I Was Skeptical, However, I Wholeheartedly Recommend Ann

Having read what seems like every credible book on the law school admissions process, I was quite skeptical about how much a consultant could really help me. After recently being admitted to my dream law school, however, I wholeheartedly recommend Ann Levine’s unlimited package for any serious applicant who retains other responsibilities (such as school and/or work) throughout the application season.

Going into fall semester of my senior year, I knew that my biggest obstacle would be my personal statement. As somewhat of a perfectionist who is unwilling to settle for anything short of spectacular, I had a lot of trouble coming up with a topic that would enthrall admissions committees while simultaneously revealing more about myself to them. Ann put a lot of effort into helping me choose such a topic by brainstorming with me directly, and edited draft after draft to steer me in the right direction until I had a winning personal statement.

For me, the true value of Ann’s support lies not just in the quality of the distinct services she performs, but also in relieving much of the stress that accompanies the law school application process. Although I knew the importance of focusing on my applications, I still had a demanding courseload and wanted to enjoy my senior year. Ann’s added assistance with reviewing my resume and choosing professors to write letters of recommendation really took some weight off of my shoulders and allowed me accomplish everything I set out to do my senior year—including getting into Columbia Law School!