If I’d Known Ann 4 Years Ago, I’d be a Lawyer By Now

To law school applicants, I’d say that at the end of the day Ann’s services are essentially free. Before consulting with Ann, I was seriously thinking about sending out 30 applications (to be on the safe side). Even though I desired to stay in the NY area, I decided to send apps to all 4th tier schools around the country. Before getting Ann’s help, I didn’t even think of applying to schools Ann suggested, especially to the ones in NYC. However, I was accepted into my #1 choice! Ann gave me a list of 11 schools and before Thanksgiving I sent out 6 apps! I began receiving acceptance letters even before I had a chance to send out the rest of the apps! I received huge scholarships from 3 schools and a handwritten note from one school that the admissions were impressed with my apps. What more would you wish?

As you will quickly learn, the application process is not only your personal statement and resume (both are just a starting point), which Ann will be polishing until both of you would be amazed. After that, there are endless amounts of big and small questions, which are different for every school app. It is really overwhelming how different every app is – it could just stop you from sending them out at all; you’d start the next app and you’ll stop somewhere in the middle because of that little question again. Moreover, your PS will need to be adjusted to every school you apply: first school would ask for a 2 page PS, second – for 500 words, third – no more than 3-4 pages, forth – for endless, etc.; Ann will adjust it for every school. Trust me, even if your life story is really powerful and unique, you can’t rely on yourself with it at least because it’s very hard to put an already polished 2-3 page PS into 500 words. My advice is don’t be ashamed to ask Ann any of your questions – she’ll know the answer and never make you feel bad – “Sorry for bothering you again,” I’d say once again – “I love to help,” would always be the answer. If she says or emails you something like “I’m doing it for a living and I’m good at it,” it means that you’ve gone too far in disbelieving in yourself. If Ann says that you should apply to a certain school you feel you’d never get into because of some law school guidebook, U.S. Journal, or your “numbers”, you better listen to Ann.

At certain times, when you’ll send half of your apps out, you’ll feel drained and hopeless because it’s so unbelievable how you could get into any of the schools on your (Ann’s) list. At such a moment, I emailed Ann that we should think about Puerto Rico and CBA schools. Her answer arrived right after I touched the “send” button; it was short and to the point: “You are not going to Puerto Rico and CBA schools.” And I thought who could know myself better than I do? The answer is simple: Ann.

I was taking an LSAT prep course, and a well-known company promised that their tutors are available 24/7. It was a lie, and I was not surprised then because how you could be reachable 24/7 if you teach more than one student? Ann isn’t like that. She is here for you 24/7 – at least that’s how I felt (and still feel). She’d answer a question in minutes, in seconds. My PS polishing took her the “longest” – about 24 hours (!!!!); she apologized for that, “Thank you for your patience…”

And I’ll never forget emailing Ann after my first acceptance letter, “I’m going to law school” and her answer, “Yay, you are going to law school!” Sometimes I think: what if I knew Ann 4 years ago, when I didn’t even apply because I thought my LSAT score is too low? I’d be a lawyer by now