Attending Columbia in the Fall!

I will be attending Columbia Law in the fall! Columbia is my dream school and I am thrilled to have been admitted, particularly during such a competitive admissions cycle. Ann’s guidance throughout this process has been invaluable. Between working full time and studying for the LSAT (which I took three times!), I did not have much free time to devote to learning the ins and outs of the law school admissions game; having access to Ann’s advice throughout the process was incredibly helpful. … Continue reading →

Amazed at My Results! Thank You!

I just got the waitlist email from NYU, which I am actually very happy with! I was expecting a rejection this late in the cycle. I am thrilled with the results of my cycle and happy to have officially heard from all of my schools! I am amazed at my results and have to give a very, very big thank you again to you. In a tough application year, I was accepted with scholarships at almost all of my schools and had no rejections. Thank you, Ann!!! … Continue reading →

Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

Ann! Just submitted my Statement of Intent to Register to Berkeley Law. Thank you so much for all your help. You were the first to know my acceptance and the first to know my submission. Couldn’t have done it without you. You rock.  … Continue reading →

Scholarship Offer to Cincinnati!

I have some exciting news and have accepted an offer to University of Cincinnati! This comes after receiving a generous scholarship and fellowship offer from the law school.

Secondly, I’d like to thank you… and cue the water works bubbling up, it’s been a long year. My journey with you really began when you gave me some candid truths during an initial conversation we had before I purchased the PS Statement Plus package. My gratitude to you starts there, as that conversation helped to hone my focus correctly and shed a massive amount of unnecessary stress. … Continue reading →

Never Dreamed of All the Scholarships!

I am starting to get excited for the fall, and wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your help this admissions cycle! I could have never dreamed of all of the scholarship money I would be offered from all of the schools I was admitted to, and this allowed me for the decision to truly be about the schools themselves and what was best for me, rather than having money be a primary factor. I know that this was all because my application materials were in the best shape with your help! … Continue reading →

Most Valuable Investment for Our Son!

Our family wishes to thank you for your professional guidance for Emmanuel Jimenez. He has accepted to attend Duke University for 2018-19. Contracting your professional services was the most valuable investment we have made thus far. We appreciate and value your knowledge and expertise. We feel blessed to have found your information during a time when our son was ready to put his educational dreams on hold. … Continue reading →

I am Eternally Grateful!

I am so excited to be writing this email to you! I FINALLY made my law school decision after traveling through my Spring Break to compare LSU, Drexel, and Catholic! I will be attending LSU Law come Fall of 2018. I cannot thank you enough for your expertise, help, and advice along the way. I truly know that were it not for your countless revisions of my resume, late night edits of my supplemental essays, and your guidance with how to write my personal statement and what to include or not include I would not have had all the wonderful choices of schools that I did. … Continue reading →

Worth Every Penny. Attending Emory!

Ann is worth every penny! Her step-by-step guidance through the law school application/admissions process gave me so much peace of mind! As a nontraditional applicant, Ann helped me figure out and refine every aspect of my application to make me the strongest applicant while also helping me narrow down a realistic list of schools to consider. With Ann’s help, I received substantial scholarship offers to 9 excellent law schools … Continue reading →

Admitted to Every School I Applied To!

I just wanted to update you on my law school admission adventure. After being rolled into the regular decision application pool following my early decision application at UC Davis, I was finally admitted this week! I was admitted at every school I applied to, all with scholarships, with the exception of one pending decision. … Continue reading →