The Thinking LSAT Podcast: Should You Retake the LSAT?

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Listen here for a timely podcast discussion where Ben Olson and Nathan Fox (founders of the Thinking LSAT Podcast) interview Ann on whether to retake the LSAT, how to explain it if you do, and a range of other law school applications issues. Enjoy!

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  1. With a 3.7 and a 161 from the June LSAT score I am sitting at the 50% mark for GPA and two points under the 25% mark (163) for the LSAT at USC. I know this classifies it as a reach school but I was wondering how far of a reach this is? I am planning to sign up for the September LSAT but I know preparation was not a problem for my past LSAT (I was ranging from 161-167 for my last six practice tests before the June test). Rather, I think I just scored at the low end of what I know I’m capable of. Do you suggest I retake in September or does the possibility of a lower score mean I should be happy with what I have and hope for the best?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ashlee- my short answer: you’ll never know until you try. If you can hit in the mid-to-high 160s you will obviously feel a lot more secure and it sounds like you’re in a good position to improve your score, so I’m all for a re-take.

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