A Most Invaluable Resource

With Ann on your side there is no need to worry, be confused or frustrated, just “listen to the master because she is all knowing.” All jokes aside, Ann and her team were definitely my most invaluable resource. After searching for a consultant I stumbled along Ann Levine, which lead me to read her book, “The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert.”

Upon finishing this book, I knew she was the person for me. As a returning student who had spent the years post-undergrad as a housewife and mother, to say I was completely out of the loop as it relates to school was an understatement. I also had some less desirable qualities, which may have created problems during admissions such as minor arrest and a spotty work history. Ann had quick and effective solutions that actual were able to show my strengths.

Ann sets realistic and informative timelines and provides answer to every question conceivable one with have and they are always personalized to fit your own situation and never a cookie cutter solution. Working with someone who is available to give you one on one attention is such a comfort in a very stressful time and it allows you to focus on the tasks and not fret over the small things.

I sent Ann countless revisions of my personal statement and she looked over my applications as many times as necessary for them to be perfect. In the end I sent out packets with every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed as well as strong personal statement that reflected me as a person and began getting early acceptances the second week of January, when others were probably just sending in their applications. This is the just advantage that I and anyone else who has exceptional circumstance needs for law school admittance. She is the absolute BEST!!!!”