The Real Deal About Repeated Courses

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I’m not really familiar with issuing a correction – I’ve never had to do it before – but after my recent podcast, I want to make sure everyone understands how LSAC computes repeated courses in the Academic Summary Report.

Here is the exact wording from the LSAC website:

Repeated Courses

All grades and credits earned for repeated courses will be included in the GPA calculation if the course units and grades appear on the transcript. A line drawn through course information or a grade does not eliminate the course from GPA calculation if the course units appear on the transcript.

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  1. Hey Ann,

    I recently purchased your book, second edition. I have a question about chapter 9, “Explaining Your Weaknesses,” more specifically character and fitness weaknesses. When I was 15 years old I went to the movies with my friends and we were drinking. Long story short, we got stopped by security guards, or cops (I honestly do not remember) and our parents had to pick us up. They took our names and birthdates. I never got a ticket or had to appear in court or anything. Should I include this in the character and fitness section or is it just irrelevant shenanigans?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi M., I’m not allowed to give you legal advice about whether to report something. However, you’ll see questions on character and fitness using the words “arrested,” “cited,” “convicted”…..

  2. Hi Ann, I just came across your blog and it’s such a great resource. My LSAC GPA is currently 3.17 with an upward trend (last 2 years averaging roughly A-). I just started studying for the LSAT but I’m rather confident that I can score at least 166. I also have good recs and extracurriculars (NGOs, State Department). I was hoping to apply for schools in the top 30 (namely USC, UC Irvine) but I won’t be taking the LSAT until Dec. My question was should I postpone my entire application until the following year, since with a later application and low GPA my chances are already lower? And what do you think my chances are of getting into the top 30 schools? Thank you!

  3. I’m considering taking the LSAT again in December (I got a 160 in October when my PT average was around 159), do you think it’s better to take it if I have a high chance on scoring higher (if my practice test scores increase by a couple points consistently) or is it better to get my application in early?

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