You Are Truly Incredible

I wanted to take a minute and reiterate how grateful I am for all the help and guidance you provided me with last year. I just “wrapped up” 1L after finishing the write-on for the Journals and the Law Review. After submitting my case comment I reflected for a moment on what I had accomplished (making it through 1L), and how l may have never had the opportunity to do so had you not helped me highlight my potential and strengths.

While my LSAT score was less than competitive (let’s just go with that description:) ) my performance in 1L was not; this year I received honorable mention in my section for both oral argument and the written trial brief. You truly are incredible at what you do and am so happy I ran that internet search looking for the best law school consultant because I got nothing less than that working with you! Thank again Ann, hope you are well and that your shoe collection is growing wildly 🙂