Scholarship to T14 Despite Low LSAT!

I assume you are probably here reading testimonials because you are a splitter, reverse splitter, or someone in need of guidance. I was in the same situation trying to figure out whether I should use this service. Let me share my story with you. When I ended up with a low 160 LSAT score, I pretty much gave up on my long-time dream of attending a T14 law school. I even thought about changing my career path, but I knew that there was one element in this entire law school application process that I had complete control over: personal statement. I decided to work with Ann in order to maximize my chance of gaining admission to some decent law schools. I was somewhat relieved and left hopeful after several conversations with Ann. With my high GPA, she thought I still had a shot at T14. I was determined to put 110% on my law school essays and follow all the advice that Ann gave. After reviewing my transcript and resume, she knew exactly what strengths of mine to emphasize and assisted me in weaving them into a convincing story. We also strategized how I should use the Early Decision process to my advantage. The result? I got into one of the T14 schools with some scholarship money. With Ann’s help and expertise, you will soon find out that the law school application process is not strictly numbers game.