The Impact of Coronavirus on Law School Admissions

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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all aspects of life, including law school admissions. Colleges and universities are closing, so it will take longer for this cycle’s applicants to obtain decisions they’ve been waiting for. The delays and lack of availability of campus visits will mean that students on the waiting list (or making decisions about where to attend) will be unable to use a campus tour as a way to decide whether to attend a law school and/or demonstrate the strength of their interest in a law school. To all of these folks, my advice is this: hang tight, and be patient.

It’s a whole new world this week, and it’s one that requires us to look after each other above ourselves. So while it’s really annoying that you can’t visit a school before deciding whether to send them money, this is really just a minor curveball compared to the bigger picture. That picture is our health, but it’s also our economy. Which brings us to my next point…

Fall 2021 applicants (meaning those who will be applying to law school in fall of 2020) are going to feel the effects of COVID-19 during their admission cycle because we will be in a recession. Remember that during The Great Recession, numbers of law school applicants skyrocketed as people decided to wait out a bad economy in law school. The same will happen now. That will make admission to law school more competitive. Plan ahead for this by putting extra effort into the LSAT, planning to apply early, and really taking into account the importance of obtaining scholarships.

I look forward to questions on this, but in the meantime, please stay safe and keep others safe.

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  1. Hi Ann,

    Your posts have been very informative and have helped me along the way. I have applied to schools for the Fall of 2020 and have heard from some, and am waiting on others. I am wondering what your thoughts are regarding sending “continued interest” emails to schools prior to hearing their initial response. Is it helpful to express that such a school might be your “number 1 choice” or they have a program of particular interest to you? I would hate to be annoying and adversely impact my chances but, also feel like I should do everything I can!

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