Hiring Ann was the Best Decision I Made

Of all the decisions I’ve made since deciding to apply to law school, hiring your firm was the absolute best. With a shoestring application budget to work with, I was hesitant about hiring a consultant and considered taking the DIY approach to my applications. After speaking with you, though, I realized the true power of having an experienced, knowledgeable and practical professional on my side- and quickly saw that I was getting a bargain! The investment I made in hiring your consulting firm has paid dividends in the form of acceptances, scholarship offers, and- ultimately- my being able to attend a school that I thought was beyond my reach on a generous scholarship with incredible terms.

Your expert advice and personalized guidance are priceless. I highly recommend that anyone, especially those on a tight application budget, reach out to you for assistance. In my case, I knew that if I was going to spend hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars on application fees, LSAT registrations, study materials, transcripts, CRS registration, trips to campuses, and more- I needed to make those dollars count. You and your talented team of professionals helped me do just that, and were there for me all the way− answering all of my questions, addressing all of my concerns, and helping me put together the best application package possible.

When I graduated college, a 31 year-old mother of two, I felt that getting into law school was as likely for me as a trip to the moon. Working with you helped me come to believe in myself, and- here’s the amazing part- enabled me to present myself in a way that made others believe in me, too. I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done, and will be forever grateful to you all.