Law School Expert testimonials

Accepted to NYU! Thank You!

Thank you again for all of your help with my essay and my resume this past fall! I wanted to share with you that I was accepted to NYU (where I will be going) and I really think the essay was a big part since my LSAT was on the lower side. Thank you again for your help!! I had a really great experience with you. 

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Substantial Scholarship to Duke

Ann was there for me from the beginning of my law school admissions process. We decided together that I should delay applying a year due to not having an LSAT score that I was happy with, which definitely ended up being the right choice as she encouraged me to retake it multiple times until I was content. When it came time to begin writing my personal and diversity statements, her guidance was priceless.

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You Made My Goals a Reality

I have decided that I’m going to Duke law school next fall. You have been a literal God send during this admissions process and I do not know what I would have done without you. Despite the millions of drafts and ruthless criticism, I would not want to have done it any other way. You made my goals a reality and I am eternally thankful for that. Thank you so so much and I will absolutely be recommending you to my friends in the next cycle.

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I Am Over the Moon!

I started my law school application cycle as a first-generation law student, knowing next to nothing about the application process after having been in the work force for 5 years. Ann did an amazing job helping me navigate law school applications and made me feel confident in myself and my written materials. I don’t think I would have found as compelling of an angle for my personal statement without Ann’s help. 

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Attending a Top 5 School with Scholarship

Over the course of the two years that have been my law school application process, Ann took every possible opportunity to understand the reasons driving me to apply to law school and to become a lawyer. In times of overwhelming stress, uncertainty, career changes, and even illness, she protected and reminded me of those reasons, ensuring that every application I wrote aligned entirely with my values and sense of purpose.

When I started working with Ann, I was worried that my LSAT score would prevent me from attending a top-14 school. It was Ann who gave me the confidence to re-study for, re-take, and ultimately get the score that I know made a world of difference in my applications and in the scholarships I received. I applied to 13 of the top 14 law schools. I was accepted at 7, waitlisted at 4, and will be attending a top 5 law school with a 2/3 tuition scholarship.

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In At My Dream School – Columbia

Ann helped me get into one of my dream schools, Columbia Law School. She kept me accountable, on schedule, and motivated throughout the application process. The Law School Expert helped me reflect on and tell my story to portray the best version of myself. 

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Truly a Pleasure to Work With

I can confidently say that it is because of Ann’s help that I had the results that I did. She made herself available to answer all of my questions and she helped me set my goals and manage my expectations. At no point did I feel overwhelmed — Ann made the entire process manageable and less stressful. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and was truly a pleasure to work with. 

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I Am Endlessly Grateful

You are an expert at seeing others and bringing them to life to be believed and felt. I am endlessly grateful for what you helped me see in myself and show to the admissions team at Penn. 

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Accepted to Multiple Top 10 Law Schools

Ann was a great help with my entire application, especially with the essays. She pushed me to brainstorm and refine new ideas, and helped me find the best approach for each law school I applied to. With her help, I was accepted to multiple top 10 law schools, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to apply!

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