Tips for the February LSAT

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I want to wish all February LSAT takers good luck on tomorrow’s exam. I hope you are ready, healthy, and well rested. At this point, stop studying and stop reading discussion forums. Relax, eat a nice dinner (nothing fancy-think of it as race day food for runners), and look at tomorrow’s test as a welcome challenge – an opportunity that will allow you to really show what you can do. Be positive. And prepare for the unexpected – put a Powerbar in your bag and sit far away from those noisy proctors. (In law school, I always sat in the front row during classes and back row during exams – each choice meant to keep me focused on what needed to be done).

1. Go in with the attitude of proving what you can do.
2. Don’t think about your final score.
3. Look at each question as a challenge that you welcome.
4. Don’t worry about the guy next to you.
5. Don’t talk to anyone during breaks (especially people who talk about already having a 172 but trying for a 179).
6. Do what works for you – eat the snacks that work for you, entertain your own superstitions, and try not to get distracted by rude proctors or clicking pencils. After all, those factors will be present in law school and during the bar exam – get used to them now.

And, please, above all else – if you know you have not adequately prepared and that tomorrow’s result isn’t going to get you where you need to be, consider waiting for Fall 2010 and taking the test under better conditions in June. If you’re considering not taking this test and waiting to apply for Fall 2010 admission, then check out my interview with Steve Schwartz on his LSAT Blog on the February LSAT’s limited use in the rolling admission cycle.

Good luck!

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