Tips for December LSAT Takers

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Here are some previous posts that will offer insight and advice for those of you taking (or retaking) the LSAT in December:

Pre-LSAT Advice (with just a caveat – I am no longer accepting clients with LSATs below the mid-140s because I have not seen them be overwhelmingly successful in their admission attempts recently and I do not want to give anyone false hope – only realistic hope.)

Countdown to the December LSAT
(it’s a little early for this pre-Thanksgiving advice but I hope it will still make you feel better)

What if you don’t feel ready for the December LSAT? What are your alternatives? When reading this post, remember it’s from last year so you have to change the dates in your head…..

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  1. Hi Ann,

    I recently started reading your blog and first off I want to say thank you for all the effort you put into writing it and responding to your readers. I am a December LSAT taker and I appreciated this post in particular.

    I have an LSAT question that hopefully you can answer. I signed up to take the LSAT several years ago, as a college senior, and then decided not to take it. However, I did not know enough then to cancel my registration and so I now have an “absent” mark for the testing date. Will this look bad on my application? Do I need to explain it?

  2. Anne,
    Im virat.Im going to take LSAT this deccember. Im from India.i wanna know wats the minimum score that an applicant can get admission an ABA law does the toefl score works ,will it be useful in getting aids.if yes hoew much is needed.I heard that only US citizens are allowed to proceed in courts,is it true.i wanna take my LAW in IPR is there any special admission for this……pls reply..any kind of advice is accepted

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