Unlock Law School Doors

The summer before applying to law school, I was unsure of how to proceed in the application process. Sure, I knew the basic requirements and the final deadlines, I had an idea of who would write my recommendation letters, and thought I could probably pull off a decent overall application. I was a good student with a decent LSAT, and thought I’d get into some O.K. law schools.

Then, I stumbled upon Ann and her services, and realized that although I may have had a gist of the basics, there was a whole other level that I could achieve on these applications. She set me up on a timeline that was fantastic at keeping my application process on schedule. She informed me of key things to do and when to do them by, which I otherwise would have probably stressed out about later in the process. And she helped to turn my personal statement into something I never thought I could have written. It went from all over the place to a concise document that captured the essence of my traits.

Her knowledge, reassurance, and to-the-point suggestions helped me in ways I was not even aware of. I would recommend Ann to anybody considering applying to law school; she will transform your applications into keys that unlock law school doors you thought were impenetrable. Give her a shot, you will not be disappointed!