Received Scholarship Despite Low LSAT

When I received my LSAT score, I knew I would need to put together a compelling application and make every other part of my application the strongest it could be. I immediately called Ann, whose years of experience and candidness I valued. Despite my LSAT score, she had faith in my potential. Even though I had started a rough draft of a personal statement, diversity statement and addendum before speaking with Ann, Ann recognized which highlights from my undergraduate studies, work experience and diverse background were important to emphasize. Ann guided me to write a personal statement that illustrated personal qualities that were not apparent from the other parts of my application and thereby rounded out the overall presentation of my candidacy. What I especially appreciated about Ann is that after we would discuss a direction she envisioned for my personal statement, an optional essay or an edit, she let me independently run with the vision, yet knew exactly when to provide constructive feedback.

I also valued her guidance to address my LSAT score in an addendum and when it was necessary, to edit my personal statement from four pages to two without sacrificing my voice or the crucial elements of my story. Throughout the admissions process, from reviewing specific application questions I had about each application, discussing considerations that arose in my mind when I visited and evaluated schools during the decision process, and communicating with schools regarding scholarships and waitlists, Ann was promptly responsive and provided insightful advice. I was accepted to schools at which my LSAT score was several points below the 25th percentile and to which I also received scholarship awards! Thank you for helping me to realize my goal and I look forward to staying in touch.