Supportive and Knowledgeable

I sought Ann’s help when I applied to law school for the second time. After only being accepted to my “safety school” for my first go-round, I knew I needed some additional advice and that’s when I found Ann. I think the most beneficial thing that Ann helped me with was to form a well-rounded list of schools to consider, based on my background, scores and interests. Her knowledge of individual schools’ programs and admissions stats is invaluable, and I had a much better idea of what I was getting into from the very beginning of the application process, rather than simply applying to schools based on ranking or other statistics.

Of course, Ann also provided round-the-clock support while I was drafting and editing my personal statements and addenda, and really helped me to present myself in the best possible light. Aside from her professional help, she is really friendly and supportive, and helped me when I was frustrated or in need during the ENTIRE application cycle; from early August when I first contacted her, all the way through the Spring. I am attending Villanova this fall, a school I may never have considered were it not for Ann, and I even got a scholarship!