (grades, MA, Air Force, ethnic and cultural diversity, language skills).
      You applied already, and so there’s not a lot I want to say about what you submitted this year. However, if you end up reapplying, I would start by doing the following three things:
      1. apply earlier in the cycle
      2. make friends at the law school and make sure they are rooting for you.
      3. rethink an LOR from an “attorney friend” – unless you worked for him, that’s pretty useless. If he’s a graduate of the law school you hope to attend, he can go to bat with you in other ways.
      I wish you all the best!

  218. I am 19 and will be graduating. I took the LSAT and attempted to take LSAT tutoring but was not able to due to Kaplan not being able to send anyone out my way. I took the LSAT and got a 141 but I would like to improve my grade so I can continue my education. Is there anything I can do or anyone who could help me study?

  219. Ann,
    Hi i just received my lsat score of 143. I have taken the lsat twice, the first was cancelled due to nervousness and my second was a 143. However neither times did i study hard because i was receiving practice test grades in the low to mid 160’s. Now i am stuck in a corner of whether to apply to a lower tier school and try my luck or take a lsat prep course and wait another year. My g.p.a is a 3.2 from a very good undergrad college. (College choices-Florida coastal, st Thomas ect.) Also is it easy to transfer out from a lower tier school?

    1. Justin, NY: You absolutely must take a prep course, dedicate yourself to studying, and apply for the next admission cycle. Anything else would be short-sighted and self-defeating. I wish you all the best with this, and hope that this second score motivates you to concentrate your efforts on the LSAT.

  220. Hello Ann, I graduated from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (BA/Sociology; 3.96 GPA) in 2007 and have since earned my Master of Science in Management (3.9 GPA) from Hodges University in Naples, Florida while working full-time. Although I am disappointed with my LSAT score of 148 from February, I’m reluctant to take it again. Based on these merits today, do you think I would be a competitive candidate for admission to any of the 11 law schools in Florida for Fall 2011, namely, UF, FSU, and FIU? Thanks so much for your time and expertise. I look forward to your response.

  221. Dear Ann,
    I am originally from Iran, moved to u.s. in 2003, went to law school in iran for a year, took lsat 143 and 145 in feb 2011, cumulative GPA is 3.45, graduated with honors and summa cum laude from chicago university, with alot of work experience. applied to 10 law schools including, john marshall, cooley, valparaiso and nova southern florida, wonder what are my chances to be accepted
    thank you

    1. Shayan,
      When someone has already applied to schools, I’m hesitant to post a guess that would only either inflate or deflate your hopes without providing any strategy for success. I think you need to see how you fare and then if you have decisions to make, please feel free to ask other questions.

  222. I am a non-traditional student who is planning to submit my application for fall admission into the part time program at 2-law schools in the State of Florida. I received my undergraduate degree in 1986. I went back to school in 1997 and received my MBA in 1999 with a 3.2 GPA. I tool the LSAT in February after 1-month of home study and scored a dismal 138. I have been a very successful medical professional so my resume, LOR, and PS are all excellent. My question is whether or not you have ever seen a candidate with this profile gain admission into a part time program in any tier? Thank-you

  223. Thank you for your input, Ms. Levine. You are a blessing to every law-student wanna be! =0) Thanks for doing what you do.


  224. Hello Ms. Levine, Thanks for your work. I am working at getting into law school. It is my hope that I get myself into at least a tier 2 school. Here are my stats. Sept 09 137. Feb 11 139. 31, African American/Hispanic Female LGBT identified.I am interested in going into LGBT Family Rights and Education Policy. I have a strong background in Youth Development as a AmeriCorps Nat’l Fellow and Youth Specialist (both in economically disadvangted w underserved pops). As per my low scores, I have taken Tesing for the Public twice with dismal results, have you heard of it? I do not believe that that my scores match my ability. I am strongly considering spending an additional 2k now on Powerscore to improve my understand of the LSAT. I’d like to have another go at it in June. My question is two fold, do you think it is realistic to think that I have not been prepped enough with the Non-Profit course I have been taking? Also, what score do you think I can get, to get into at least a tier 2; or do you think I should just get in wherever I can work as hard I can to have a shot at a transfer? I am in the South Bay in California as was thinking of applying to GG or somewhere of the like and going in with the mentality of transferring up. Thank you.

  225. My GPA is 3.1 from UC Davis where I majored in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies. Thank you.

  226. Sorry to keep adding: my LOR’s are from a Social Worker (I worked alongside him in LGBT rights work in college), A lawyer (I interned in her firm), and professor from college.

  227. I have posted on another part of your website before. My situation was I received a 133 on my first attempt at the LSAT in October and then I retook in December with just a 1 point improvement to 134. I had to take a real long hard look at changing what I was doing. So, I took a prep class in January which was very intense and received a 145. I know that that was not a 160 or anything, but for me to raise my score that significantly I am pretty proud.

    The bottom line is I am an Engineer with a Master Degree in Engineering with a 3.8 GPA, and 10 years removed from Undergraduate with a BA in English and GPA of 2.2. Now I have a LSAT of 145. I work for a Fortune 100 company and have great LoRs and Evaluators. I have already applied to a TTTT school in November that has rolling admissions. They are reviewing my application but the wait is killing me. I guess that it is better to get a slow yes than a fast no. I still hold onto hope that they are waiting to see who else applies this cycle before saying yes or no to the part time program.

  228. Ann, your promptness and support are most appreciated. I believe I have what it takes to become an excellent attorney and absolutely nothing will stop me from pursuing my dream. I’d be delighted to keep you posted as to my application results. Best wishes to all others on this blog!

  229. Monique,
    I’ve never heard of the program you used, but I do recommend perhaps a private tutor since you’ve tried the LSAT twice before and (as I understand your message) may only have one more shot at it. If you struggle with standardized testing, the prep course may not be enough especially since you’re already familiar with the content and structure of the exam.

  230. Monique, I should add that I think you don’t have a decision to make about schools yet – you have to bring up the LSAT score before you can continue the discussion.

  231. Last question, if I take the test again after the two year period will they still be seen by admissions committees, or is it cleared from my record. The first LSAT was in Sept 09. Thank you. Monique

  232. Hello. I just got my score of 147 back. I did not know I was graduating so early (my counselor forgot to add previous credits) and I took the LSAT without any preparation. I have a GPA of 3.3. Can I get into any law school that is decent? I have a pretty good list of organizational and community involvement. It is March, so should I sit out a year, or try to get into something? I was really wanting to get into Samford; I have family in Birmingham.

    1. Hi Riley,
      Your numbers are low for Samford. Since you didn’t prepare for the LSAT, I think you should plan to retake on October 1 and really spend the summer preparing. They put you in the “unlikely” to be admitted category in the LSAC ABA Official Guide to US Law Schools.
      P.S. Birmingham is a great city (I clerked there MANY years ago) and Samford is a beautiful campus. Let me know if you have further questions.

  233. Hello. I am a full time family law paralegal in CT. I’m married and have two children. My first attempt at the LSAT was in 2008. My score was a 144. Although I knew the score was low, I still applied to one law school (a tier 3) with the hope that they would look at my application as a whole and make an exception. I was denied and crushed. Late last year I decided it was time to re-study for the LSAT. I have been studying almost every day for the past few months (I’ve also taken two prep courses), but I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. It’s frustrating to know that this test (which I’m clearly not good at) is going to define my potential as a student. I know if accepted into law school I would work my tail off to do well and graduate. How can I make this known to the law schools I apply to? Also, would it benefit my chances to hire a law school admissions consultant a second time around? My law school options are limited since I cannot leave my life in CT, but would be willing to travel to NY and MA. My GPA is a 3.36 in Business Administration. Also, in 2003 I took a Paralegal course at a non accredited school and received a 3.98 GPA. I’m not looking to go to a top law school. I will take a tier 4 at this point. And I’m not looking to go full time either, just part time. I just want to be a lawyer! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Your frustration is one I hear often and it’s never a fun situation to be in. It sounds like you should take advantage of the free initial consultation we offer because your questions are complicated and also dealing specifically with whether to work with a consultant and what else you can do as a re-applicant. We’d be happy to offer any advice we can.

  234. HI Again-
    I am considering going into a Public Policy MA program at Mills before I enter Law School. I am wondering if this will help increase my chances, of course, along with increasing my LSAT score.

    Thank you,

  235. HI Monique,
    IF you need proof of your ability to excel in a rigorous academic environment and if you need academic LORs, then the MA program is fine. But these things won’t make up for a very low LSAT score.

  236. Heck, I took the test the first time in December 2010, made a 137, then took it a second time in February and raised by score to 146. Even though my score is medicore, there are still a handful of T-4 schools in Florida- (Florida A&M, Barry, and Ave Maria) that I qualify for, so I’m happy. The point of this is, if you can scrape half the questions right and pull a 146-149, just attend a T-4 for year, do extremely well, and you can possibly transfer out. All is not lost. I am HORRID at standardized tests.

  237. Drew, I’ll answer your question. With a 148, you have a good shot at Florida A&M and Coastal, and perhaps Barry and Ave Maria. There may be a few others, but I forget them. I’m just stoked with my 146. At least I’ll get in somewhere in Florda, and there’s always the transfer option. Best of luck.

  238. Hi Ann,

    I took the LSAT two years ago and scored a 143 and have a 3.2 gpa. I’ve been out of school for over 15 years and would like to attend Florida International University’s evening part-time program in the fall of 2011.

    What do you think are my chances?

  239. Hello, I have been accepted into 5 schools for Fall2011 with a 146 lsat score and 3.1 gpa. Two of the schools are AAMPLE programs (Widener and St. Thomas), which I turned down. I was wondering if you have any advice on which school to attend; Florida Coastal, Barry Law (fl), or Appalachian. I am still waiting to hear back from Touro and Roger Williams and really want to attend Touro because I live in the Northeast Region do you think I have any chance?

    1. Anthony, congratulations on having choices! I don’t give advice about where to attend in the blog format because I don’t know enough about you and your goals. This is something that requires more in-depth consulting.

  240. Hey Ann, First off thanks so much for what you do…This has helped me a bit, but I was wondering I have a 2.7 Gpa from CSUN with a BLAW Major…Took the LSAT’s 3 times; canceled the first one, and 143, and 143. What do you think I should do? I got accepted into UWLA, which is not an ABA accredited school, and got rejected from about 6 other schools. What should I do?? Just go to UWLA and take the baby bar after my first year and tr to transfer to maybe Southwestern or Loyola even?) or wait a year and study more than ever and try to get a higher LSAT score? Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot Ann!

    1. Mikey,
      I think it’s unlikely that you’d get a higher LSAT unless you told me you didn’t prepare adequately before. I think with your GPA and undergraduate school and your LSAT score, you’re not going to have a lot of options. By UWLA, I assume you mean LaVerne? It would be unlikely that you could transfer because there’s not a lot to indicate that you’d be in the top 10% of your class. It’s important to be realistic.

  241. By UWLA I meant Univ West of LA San Fernando….I took Princeton Review as a course and studied my ass off in my opinion….You think I may have a shot at transferring from there? Thanks for any help!

  242. Hi Ann,
    I have a question. I went to USF and receieved my B.A in Poly Sci and maanaged to pull through with a 2.63 GPA and my highest LSAT score is a 146. I was extremely activate on campus started two organizations , started the progress of bringing academic integrity to the University, etc. My work history isn’t really Law related except for me working in the Judicial Branch of Student Government. The application deadline for the University of Baltimore is on Friday however accorrding to LSAC there is no way I am getting in and I believe there is truth to that since I waited so late to apply. What is your insight on this? Also do you think I should just wait until the next fall term application to open up so I canaspply there ? Because isn’t there a possibility that they could have already filled their seats for this Fall Term? Sorry my question turned into questions 🙂 thanks agains

    1. Hi Chelsea,
      You’re not going to get into Baltimore for this year, and probably not for next year unless you retake your LSAT. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

  243. I have taken the lsat 4 times now with only a score of 143 as my high score. I have a GPA of 3.0 and habe a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Standarizes test are not my strong suit ranging from the SAT-LSAT. I do not perfomr well when given a standarized test. I was wondering if there are any law schools that will accept my low score OR at this point are there any suggestions. ALSO I HAVE TAKEN POWERSCORE TWICE

    1. Shameka,
      I think you can try to apply to some schools and see what happens. They are going to be 4th tier schools, but someone might take a chance on you if everything in your application is impressive.

  244. I’m going into my senior year of high school. I’m hoping to become a law student, but I heard that only a small percentage get in to law school I make a 3.0 gpa in high school, and am afraid that even if I excelled in my undgergraduate courses, I’d get denied due to my not so great high school transcript.
    Is there any hope?

  245. Ann,

    I have a 3.4 GPA was a ROTC schlorship cadet for three years until I was medically discharged. I took my lsats twice and my highest score is a 143. I graduated from undergrad in 2008 work for an acocunting firm for 10 month until I was laid off. I was working a bookeeper until I landed a job as a mortgage originator ( i passed the national exam which has a fifty percent pass and 5 state exams) I am currently a mortgage broker and an Underwriter for annuties. Do you think it is possible to get into school without retatking the LSAT.

  246. Ann,

    I have a 3.7 from a Top 50 school and despite my efforts in undergrad, my 159 LSAT score seems to be keeping me from getting where I want to be. After receiving my score I decided that I really want to go to U Colorado Boulder. I understand the LSAT is above my score but what do you think are my chances at admission if I went early decision?

  247. Hi Ann,

    im scoring at 148, graduated with a 3.5, and have several years of work experience at a highly reputable pharma company in their hr department. im looking to get into labor/employment law so my hr experience will most definitely be of use. i have good work experience and while i was in school i held many positions in my student body and other organizations. i also have no criminal record. do i have a chance to get in Rutgers(newark)?

    1. Shelly, I don’t answer questions about specific schools on the blog but I will say this – if your practice scores are in the high 140s, you will most likely get in the low to mid 140s on the real test so you may want to consider moving your test date or changing the way you are preparing.

  248. I am a 55 year old black female. After my 2 sons completed their college education, I decided to pursue my dream of being a lawyer and returned to school. I was the first black female in the NY/NJ seaport to obtain a import customs brokerage license. I operate a small import customs brokerage business. I have a B.A. in Accounting with a 3.82 GPA. I took the LSAT 3X. The first time after studying for approx 2 weeks i received a 138. I immediately rescheduled, but cancelled my score. The third time after studying for 2 months I received a 145. Since I do not have the option of re-taking the LSAT, Do you think I have a chance of getting into a New York law school? My first choice is Hofstra Part-Time 2012. My second choice is Touro. My goal is to specialize in International.

  249. Ann,

    I am applying to law schools this fall for next year and will probably take the lsat twice. I received a 3.2 GPA at UC Berkeley and had internships with the Public Defender’s Office in Chicago and Human Rights Watch in Los Angeles along with two jobs at tech companies. Given the low GPA, what would be the minimum LSAT score I would need in order to get into at least one of the Tier 1 or Tier 2 schools? I plan on applying to law school this fall for next year and will most likely take the lsat twice.

    Thank you.

    1. Rob, my first concern is this: Why on earth would you plan to take the LSAT twice? That doesn’t sound like good planning at all. You should plan to take it once and do it right. The second concern from your message is your use of the term “minimum LSAT score” – there is no such thing. You can easily look at the 25th percentile LSAT scores for the schools that interest you and you can see (for many schools) a grid of who they are taking at various LSAT and GPA levels in the ABA LSAC Official Guide to US Law Schools (the book version, not the download).

  250. Ann,

    My dream is to get into UCLA, but I am not sure if I have a chance as I know it is extremely difficult and competitive to be granted admission. I am a hispanic, female with a current GPA of 3.7 from California State University, Long Beach. My practice LSAT scores are fluctuating between high 150’s and low 160’s. I have held a job as a file clerk for three and a half years with a family law attorney, but my duties extend beyond that of a “file clerk”, which my employer will be sure to mention in one of my letters of recommendation. Besides this work experience my only other activity is participating in an organized soccer league. I would say for the most part I have a traditional, normal life, but do plan on mentioning the struggles I endured while coping with a brain tumor my mom suffered from during my freshman year of college and how this ultimately affected my entire outlook on life. With all of the above being sad, is getting into a top school in California unrealistic for me? I’m not sure where to set my sights, exactly. Your opinion and help is much appreciated.

    1. Hi Teresa,
      You don’t know where to set your sights because it’s too soon to be thinking about this. Concentrate on the LSAT – you still have 5 weeks before the test. Once you have an LSAT score, you’ll know where to set your sights.

  251. Hi: Anne,
    Iam 31 years old and I have taken the lsat (twice) one in Dec 2010 (141) and Feb 2011 (144). I was you think I should take it again in Dec for possible admission for the fall of 2012? I have a masters in Communication(gpa 3.3) and a BA in Poli Science (gpa 2.9)I have worked ful-time while attending undergraduate and graduate school. I plan on attending law school part-time as well. Would it look bad if I take the lsat a third time? I believe I can raise up the score by another 10 points. I am planning on taking a test prep course instead of studying by myself. I already know the schools I want to apply to (e.g Brooklyn, Rutgers and Baltimore school of law). I currently reside in NJ. Also,can you suggest any good editing services for my personal statement?

  252. I’m worried about law school admissions. I’m starting my senior year at Ohio State and I should graduate with around a 3.3 GPA. I took the first LSAT test without a lot of preparation since I ranged from a 152-156 on the practice LSAT’s. The problem is I got much lower on the actual test. I didn’t know that they averaged the scores for the LSAT to get into law school before hand. If I prepare well and increase my score a lot for the next one will I have any chance of getting into law school?

  253. Wish I had been applying back in 2007. I made a 150 with a LSAC adjusted GPA of 3.18 (in texas though i applied for academic fresh start and state law only lets grad schools count the last 120 undergrad hours for admissions – which gives me a 3.92 instate GPA)

    So with a 150 and a 3.92 instate I still didnt get in anywhere.

  254. Hello,

    I have been preparing for the lsat on my own on and off since July but I’m trying to crack down but can’t seem to understand why these answers just arent coming to me. I have a 3.4 at Howard University and I’m a graduating sr I plan to take the LSAT in Oct with hopes of only having to take it once. I just need encouragment preparing for this makes me feel stupid i need help

    1. Krystal, it’s not about “stupid” or “not stupid.” It’s whether you are ready to reach your aptitude on the test. There is a reason people use prep companies and tutors for this test – it is NOT something that most people can teach themselves. If you don’t feel ready, don’t take the LSAT. Wait until December, take a good (reasonably priced) online prep program if that’s all you can afford but make it an investment in your future. Take the LSAT once and do it right, rather than having to retake it AND explain why it didn’t go well the first time. Good luck!

  255. Hello,

    I am a 24 year old black male, I graduated from Nassau Community College in 2008 with an associates degree with a GPA of 3.5. Upon graduating, I was proud to receive a half a scholarship to N.Y.U. I just recently graduated with a 3.195 GPA and my major was History Education. I have about 7 letters of recommendation from ex employers, ex teachers my fraternity and my student teaching placements. I am enrolled in a prep course for the Lsat, I began studying August 3rd and i’m really struggling with the Lsat, my practice scores were 134, 134, 134, and 131, I was suppose to take the test next month but I postponed it until December. The instructor said I could take it over again, and he even offered his services as a private tutor, I have been studying anywhere from 23 to 30 hrs a week, i’m a bit burned out already.I know its still early, but in the event I cant raise my score, can I get into any law schools?

    1. Tzion, I definitely feel your pain. I think you my need a tutor who specializes in working with people who really struggle with standardized tests. Just studying on your own isn’t going to change anything. I’m glad you postponed until December – that was a good call. You need someone to point out quick fixes. Your goal should be to hit high 140s .

  256. Hello Ann

    I wanted to know if it would be a get idea to take additional courses or obtain a second masters degree to boost my GPA score from 3.0 to at least a 3.7 or better.

    I have a LSAT score of 132 and undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and graduate of 3.0. I have taken two prep courses however still scored low. The instructors rank 99 percentile however, I found that they were not able to teach the information. I was thinking of either a tutor or additional classes. Can you advise

    1. Bran, unless you bring up your LSAT score at least 15 points, nothing you do to your GPA would matter. This is the problem with big LSAT companies – they often take people who score well on the LSAT but who have no teaching experience. You need someone who is a good teacher.

  257. Ann

    I’m very interested in getting your advice on what would be my best course of action for ensuring I’m admitted to my first choice law school (2nd tier, ranked in the 60s).

    I’m going to try to not be long-winded, but it’s a long story. I’m a non-traditional applicant (10 years between undergrad and potential law school enrollment). In those 10 years I have been quite successful working in the legal field. I’ve worked in administrative law for 5 of those years and in a civil litigation firm for the other 5.

    My undergrad GPA was around 2.95, but my lsdas calculation is sitting at 2.74. I definitely had an upward trend, with close to 3.4 the last 80 credit hours, and a legitimate reason for the horrible two years that spawned the terrible gpa.

    My most recent LSAT tests range between 165-168, with over two additional months to study, and close to 40 additional practice tests to take, in conjunction with a couple of prep books, I’m hoping to crack 170-172 on the actual test when I take it in December.

    I have excellent LORs, 1 from a former professor and 3 from attorneys that I have worked with. Would you suggest that I alter that ratio and include a second from an additional undergrad professor?

    The other thing, other than the lower GPA, that I am terrified could possibly be a hindrance would be a DUI that I received 5 years ago. This DUI, in in addition to a litany of parking tickets, goes along with a couple of other moving violations sprinkled in there. No serious violations since the DUI.

    Finally, some of the things I think I have working for me include being a first-generation college student and that I came from a very economically depressed area (I’m not an URM).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Chris, Why does a professor from 10 years ago remember you? That seems strange.
      The GPA alone won’t keep you out of law school but you’ll need to show a turnaround and I’m glad it’s been 5 years.
      If you can really pull off a high 160s LSAT and put together strong materials, I think you could overcome the GPA.

  258. Thank you, Do you think its realistic to boost my score to a 160. I am aiming for a 160. I have a seven month study plan. I think I am more focus now then before.

  259. IF you studied the first time, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll go from a 132 to a 160. I don’t believe in “aiming” since this is about aptitude. I believe in studying your best, getting your best score (which is probably wherever you end up plateau-ing during your studies) and executing at your best level on test day. Whatever that score is, that’s what you strategize around for your applications. But I’m glad you’re more focused, and I certainly hope you reach your goals.

  260. Hi Ann,

    I am scheduled to take the LSAT on October 1st and have been getting 164-166 on my practice tests. I have a 3.9 GPA and LORs from the president of my university and a Senior VP at an economic research firm I interned for (As you mentioned in your book I made sure that they were people who worked with me directly and know me well.)

    I feel I have a pretty strong academic record, but Harvard Law is my dream school. In your professional opinion, what are my chances of getting in if I can’t bring my score up to the 170 people say you need for Harvard?

    Also, I’m pretty young to be attending law school (21). Does age ever factor into admissions decisions? If so does it make you more or less elegible?

    Thank you so much for your help.

  261. Hi Ann,

    I am scheduled to take the LSAT on October 1st and have been getting 164-166 on my practice tests. I have a 3.9 GPA and LORs from the president of my university and a Senior VP at an economic research firm I interned for (As you mentioned in your book I made sure that they were people who worked with me directly and know me well.)

    I feel I have a pretty strong academic record, but Harvard Law is my dream school. In your professional opinion, what are my chances of getting in if I can’t bring my score up to the 170 people say you need for Harvard?

    Also, I’m pretty young to be attending law school (21). Does age ever factor into admissions decisions? If so does it make you more or less elegible?

    Thank you so much for your help.

  262. Hi Ann,

    I am scheduled to take the LSAT on October 1st and have been getting 164-166 on my practice tests. I have a 3.9 GPA and LORs from the president of my university and a Senior VP at an economic research firm I interned for (As you mentioned in your book I made sure that they were people who worked with me directly and know me well.)

    I feel I have a pretty strong academic record, but Harvard Law is my dream school. In your professional opinion, what are my chances of getting in if I can’t bring my score up to the 170 people say you need for Harvard?

    Also, I’m pretty young to be attending law school (21). Does age ever factor into admissions decisions? If so does it make you more or less elegible?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    1. Hi David Crane,
      It sounds like you’re doing really well (and following the advice of my book!, which I love to hear!). There is not 170 cutoff for Harvard. I’ve had clients get into Harvard in the 160s, and Yale too for that matter. I’ve had clients as young as 19 get into top law schools – your age doesn’t impact your eligibility but it does put an extra burden on you to demonstrate maturity.

  263. Hey Ann,

    First time poster,

    Any advice you’re willing to offer would be great,

    I got a 154 back in June, I decided to retake the LSAT coming up in a week Oct 1st. I’ve been re-studying for a little over a month. I haven’t really seemed to improve much on my practice tests I’m hoping for at least a 3 point jump in my score. I have a 3.1 gpa from a top 100 undergraduate university. I’m one year out of college that I spent abroad and I’ve decided that it may be another year or two before I apply (earliest start Sept 2013). From what I’ve read acceptance is only getting more competitive. Am I doing myself a disservice by not applying for next year? I’m interested in schools like Pitt and Kentucky which I seem to be under their 25th percentile range. Do I have a chance of acceptance?

    1. Hi MD, thanks for posting. If you are hitting in the 153-156 range on practice tests, then it’s probably not worth retaking the exam at this point, especially if you’re not applying for a year. Application numbers are down, and I expect them to stay down as long as the newspapers keep reporting the hiring trends.

  264. Hello Ann,

    I just finished taking another practice exam and continue to be discouraged after the results. I managed to score 138, 141 142 and recently a 136 (which is ridiculous). I am a senior graduating a semester early, (with a workload of 19 hrs). I’ve studied continuously yet I’m not where I want to be as far as this exam goes. I have an undergrad GPA of a 3.4 and working to get a 4.0 by December before I graduate. I’m a collegiate athlete, President of the Political Science Student Association, in countless other organizations, and have done alot of community work, specifically for Latinos and underrepresented minorities in the political system. I possess the credentials to be a more than qualified Law student, and I specifically arranged to graduate early so that I could focus the spring semester getting prepared and acquainted in being a first year law student. However, I cannot grasp on why I make countless mistakes on the exam and literally I feel confident in taking the exam only to be discouraged afterwords by the results. Its unfortunate that so much weight is put on this exam, because it literally in no shape or form defines me as an individual or my intellect. Its cliche to use the “I had to overcome much adversity” phrase, (and to each their own), I but as a Mexican/American I truly had to overcome many obstacles that many take for granted. I have been limited in resources to provide for myself and live on my own. I always knew I would become successful, and now that I am my final stage of my undergrad I have relentlessly found another obstacle that seems unbeatable. If I had the money and time to take a prep course, I would have done so by now. But with all my activities and course load its impossible to get the funds needed. One comment I read earlier in the blog mentioned that perhaps self-study is not enough. I really never thought my technique of studying would be jeopardized by the LSAT, and unfortunately I cannot figure out why. I never really have been a great standardized test taker, but this is an excuse I really never would rely on until now. In essence, my question is should I wait on the exam, risk the early admissions process of many law schools, as well as all the preparations with letters of recommendation etc… or should I just go ahead and take it this Saturday? I honestly felt prepared earlier today, and as the result came in it was a big discouragement.I truly want to go to law school and I know that with an opportunity to go I would succeed. Perhaps by the grace of God and faith, I will do well on Saturday if I chose to take the exam (at least that is what am hoping the praying for). Anyways, I thank you for reading this and the blog is rich in diversity and very interesting to read.

    Thanks, Ann

    1. CJ, I really feel for you, and admire your passion and understand your frustration. I think it’s unlikely you’ll be able to raise your score on your own so I think you should take the test and apply to law schools with the best possible materials (and to law schools that take people with your LSAT score, even if it’s not very many) and give it a shot. If you do not get in this year (or if your LSAT comes back in the 130s) then you should spend next year working and take an LSAT prep class – even an affordable one online.

  265. Hi Ann,

    I took the LSAT previously and scored a 143, then took an prep course and it bumped me to a 150 (not what I was hoping for but going with it). I’m 26, African-American female, graduated from undergrad. w/ a dual degree in Public Policy & Advertising (to practice media/advertising/fashion law), I have stellar recommendations including one from the Dean of my program, and moved from MI to NY to work for a corporate law firm.

    Trying to build a strong application package and really distinguish myself from the pack as someone who has wanted to go to law school for a long time. What chance do you think I have at admission to the part-time programs at Fordham, Seton Hall/Rutgers/St. John’s, and day program at Howard??

    I also do a lot of community service work, active in my community, and freelance write on the business of fashion (as I said, I want to practice media/fashion law). Thank you!

  266. Hi Mrs. Levine, I was academically dismissed form law school this past June. This is my background…I am a 35 yr old single, african american mother of three. I took the LSAT twice. My first score was a 141. I took the LSAT a few months after my twin sons died and I was still upset about it. I only took it because I had already paid for it. The following year I retested and scored a 151. My undergrad curriculum gpa is a 3.0 but my cumulative is 2.8. I applied to only one law school and got accepted. I relocated two hours away from home with my children 3 weeks before school started for all of us. I spent my first semester of law school trying to learn the area and getting my children settled into their schools. The second semester I was rocked by some hard news involving my oldest child and it had me really upset. I am still coping with the upsetting news months later. I was dismissed from law school because I did poorly. I did not have the support system in place to help me with my children or the move. I have since established relationships with wonderful new friendsand they help me a great deal. I have a 505 letter from my law school and I will be reapplying for fall 2012. The school that I am applying to has an ave lsat score of 160 and gpa of 3.5 yet I dont feel intmidated. I am currently in the MBA program at the school that dismissed me from their law program and I am doing pretty well. By the time fall 2012 arrives I will only ave a few mba courses left which I could complete in conjunction with law school because they are evening classes and mostly offered online. I said all of that to ask you for any advice that you could offer. I looked at your website and honestly, I cannot afford an official package right now as I am still unemployed and attending school full time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Tye, As a mom, I can’t help but find your story heartbreaking! I’m so sorry for what you have been through.
      I am glad you are doing well with your MBA program. I think it’s going to be very hard to get into a law school where the entering student profile is more competitive than at a school where you proved (although under adverse circumstances) that you could not keep up academically. Schools are going to see you as a liability, and they will infer that it is unlikely that you will pass the bar on the first try. Obviously, you should try to apply since it’s what you want, but I want to warn you that getting academically dismissed makes it very hard to get back into law school, especially to a more competitive school than where you attended. I do wish you all the best with your endeavors.

  267. Anne,

    So I took the LSAT back in June and scored a 156 and then again in October and I got a 150. It goes without saying that I thought I did better, not worse. Moreover, I still don’t feel that either of these scores are truly representative. Nonetheless, I’m not going to take it a third time. I work full time and between the June and October tests I had to take on a fired coworkers case load (I’m a paralegal), which was substantial. I don’t want to blame the lower score on that, but would it be worth writing in an addendum?

    My GPA at Kenyon College is a 3.45 and I’m a white male.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

  268. I just got my LSAT score a few hours ago – 143. I am really disappointed in myself, but I know that I have always been a poor standardize test taker. I tried to take precautions against this by studying alone for a few months before the test under different conditions (timed, untimed, loud environment, quite, etc) and with a tutor one month before the exam. About a week before the exam, I took 2 practice tests and scored around a 152 on both. I’m trying to decide whether or not to take the exam again (considering that all of the improvements that I had made over the months did not seem to matter during the actual exam) or to work with the score that I have and apply where I want. I graduated from Georgia State University with a 3.85 GPA in Sociology and a long history of community service activities (some in the legal field). I really wanted to apply early to my schools, but now I’m unsure. What should I do?

    1. Ashley, the answer is “both”. But when your LSAT is a 143 (as you mentioned in a separate post) then you need to look for schools that do admit people with scores in the 140s. But your GPA is very high so that will help.

  269. To say I am ready to give up will be an understatement.

    Graduated in May
    Great LOR’s
    Amazing Personal Statement
    Horrible GPA and LSAT
    2.63 and a 136 Lsat Score
    Should I even bother applying?

    I put in an application for South Texas and Florida Coastal for spring already. What are my chances honestly.

    For the fall I will apply to Southern, Schools in Puerto Rico and Texas Southern. Do I stand a chance?

    Will it help that I am African American and the only person in my family to finish college?

    Please HELP!

  270. Ann,
    I was just wondering how much weight is actually put into LSAT consideration. I graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.48 and a major GPA of 3.58 in Finance. I currently work as a financial analyst for a Fortune 50 Company. I was a 4-year Varsity athlete in college as well as a member of the pre-law society and investment club. Also, I tutored freshmen my senior year and am a member of Delta Mu Delta (National Business Honor Society). I prepared for months using the Kaplan course and only scored a 147 on my LSAT. I am looking at schools whose 25/75 LST breakdown are between 152 and 157. Does it sounds like I have a chance given my low LSAT score?

  271. Hi Ann,

    I am a senior at Heidelberg University in Ohio. I got a 156 the first time ever taking the LSAT, and I plan on taking it again in February. I am a Biology and History double major in the Honors Program at my school with a GPA of 3.28 overall, 3.65 in history, and 2.83 in Biology. The block GPA for my Honors Program is a 3.45. I am a member of Phi Alpha Theta (the history honorary), was a member of Student Senate with an executive position, and am the recipient of several research grants at my university (mainly for my Senior Honors Thesis). I have great letters of recommendation from my professors, mostly department chairs and deans. I also have various other extracurriculars like volunteering at the Humane Society and working in the admissions office. I’m really concerned about how low my LSAT and my GPA are, my cousin and uncle are both lawyers in California and have put the fear of God into me about anything lower than a 160. Do I have a realistic chance of getting into my top choice law schools (Akron and Pittsburgh for Intellectual Property Law)?

    1. Hi Katie.
      I don’t think 160 is a magic number. That doesn’t make sense to me. You never mentioned whether you think you could improve your score by retaking it, but if not then I think you need to apply based on what you have, present yourself in the best possible way, and see what happens.

  272. Hey Anne,

    The December test is coming up in about 3 weeks. I have taken a prep course and am still locked into this 147-149 LSAT range. My GPA however is ~3.65 majoring in Poli Sci and minoring in Human Rights from The University of Washington. I have already submitted my applications to law schools; the last thing on my list is the December test. However, I am white, female, not an under represented minority in any way and am applying late due to the test. I am also applying right out of undergrad. I’ve applied to places like Southwestern University, California Western University, Willamette. Do I have a shot at getting into these schools? Would you suggest calling the schools and setting up meetings with the advisors to talk about my scores after I get back the results from the real test?

    1. Anonymous1 – Without your actual score I can’t answer the question. Most people score lower on test day than on practice exams. However, setting up campus visits is a good idea, but I would wait until you have the LSAT.

  273. Also, should I apply elsewhere? I am really set on staying on the west coast, but do these numbers suggest that I should be more opened minded about location?

  274. Hello Ann,

    Thank you for providing this very informative blog.
    My question is: Do you believe I have a chance at Fordham Law, Cardoza or Brooklyn Law with an LSAT score of 145. My GPA is 3.49 (Cum Laude). I will be taking the December LSAT test – 1st and ONLY time I plan on taking it. I’m over 35, a mother and cannot leave NY state. Therefore, I am adamant about going to law school in Fall 2012. I’m just very anxious because I have been scoring in the high 130s on my practice test and my highest score has been 145. Do you think it makes sense to invest the time and financial commitment to law school with this score range? I welcome your sound, sincere and positive advice!!

  275. Hi Ann,

    I am a 30 year old minority female and I am battling with re-taking the lsat in December or not. I scored a 144 on the October test and my udergrad GPA was a 2.9 (Accounting). I have over 5 years of solid work experience with a reputable NY based firm. I also have excellent letter recommendations from experienced attorneys in the NY area. However, I was extremely relaxed on test day and can not imaging my score improving much in 2 weeks. Would love to hear your thoughts… Thanks!

  276. I have a 3. 99 gpa so far at st John’s university, I am a senior and will graduate next year. I got a 152 in the October LSAT exam. I would like to know how far I can go with this combination when it comes to schools. I wanted to go to a t30 but I am not sure if that is possible considering my low LSAT score…..

    1. Stephanie, it really depends on the person and the schools. I’ve had people with that number combination get into top 30 schools but they are the exception, not the rule. I just don’t know enough about you to say whether you fall into that category.

  277. Dear Ms. Levine,

    I would like some advice on my application cycle this year. I have taken the LSAT twice and scored 163 on both of them, which I realize is not bad for 30-50 range schools. However, I have been pushing for Berkeley or UCI as dream schools, or GWU and Wash U could also provide the resources I consider necessary, given the expense of law school and the tough legal markets today.
    My gpa is good, 3.78, (Rhetoric; Law, Pols, Society double major at Drake U in Iowa). There is a definite upward trend. I started rocky in JuCo, eventually working my way up to a 3.5 with time. However, I have only received one B since transferring to a private college here in Des Moines and have worked extremely hard to show I am a good candidate, academically prepared for a rigorous top school. Unfortunately, I fear the GPA is not good enough to compensate for LSAT. I do have decent soft factors, which I am hoping you will tell me might mitigate that LSAT somewhat. I am in all the honors programs, work as a consumer protection intern with the AG, volunteered as a precinct captain and youth organizer on Obama’s campaign, currently am a research assistant to my adviser, and have presented a paper at a conference at a uni in Texas.
    My LOR’s are excellent. Two from professors I consider close friends and mentors and one from the AAG here.
    Do you believe that with a sincere, well-written letter playing to my strengths I have a shot at pulling off a Berkeley miracle, or even gaining acceptance to any t-20 schools, or do you think that I should try to take a year off and hope that the third time I take the LSAT is the charm? Money is certainly a factor for me, as well, because I am an independent in undergrad and receiving maximum aid, but read on the Berkeley website that I must be 30 to be counted as independent in law school. If you could address the financial aid question as well, that would be helpful, but it isn’t necessary. I am sure I can find a way to pay if I can land a spot in one of my dream schools. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Derek,
      I think you need a 2-pronged strategy: (1) apply to dream schools where it’s possible you’ll get in but won’t get scholarships, and (2) apply to schools where you will be competitive for scholarships.

  278. Dear Ann,

    I seek your frank advice about my situation for this cycle’s law school applications. I have a 3.92 gpa at Chapman University, but I have a low LSAT score of 156. I will be mentioning in my applications that I generally do not do well on standardized tests and have proof with my SAT and ACT scores to show that these scores do not exemplify my true academic ability. I do not have time to retake before this year’s application cycle, but would retake if I got the Fulbright Scholarship to do research in China (I turned in my application last month). I am in many honor societies, am on the exec board of many clubs, studied abroad in China and did a legal internship there, and am currently a legal assistant at the Orange County Public Defender’s office. Can you tell me what are my chances for Tier 1 law schools, mainly UCLA, USC, UC Davis, and also UC Hastings? Also in your opinion, what schools would give me more scholarship money and possibly full ride scholarships (they just need to be ABA-accredited)?

    1. Eva, You don’t have a low LSAT score. You did better than about 2/3 of the people taking the LSAT. You might not be happy with your score, but that’s a different story. I can’t comment on schools and scholarship chances on the blog format but I do think you are likely to get into reach schools with a strong application and that other schools may offer you scholarships.

  279. Hi Ann,

    I am in my mid-40’s, african american, lack-lustre undergrad GPA of 2.9 and LSAT score of 140! It is my dream to attend (and graduate) from Law School. I have a pretty extensive career in law enforcement. I am not concerned with which law school I attend-I just want to go. What are my options?

    1. Kim,
      It’s going to be rough, I’m not going to lie here. I think you should look into state bar accredited schools if they are an option in your community. I also think you can try applying to some fourth tier schools but know that some of the schools that often take people with your LSAT score don’t have the best attrition rates (as in, people are doing the “attending” part of your dream but not the “graduating” part). You can also consider retaking the LSAT of course.