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Tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to sit down with students at all 5 Bay Area law schools (Berkeley, Hastings, Santa Clara, San Francisco and Golden Gate) to discuss how they are feeling about job prospects and law school rankings. You can listen live and chat with us and ask questions tomorrow (Sunday 2/27) at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST, or listen to it after we’re done (either online or through iTunes download). Click here for more information about my next Blog Talk Radio Show.

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    1. SLS, it is, but I could only have so many guests at once….and then two got sick so it didn’t go exactly as planned : ) Will do a similar show again soon….

  1. To Lawschool dreamer:

    Your? really? Have you ever heard of the contraction, You’re? and you’re going to law school? Where did you go to college? Beer can college? Ecch! I wouldn’t hire you if you were the janitor

    1. While I prefer to keep the discourse on my blog at a more civilized, less antagonistic tone, I decided to post your comment because I have a (more restrained) version of this thought several times a week. A lot of people with very low LSAT scores fail to realize how poor their writing and grammar skills are and that they will face extreme difficulties in law school (if they get in) and in the legal profession. This is one of those things that people fail to recognize in themselves and is something they can improve with dedication to the outcome.

  2. Dear Law School Dreamer,
    First, I am sorry you felt the need to defend yourself. I love your blog and have never seen any evidence of poor writing. My comment was not about you – it was general. I also would have had no idea what your LSAT score is/was. I promise that I extrapolated generally about typos and I do not expect perfectly written comments on blogs. I am just happy you contribute regularly to the blog and support it. Please accept my apology for not being more clear about that.

  3. Hi Ann,
    I am hoping you could address LawSchoolDreamer’s original question, because I have a similar question. I am currently trying to decide between USD (a Tier 2 school) and UMN (currently ranked 20th). I was offered equivalent scholarships at both schools (half of tuition) and thus am able to negate financial considerations, since the cost of living is also roughly equal. I would ultimately like to work in Southern California in patent/health law. Could you please offer some advice on whether I should choose a regional tier 2 law school over a top 20 school that is often also considered regional (to the Midwest)?
    P.S. I found this show very informative in regards to finding a job for my 1L summer. Thank you!

    1. Hi LIly,
      I think you have two great options. It’s hard to turn down a Top 20 law school when the cost is the same but I appreciate your emphasis on location. How about asking attorneys in San Diego how they would view a degree from Minnesota? Also, ask yourself how you would get yourself back to SD for job interviews, networking events, where you would live during summer employment. I’m so glad the podcast was helpful!

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