Scholarship to UCLA Even with Low LSAT!

I’m insistently (stubbornly) independent and incredibly thrifty, but hiring Ann was the best gift and advantage I have ever given myself. I hadn’t considered law school during undergrad, so when I decided to take part in the law school game a year after graduation and late in the cycle, I knew I needed help. From our initial phone call, Ann was so personable, honest, and full of valuable advice and information. She had immediate answers to all of my questions and proved to be a great therapist when I had my moments of panic. Above all else, I absolutely appreciated her help on my essays from beginning to end, which surprised me because I typically hate drafting and editing. We would brainstorm together, I would write a draft, she would make comments on what to keep or fix, and we would repeat this process until each essay was perfect. She really cared that my essays reflected my thoughts and voice, and I was so grateful that she never wrote my applications or essays for me. Because of Ann, even with a lower than expected LSAT score, I was not only accepted into schools where I was below their 25th percentiles, but also received great scholarships from each school that accepted me. I was even waitlisted at my highest reach school, which came as a shock to me. Ultimately, I have accepted a seat at UCLA School of Law with a scholarship that will enable me to graduate debt-free. I have nothing but praise for Ann and regret my hesitation in requesting my initial consultation with her because of my frugality, but now I laugh about it because her fee paid off tenfold with the amount of scholarships I have received. Thank you for everything!!