Worth Every Penny And Then Some!

Ann was recommended to me through a coworker in DC who was interning while finishing his third year at one of the area law schools. He told me about Ann when I asked if he had any suggestions for good resources or events to attend to learn more about the law school admissions process. He told me to not waste time chasing details from different schools and websites and to look up Ann Levine at Law School Expert.

He said, “She is an amazing lady. She was able to help with everything from choosing the right school to scholarship negotiations.”

Hoping for the same results my coworker had, I called Ann. He was right — she is an amazing lady. She knew how to do everything to help get me where I wanted to go. From the outset there was no time wasted. I told her what I wanted to do, and she would guide me how to do it based on her own experiences. She would never sugarcoat the facts or tell me what I wanted to hear. I am eternally grateful for her no BS approach which proved very effective.

As a result of working with Ann I got into 90% of the schools I applied to with great scholarship offers. I also got into my first choice of school after having been on the waitlist the previous year.

Ann was always confident about the best steps to take and when to take them during the entire admissions process. When she says she is there for you she really means it. She would return calls and answer texts at all hours (*sidenote by Ann, not all hours – I do sleep!), and would always make herself available to address your questions.

Long story short, she was worth every penny and then some.

-Happy 1L Guy