Transfer Applicants: Get Started Now!

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It’s that time of year for 1Ls to start the transfer process. If you’ve earned good grades as a 1L and would like to attend a different law school, now is the time to compile deadlines, get your letters of rec in line (ask professors now before everyone else does!) and start the process.
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  1. Hi , i have a question i am a 1L at a T4 school (N.I.U in Illinois) and would like to transfer to a T2 school in NY , hopefully Brooklyn law school , what are my chances of getting in?

    1. Jeffrey, it’s all about your grades! Work hard this year and watch the class rank. If you’re in the Top ten percent or so of your class, I don’t put this past you. Good luck!

  2. Just to the best you can. There’s not a huge difference between a T3 and T4 in the same region (especially with a high class ranking in T4) so the only reason to do that would be to change locations.

  3. I am at a T4 school right now (niu) and i am hoping to transfer to a school in NY except for turrow , which law school would i more likely be able to get in with a 2.6 after my first year.

    1. J, I honestly have to tell you that I don’t think a 2.6 is going to enable you to transfer to a school in NY, but I don’t know the grading curve at your law school.

  4. My law school has a mentoring program and my mentor is the dean of my school, and she was also an assistant dean at brooklyn law school (the school i would like to transfer to) she knows of my intentions of transferring and has said she does not mind making calls for me to transfer, how much influence can she have on me being accepted to brooklyn law school?

  5. Dear Ann Levine,

    I currently attend tier 4 phoenix school of law trying to transfer back toward home to be near family and in the area i wish to practice. The school has a C curve i am currently at a 2.7 at the end of 1L year. Not sure how successful i will be based on my home area being NJ/NYC. I was a 2.97 undergrad, 152 LSAT, 3.941 MBA. I had initially thought my second semester was shaping up to be better than the current b- average but it remained the same.

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