Timing is Everything When You’re Applying to Law School

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LSAT scores may be out a week from today, and whether you are keeping your October score and moving forward to submit all applications in November or waiting and retaking the LSAT in December and applying in January, this timeline should prove helpful to you. The #1 question I am getting right now is, “Am I too late if I haven’t started yet?” The answer is “no.” You still have time to put together quality applications and to take advantage of the rolling admissions process. I hope this article on MyGuru: “A Timeline for Applying to Law School,” helps light the fire under you to get moving.

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  1. Hi Ann,
    When is the earliest date I can sign up for the Works package to utilize your services for the whole 2014-2015 admissions cycle?

    1. Hi Molly, I love this question : )
      Most people will sign up between January and June of 2014, but I always allow people to sign up during the previous season because it gives us a longer time to strategize and you can lock-in the current rate before any increases.

  2. Hi Ann,

    So I’m taking the December LSAT for sure.

    The reason I’m taking it in December is because:

    1) I cancelled my score in February. My uncle and my grandmother passed away during this time, and I wasn’t in the right mindset.

    2) I scored 162 on my October LSAT, a whole whopping 10+ points below my practice test average. I was sick and lacking sleep at the time (I actually didn’t get any sleep the night before), and rather than cancelling, I just hoped for the best since I already had a cancelled score and I wanted to hope for the best for rolling admissions.

    Will taking the December LSAT and applying in January be “too late” to get into top 10 schools, especially Harvard/Yale/Stanford? My GPA is 3.92, and everything else in my application is pretty much almost set. I would just need my score. Do I still have great chances of getting in, assuming I do a LOT better this December?

    1. Hi Joan,
      It’s not too late. Especially for Yale, which doesn’t operate on rolling admissions. Aim to submit your applications the week you get your LSAT score back and you will be just fine. Good luck on the LSAT.

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