Thinking about cancelling today’s LSAT score?

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I’m on vacation in Maui, but thinking about all of you June LSAT takers today. (Really! The proof is that I’m blogging from Hawaii).

First, enjoy yourself tonight. Relax, blow off steam, watch a guilty-pleasure movie on cable.

For those of you who are already thinking about cancelling today’s LSAT score, here’s an article I posted last September that gives you things to consider in making this decision. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help in any way.

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  1. Hi,
    So after months of preparation I took the LSAT yesterday. I took around 10 practice tests and the were all in the 168-171 range. I typically only missed 1 or 2 games questions and some other random questions (my worst was reading comp). Yesterday the worst case scenario happened. In the games section I misread a rule to be the opposite, and didn’t realize my mistake until there were 15 seconds left as a result missing at least 7 questions in the games section. I also bombed 1 or 2 of my reading comp passages.

    I have above a 3.8 at a highly ranked private university and was really hoping to go to a top 30 schools. I know two that i’m extremely interested in, UCLA and UW average. Do you have any advice about whether or not to cancel?

  2. Rebecca,
    While it’s always possible something worse could happen in October, it does sound to me like you should cancel this exam. I’d be happy to talk with you more about this. You can contact me at


  3. I took the Sept 07 LSAT and made a 151. Since I know I can do better I took a TestMasters course and saw my score go up to 159. I took the June 08 LSAT but I am really unsure about how I did. The counted RC section I guessed about 8 questions. (I rocked the experimental RC *cry*) I feel really positive about the rest of the exam. I usually ace the logic games.

    My undergrad GPA is a 2.8 so I’ll need a really strong LSAT score. Im pretty sure that at best this LSAT score is a 160. In your opinion should I take a 3rd LSAT or just apply this fall?

    I really appreciate any advice.

  4. Hi Shelby,
    It’s hard to give too much specific advice in the blog format – in most cases I need more information about my clients to give advice.
    I will tell you that you need to see how your score was on this LSAT before making any decisions about retaking. Everyone found reading comp to be the difficult section this time around, so you never know…
    If I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me through


  5. I absolutely plan to contact you. Im really excited about applying this fall and your advice. Ive already read the fees and what your services entail Im just trying to get transcripts etc in order first.

  6. Northwestern is a fantastic law school and you can’t go wrong. Several law schools offer the 2 year program and the important thing to keep in mind is whether you’ll have time to gain real-world experience (clerkships,summer associate positions, etc.) in this program – after all, these are the opportunities that usually lead to your first job….

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