Tips for the Last Month of Preparing for the LSAT

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In September, I have hosted two podcasts regarding tips for the last month of preparation for the LSAT.

First, I talked to Matt Sherman of regarding tips for the last 30 days before the test. You can listen to it here, but basically his take-away advice was:

1. Don’t go crazy just taking practice tests. Take time in between them to analyze what you missed and why, and study the things you need to work on.
2. There is a lot of room to improve in the last few weeks before the test; that’s when all the good stuff you’ve been studying really starts to sink it.
3. Make lifestyle changes in the 2 weeks before the test: sleep more, avoid alcohol, and concentrate on staying healthy.

Yesterday, I talked to John Rood, president of Next Step Test Prep, about what people can do to prepare for the LSAT most effectively once your prep course ends. His take-away advice:

1. Take about 2 timed practice tests a week and review them the following days.
2. Fish or cut bait the week before the test in time for the withdrawal deadline: if you’re not ready for the test, sign up for a seat for the December LSAT.

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