Taking a Personal Interest

I think Ann’s greatest strength is that she takes a personal interest in finding a law school that is “right” for you. Even with a 148 LSAT, I have been accepted into 3 schools (one with a scholarship). I credit Ann with that successful record. … Continue reading →

Key Elements With Low Stats

I want to thank you for your help because I know that my personal statement and my resume were the key elements in my application considering my score of only 149. And I know I couldn’t get the same results without your talent. … Continue reading →

Harvard Law, Thanks to Ann

I wanted to take this final opportunity to say THANK YOU again for guiding my efforts. Your advice was invaluable, Ann. I wouldn’t have gotten here without it! … Continue reading →

An Investment Worth Making

Ann does not use a cookie-cutter approach with her clients; on the contrary, I felt like she was throwing away the rulebook at times. Her advice was frequently contrary to the conventional wisdom …, but it was perfectly tailored to the specifics of my situation. And it worked better than I could have imagined. … Continue reading →

Ann Worked Around the Clock to Calm My Nerves

Ann worked around the clock to calm my nerves. Ann (is) worth every penny. If you’re on the fence about hiring her, don’t be. Hiring her is the best first step everyone should take on their legal career. … Continue reading →

Less Stressful, More Successful

I was tentative about hiring a consultant. It was a huge investment and I wasn’t really sure it would make a difference. Well, eight months later and several dream law school acceptances later… Hiring Ann made my law school application process way less stressful and far more successful. … Continue reading →

I Am Officially Breathing Out A Sigh of Relief

This is a school I’d really love to be at and I literally could not have done any of it without you. You are the BEST!!!!! … Continue reading →

Far Beyond What I Hoped For

As a foreign-educated applicant, I was more than apprehensive when I made up my mind to apply for law school. However, Ann’s expertise has proved to be extremely worthy. With Ann’s help, I’ve been admitted to several top 14 schools so far! These schools are far beyond what I hoped for when I set my goal two years ago. … Continue reading →

It’s Been A Long Wait, But I Am Glad That I Am In!

NYU: ED -> on hold -> wait list -> acceptance! WOW! I just want to thank you for all the advice that you have given me throughout the process, and your encouragement to take the LSAT for the third time (totally wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t done that!). Thank you! … Continue reading →