Beyond What I Ever Expected!

Wow – over the past few weeks I have heard positive responses from UChicago, Columbia, and USC! This is beyond what I ever expected … thank you SO much for your help with my essays and applications, there is no way I could have done this alone. … Continue reading →

Got into Dream School: UChicago!

Thank you again for EVERYTHING! I really never imagined getting into an absolute reach/dream school like UChicago and I without a doubt know that it would not have been achievable without you.  … Continue reading →

Early Decision at Penn Law!

Ann is a wonderful mentor. When I was worried and confused at various points during the application process, I called Ann who then gave me very professional advice, which helped me objectively evaluate my situations and stopped me from being overly anxious. Having Ann’s guidance and knowing that Ann was here for me have made my application process so much easier. I applied to Penn Law, my first choice, under Early Decision II, and received my offer of admission in only two weeks (in addition to receiving offers from BU and UCLA in less than 10 days) … Continue reading →

Scholarship to Top 10 School!

Hey Ann, it’s been a while now, but I have exciting news! I’ve received a couple more acceptances, so I just wanted to update you! I am beyond excited, and I am so thankful to you for all that you did for me! I never dreamed that I would get into a top 10 school much less receive such a substantial scholarship! You are the best! … Continue reading →

Offered $35k/year to Tulane!

Hope you are doing well! Wow-I am so excited! Just heard back from Tulane, which over the last few weeks has become my top choice and they have offered me $35k a year!! Honestly, when I first decided I wanted to go to law school, I was hoping to just get in a school I was interested in. Never in a million years did I think a scholarship would be an option. … Continue reading →

Early Decision to Georgetown

So I submitted all my apps in November, and decided to go Early Decision to Georgetown. Once I thought about it and did more research I realized it’s definitely the perfect fit for me, because of my interest in international law, it’s D.C. location, and also because I think I will have the chance to succeed there since I’m about in the middle of the cohort for my LSAT etc. I got accepted last week, and I couldn’t be happier! … Continue reading →

Admitted to Berkley Law!

I just landed in Korea and got this. You are the first to know! Omg omg omg. Ann you are the best! … Continue reading →

$35k per Year Scholarship to Minnesota Law!

Hi Ann, Hope you’re enjoying the holidays. Just wanted to let you know that I received a call earlier today from Minnesota Law regarding my admission to their class of 2021. They also informed me of the $35,000 per year scholarship, which is ~70% of their out of state tuition.

I simply cannot thank you enough for all your efforts. … Continue reading →