Thinking about Re-taking the LSAT?

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Did you just get your LSAT score? Many February LSAT takers are in one of these two situations:

1. Applying for Fall 2008 and now wondering whether to add some schools to the list, or
2. Applying for Fall 2009 and considering re-taking the LSAT in June.

Applying late in the cycle is problematic; many deadlines have passed and others are fairly meaningless because schools may state they continue to accept applications, but the only successful applications are those at or above the 75th percentile numbers. You may want to consider changing courses and following Option #2 and -whether you retake the LSAT in June or not- apply early for Fall 2009.

That buys you the spring and summer to continue to build your experiences and the pieces of your applications, putting you on the ideal time line for law school admissions.

P.S. In the next day or so I’ll be continuing the previous discussion forum discussion, so stay tuned.

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  1. I heard the curve on February’s test was a killer. That and that fact that it was not disclosed may have made a frustrating weekend for many.

    Best of luck!

  2. Many have been discussing how weird this year’s cycle has been going. In fact, there is even talk that some schools are holding out until seat deposits to send out acceptances/waitlists/rejections.


  3. I also think it’s been a weird cycle, but schools always hold some seats until they have deposits – that’s not new….

  4. I completely agree with the weirdness of the cycle. I have a GPA that would keep most people out of law school altogether, but I just received scholarship money for a top 100 school. Another top 50, for which I should have been an auto-reject, has had my application for 2 months with no word after outright rejecting friends of mine who are well within and/or above their 25-75 percentiles and submitted apps a month after me.

    Go figure. Seems like yield protecting is out of control this year.

  5. Remember that some things are not necessarily patterns. The professor assigned to review one file might be on vacation for 2 weeks (or just really slow with files) and others might be very proactive and ambitious. Don’t read too much into anything…

  6. Hi Anne, I have two questions/thoughts:

    I have applied to 14 schools as of December 15th, of which I have not heard from two T2s and four T3/4s. I feel its been a bit too long and wondering how I may rationalize this rather long wait. I have a 3.27/149 but with a graduate degree gpa of 3.57 and 5 years of full-time work experience.

    I’m thinking about taking the June LSAT, but for different reasons. My hard stats prevent me from getting into a good T1/2 school. Having already been accepted into two T4s, I’m planning to retake the LSAT if only to improve my chances of transferring to a T1 school. What are you thoughts about this strategy?

    Thanks for your input!

  7. First, you can’t rationalize the wait. Sometimes rejections come quickly and sometimes they come slowly. Sometimes your file is just reviewed by the faculty member who takes a month-long vacation. You can’t read too much into the timing.

    Improving your LSAT score won’t help for transfer purposes. All that will matter then is your 1L GPA and ranking, and the caliber of the law school you’re attending.

    Please let me know if I can be of further help through

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