With Ann’s Help, I Was Able To Stay Focused and Organized

I would recommend Ann’s service to anyone who is seriously considering attending their dream school. With Ann’s help, I was able to stay focused and organized throughout the application process. I am truly grateful for Ann’s advice and help; I couldn’t have done it without her! … Continue reading →

I Can’t Thank Ann Enough

Most importantly, Ann helped me realize what I could uniquely contribute to law schools. I believe that Ann was integral to my success and she is the weapon you need to come out on top. … Continue reading →

Ann Changed My Life

You’ve truly made a dream come true for me. The law school a student attends is an incredibly important factor in their future, so I can honestly say that you’ve changed my life. … Continue reading →

Ann Was My Most Enthusiastic Supporter

After being out of school or several years, I was less than confident in my writing abilities specifically and my ability to distinguish myself as a law school candidate. I am confident (Ann) is to thank for my extremely successful cycle and landing acceptance into the school of my dreams. … Continue reading →

I Would Not Have Had Such a Great Cycle Without Her Help

Now that my cycle has ended, I can truly say that hiring Ann as an admissions consultant was the best decision I made when I applied to law school. Her help has been invaluable. Thanks to her, I was admitted to 12 of the 13 law schools I applied to, and I received scholarships from 11 of those schools. … Continue reading →

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

By consulting with Ann – an extremely experienced coach – I left each step of the process knowing that I had done everything possible to put my best foot forward. The result was that I was accepted to some great schools, offered scholarships, and am very happy with where I ended up. … Continue reading →

Ann’s Intelligence and Expertise are Key

I never felt as though the personal statement was not my own work. It was just better polished and more fluid than I could’ve done on my own. Hiring Ann Levine was definitely a worthwhile investment for me. I got into top 10 ranking law schools, something I thought I’d never achieve. … Continue reading →

Ultimately, I Was Accepted To My Dream School

Ultimately I was accepted to my dream school, and this certainly would not have been the case without the aid of Ann. Most importantly, Ann’s diligent commitment and dedication to my success during this process truly shows how much she cares for her clients. … Continue reading →

The Best Thing I Could Have Done For My Law School Applications

…after months of preparing for the LSAT, I was upset to learn that I had received a 160, a score that would undoubtedly hinder me…It really helped having someone on my side who was first of all honest about my chances. I am convinced that I was accepted to my first choice law school because of Ann’s assistance. … Continue reading →