Single Greatest Investment I’ve Made!

Hiring Ann was the single greatest investment I’ve made in the law school admissions process. It’s rare that you find guidance from an expert in the admissions process for any program, whether it be undergraduate or graduate. There’s a lot of false advertising out there about the effectiveness of certain services, but Ann is a true expert. Admissions for law school is a cumbersome and not-very-easily navigable process, and finding a skilled adviser who knows what she’s doing is something I cannot emphasize enough. What I appreciate about Ann is that she develops a customized approach for every client, which is critical in a fiercely competitive admissions market. With Ann’s help, I was not only admitted to a T14 school with a weak LSAT score (a 161, which, to my dismay, followed nearly a year of grueling practice), but I was awarded a scholarship. Further, I identified and applied to a focused program at Georgetown Law – the Business Law Scholars Program – for which I didn’t have the strongest qualifications. Together we crafted a statement about my interest, qualifications, and value-added to the program, and I was accepted! I couldn’t be happier heading into law school, and it’s absolutely the case that I wouldn’t have achieved the results mentioned above without Ann. Thank you, Ann!

P.S. I put my deposit down at UVA on Monday so it looks like I am going to be a Cavalier! This time last year I didn’t think I was going to get into a single T14 school, let alone one that’s such a great fit for me, so thank you so so so much for guiding me through this crazy process! – L