Taking a Personal Interest

I think Ann’s greatest strength is that she takes a personal interest in finding a law school that is “right” for you. I was an older student who had a limited geographic focus. Ann helped me craft my personal statement to reflect my situation, which was a factor in winning a scholarship in at least one school. I also had the misfortune of doing really badly on my first LSAT. Ann was there to counsel me when I got the first result and also rejoiced with me when my score jumped 8 points the second time around. Her access is incredible: I called Ann the minute I finished my second LSAT; I found it to be really touching that she picked up the phone on the first ring. Even with a 148 LSAT, I have been accepted into 3 schools (one with a scholarship) and (am still waitlisted) at a top 60 school. I credit Ann with that successful record.