Unsure How To Handle The Application

Without Ann’s help I really don’t know if I would have gotten into the one law school I applied to. I was unsure how to handle the application at many levels and Ann really helped me to focus on making things work together as a package.

I felt like I had a number of things working against me at the time of my application: it was late in the rolling admissions cycle, my LSAT was middle of the road, my work experience didn’t seem compelling, etc. With Ann’s pointers all questions were asked and I was able to write a compelling personal statement. I felt that my application was as strong as I could hope for.

I was very happy that I got in on my first shot! The money spent may well have saved me a year of my life as I would have had to go through the whole thing again – and who knows how that would have turned out? Now I am entering my second year and really enjoying it. I heartily recommend Ann to anyone who has worries or questions about the law school admission process.