I’ve Worked with Ann Twice!

I have had the privilege to work with Ann not once but twice! I first worked with Ann when applying to law school right out of college; I had the GPA and scores to attend the same university that I had gone to for undergrad (ranked in the mid 70s). If not for Ann, there is no way I would have been able to secure the $75,000 scholarship I received! After my first year, I reached back out to Ann to advise me on transferring law schools. She helped me frame myself and my 1L grades in a compelling way that secured my seat at a top 5 law school for this coming fall. … Continue reading →

No Words Can Express My Gratitude

I wanted to thank you for your incredible help and support! It has been over a year now of us working together, and there are truly no words that can express my gratitude towards your efforts and cooperation. My case has been very different and untraditional compared to everyone else’s, but with your help, I was able to make it!

After writing dozens of optional essays, LOCI’s, and other additional documents for my application, I got accepted to GWU, Emory, and William and Mary, schools at the beginning of our journey that were not options. … Continue reading →

Transfer Accepted in Less Than 2 Weeks

Ann, thank you for your help and guidance. I was admitted as a transfer student to UF Law! Applying as a transfer student is hard enough and you helped make the process simple and smooth. I was accepted in less than 2 weeks to my top choice. You helped me show my strengths and communicate who I am as a student and professional in my personal statement. … Continue reading →

Excited to Start This Next Chapter

Thank you for all your help throughout this law school process. You truly made it easier than I ever thought was possible. 

Since I graduated, I felt lost and devastated about my low LSAT scores. I recall one of our first phone calls— and I completely broke down. Through your advice and guidance you gave me hope again that I will always appreciate. … Continue reading →

Made My Legal Dreams Come True!

After taking the LSAT two times, I decided to stick with my highest score of 167 even though I had high T-14 aspirations. Ann kept it real and told me that while my 3.9 GPA would help, it would be hard and maybe even unlikely. Bearing this in mind, she helped me create the strongest application possible, sometimes telling me to scrap entire essays because they simply didn’t work. Now, at the end of my cycle, I have been accepted to several T-14 schools including Duke, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, UVA, and my dream school- NYU. … Continue reading →

 In at Duke Law

Ann was a tremendous help navigating a very stressful process. I had a decent LSAT score and a strong GPA, but I was lost when it came to crafting my applications for law school. She created a calendar with goals that broke the process down into smaller parts which made everything feel a lot more manageable even while I was working on a very stressful political campaign. … Continue reading →

I Cannot Wait to Begin at Berkley

ANN, ANN, ANN! You are an absolute QUEEN. With my LSAT score of 159, my dream of going to Berkeley Law was completely out of reach until I met you. Your guidance and ability to push me to create an application that was uniquely me was unparalleled. … Continue reading →

Attending Harvard Law!

Never in a million years did I think that I would ever attend Harvard Law School! Can’t thank you enough, Ann. The countless drafts of personal statements, pushing me that it could be better or told better, helped to depict a well-rounded story to admissions, and could not have done it without your expertise. … Continue reading →

In at Harvard & Penn with 161 LSAT

Now that I’ve had time to process – I wanted to thank you SO much for all your help, for dealing with all my individual paranoid anxieties, and helping make my application PERFECT. … Continue reading →