Law School Expert testimonials

Ann’s Honesty and Kindness Were Key

Ann, thank you so much for not only helping me through a very stressful process but for always being available, kind, gracious and most importantly, HONEST with me about my progress and my weaknesses. What I will always remain most grateful for is your ability to calm down a most hysterical person.

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Last Minute Magic

Imagine this situation: You make a last minute decision to apply to 16 law schools with 48 hours before the deadlines; you have a poor LSAT history; your UGPA is just above a 3.0. I thought it was hopeless. Ann disagreed. She was realistic and motivated to help me get my applications done and done well.

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Ann Kept Me Focused and Helped Me Maximize My Potential

I was out of school for several years working full time when I decided to apply to law school. With a mediocre LSAT score and a pile of long applications I had to complete, the process seemed overwhelming. Fortunately for me, I found out about Ann early on when I was seeking help with the admissions process. With her help, I kept my sanity throughout and was able to cut to the chase.

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Hiring Ann was the Best Decision I Made

With a shoestring application budget to work with, I was hesitant about hiring a consultant and considered taking the DIY approach to my applications. After speaking with you, though, I realized the true power of having an experienced, knowledgeable and practical professional on my side- and quickly saw that I was getting a bargain!

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An Otherwise Daunting Application Process

I would highly recommend Ann Levine to anyone who is applying to law school. Ann made an otherwise daunting application process into an easy one as she helped me with everything from crafting my personal statement to advising me on the best ways to show continued interest in schools that had placed me on the waitlist.

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