Scholarship Offers & Accepted to Harvard!

I came to Ann with an LSAT score that I was unhappy with and a serious lack of knowledge about the law school admissions process. Less than a year later, I had an acceptance to Harvard and a variety of scholarship offers from other top schools.

In case you aren’t already convinced that you should hire her, I will tell you how it happened. My interaction with Ann started with her giving me some of the best advice that I have ever received. She convinced me to take the LSAT again and recommended a prep service that was perfect for me. My score went up by 7 points and I was already convinced that hiring her was worth it.

As I was formulating my application, I felt like I had a unique story to tell, but I didn’t have any work experience and I had some other issues I was concerned about. Ann was brilliant in explaining and downplaying my shortcomings while creating an essay strategy that played to all of my strengths. I didn’t receive my LSAT score until January, so I had a very short amount of time to finalize all of my application materials. Ann worked tirelessly to ensure that I could submit all of my applications as quickly as possible. We would often exchange the same draft of an essay or resume 2 or 3 times in the same day as I made revisions.

After I submitted all of my applications, Ann was also very helpful with the interview process. We actually Skyped in order to prepare for the Skype interviews that I would be experiencing. She gave me sample questions to practice and really pushed me to develop answers that went beyond generic responses.

Ultimately, I will be attending the school of my dreams in the Fall.