To take (or not take) the June LSAT

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Good post today here on how (and whether) LSAC’s new cancel policy.

P.S. The only real sigificance of this policy is that not showing up for the test counts as a “cancel” so it counts as one of the 3 times you can take the LSAT in two years. If this is your first LSAT attempt, you shouldn’t be concerned…. Listen in to my Blog Talk Radio Show on Monday. Part of what we’ll be discussing is how to know if you’re ready for the test.

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  1. Ann,

    I do not know that I feel ready for the June 8 LSAT, but missed the new deadline (would have been required to notify of re-scheduling by May 17). Is there a difference in cancelling a score and not showing up? Is one frowned upon more than another?


    1. Glad it was helpful and you were able to find the information. We also discussed this on the blog talk radio show with 4 LSAT experts, so listen in to that if you haven’t already. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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