Matter of Fact Advice

I have to admit that I was skeptical about hiring someone to help me with the application process, but Ann’s help was well worth the expense. … Continue reading →

Money Well Spent

I hired Ann Levine because I was a non-traditional applicant hoping for admission to a top-14 school and I wanted the extra insurance of an expert advisor. More valuable even than her advice on my application itself was the fact that I knew I could call or email at any time with worries and Ann would respond immediately with sympathy and insight. … Continue reading →

Invaluable, No-Nonsense Advice

Ten years out of school, to say I felt lost when I started the application saga would be an understatement. Her involvement with my applications was hands-on and she offered invaluable, no-nonsense advice that proved very helpful. … Continue reading →

The Best Decision

Contacting you was the best decision I made throughout this process! You really did exceed my expectations by coordinating me through smart and hard tactics, while putting me at ease simultaneously through the process. … Continue reading →

Approach Admissions as a Game

I am thirty-nine years old with a wife and two young children. This is significant because I did not wish to relocate my family and therefore I was limited to just two schools. Ann approaches the admissions process just as any applicant should: as though it is indeed a “game.” … Continue reading →

There For Me At Every Step

Working with Ann has been one of the best decisions I have made since deciding to apply to law school. Ann was there for me during my LSAT meltdowns and my application insecurities, meeting my fears with professional insight and care. Ann saved me a lot of time and at times my sanity – she has made this a great experience, she was a great advisor and friend through it all. … Continue reading →

I Had Given Up Hope

I really appreciate all your help in getting me into a school that I am excited and proud to go to. I had really given up hope when I called you back in December. I think you could probably add mental health advisor/cheerleader to your specialty services! … Continue reading →