I Did Not Have The Time To Get Through This Process Alone

I was working full time and I truly did not have the time to get through this process alone. Ann immediately took the stress and anxiety away. She was there for me through the whole process. Contacting Ann was the best decision I have made. … Continue reading →

Before I Was Worried, Now I Have Options

I have looked at other sources who say “they can get you in” but you never know who is reading your essay. Before I was worried; now I have options. Thanks, Ann! … Continue reading →

Top 50 with a 144 LSAT

I will be attending a school ranked close to the Top 50, despite my 144! Thank you so much for your advice – you made the process much more bearable. Thank you for helping me make my story resonate with the admissions committee. … Continue reading →

A Most Invaluable Resource

As a returning student who had spent the years post-undergrad as a housewife and mother, to say I was completely out of the loop as it relates to school was an understatement. This is the just advantage that I and anyone else who has exceptional circumstance needs for law school admittance. She is the absolute BEST! … Continue reading →

I Wish I Had Found You Sooner!

I just really want to tell you how much I appreciate the advice you’ve given me and for your overall professionalism. I only wish that I had found you sooner. … Continue reading →

Admitted with a 2.5 GPA

The law school application process is stressful and a simple question like, “Are you sure I can skip question 3 on this school’s application?” Would have driven me crazy for days, but a quick text to Ann to double check and I had peace of mind within a minute. … Continue reading →

Some of the Best Money Spent

Ann Levine was of immense help to me in the law school application process. Ann always responded quickly to emails; sometimes within minutes. The money was some of the best I have ever spent. I recommend her highly. … Continue reading →

Rejection Turned Into Acceptance

I am certain that your guidance helped me get acceptance and give me another opportunity to put the miserable [previous conditional program rejection] experience behind me and give me another opportunity to study the law. You have no idea how elated I am. … Continue reading →

It Was As Though Ann Was Only Working With Me

Working with Ann was undoubtedly the best decisions I have made, and I am positive that I would not have gotten into Hofstra (I was below the 25th percentile) without her. By highlighting my strengths, I earned a $10,000/year scholarship which I never expected! I always felt like Ann answered my emails and calls promptly, as though she was only working with me. … Continue reading →