Things to do Before Submitting Applications

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You think you’re done and you just want this to be over with, so you quickly press “Submit” on a law school application. Then, “Uh oh!” or “Oh @*$%!”

Here are some tips for avoiding that awful moment:

1. Ask yourself, “Why am I submitting this application right this minute?” If it’s late at night, you’re exhausted, or feeling hurried then don’t submit it. You’re not on a deadline. Wait one day and review it after sleep and a fresh cup of coffee.

2. Print it out. Ask someone to check it over. Did you transpose your address? Check off the right boxes?

3. Are you attaching the correct version of the essay(s)?

4. Did you check the school’s website for details about submitting applications? Do they have additional information about the law school personal statement topics and/or requirements there? Is there an option for a diversity statement? Are you following all of the directions properly? Will you application be complete without a Dean’s Certificate? Check every detail.

5. If you’re not sure, don’t guess. Call the school admisssions office and ask. If you do something wrong, they may consider your application incomplete and fail to review it.

Practicing law is all about the details. (See recent headlines about the recent Irell & Manella malpractice suit if you don’t believe me). Get the details right. It pays off.

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  1. Do you have any advice as to where to find for certain whether or not a school requires the Dean’s Certificate when applying (if answering no to all character and fitness questions) as opposed to after being accepted? I know Stanford does, but I am confused about some of the others. (I am applying to BU, BC, UChicago, UConn, Columbia, Suffolk, Stanford, and Yale, if that helps.) I have looked through each school’s application instruction, but I’m a bit nervous I’ll miss something and have an incomplete application!
    Thank you!

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