Surprised by Scholarship Offers

Ann Levine is the greatest! Someone with prior use recommended Ann’s service to me. I am so glad that I decided to use her. Ann does exactly what her website describes and more. She clarified and explained all of my concerns and was timely and efficient in responding back whether through email or phone and also helped me perfect my essays and resume.

Based upon my LSAT score and GPA, Ann helped narrow my choices in deciding which schools presented a greater chance of being accepted and also encouraged me to apply to schools where my scores weren’t within their median range. As a result, I not only was accepted into several law schools, but to my surprise I received scholarship offers ranging from 10 percent to 2 full tuition scholarships, not to mention I was wait listed at schools where my scores were far below the median range. I don’t think any of this would have been possible without Ann’s services.

For me Ann’s guidance is priceless and I‘d recommend her services to anyone. (However if you are looking for someone to write your essays for you she is not that person…Ann will simply be the catalyst needed to get those thoughts flowing to write effectively). Thanks again for everything!